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The Little Mer-Droid Epilogue
The next morning, Delete looked sadly at the unconscious Betty (back to normal) from a rock almost near the shore while Sparky and X-5 (both normal) were trying to wake the girl up. All while Jasmine, Dr. Marbles, Buzz, Squidward, and Delete's friends watched on sadly.
Ah-Mah: He really does love her, doesn't she, Squidward.
Squidward: (nods) Yeah, and like I always say: Children have to be free to lead their own lives.
Patrick: Wait a minute, I thought you always say "Go away Spongebob".
Spongebob: I always thought he always said "Let's go Jellyfishing".
Squidward: (glares) That's not what I say, Spongebob!
Ah-Mah: Well, I guess there's only one problem then.
Dr. Marbles: And what's that?
Ah-Mah: (sighs) How much I'm going to miss him.
Matt: But, how is he...
Dr. Marbles: Jasmine knows of a spell to change him to a human...but it can only be done once by the user. If she were to cast it again, then she would die.
Inez: Yipes.
Jackie: That's not good.
Buzz: Good thing you did
:iconjulayla64:Julayla64 5 2
The Little Mer-Droid Ch 7
In the dining room, Betty looked out into the sea with a happy sigh while Sparky, X-5, a girl named Paloma, and a boy named Noah looked at her.
Noah: Be reasonable, Betty.
X-5: He has a point, Captain. Boys do not swim around and save damsels in distress in the middle of the ocean. That only happens in fairy tales. And they don't disappear like magic either.
Betty: He's real, guys. I know it! (looks at them) I'll find him and when I do, I'm going to marry him.
Sparky: (rolls eyes) Sure you will.
Kammy's Voice: Go on in, and don't be shy.
They turned and saw Delete wearing a white tuxedo, one better than the black one he had on. Betty smiled lovingly to Delete.
Sparky: Craters he looks cool!
Betty: look wonderful tonight, droid.
X-5: Here, I'll help you to your chair.
The robot pulled out a chair for Delete, then he sat down and grinned.
Noah: You look happy. It's not often that we have visitors, right Betty?
The droid then noticed the fork, remembering it was a dinglehopper.
:iconjulayla64:Julayla64 6 0
The Little Mer-Droid Ch 5
A/N: By the way, for those that want to know, I got some of the lyrics inspired by the Little Merdoll comic.
Later, Matt, Jackie, Inez, and Buzz led Delete back to his grotto below Spongebob's house.
Delete: Come on. Why can't you tell me why you brought me here?
Inez: If we told you, it wouldn't be a surprise.
Delete: If you at least tell me, I'll still act surprised. Please?
Matt: No.
Jackie: Now, close your eyes.
He nodded and closed his eyes. He then smirked as he opened one eye.
Buzz: No peekin', Dee Dee.
The group then led him to the grotto inside. Inside, the group shouted.
Four: Ta-dah!
He then opened his eyes and looked surprised at what he saw: the statue of Betty.
Delete: Oh my gosh...but where-when-how did you get it?
Matt: It feel into the ocean during the storm last night.
Jackie: And I found it this morning in the coral reef near Jellyfish Fields.
Inez: And we figured why not let you have it? It's the next best thing to the real thing.
Buzz: And thus, we moved it here, b
:iconjulayla64:Julayla64 6 0
The Little Mer-Droid Ch 6
Out near the Galactic Guardian HQ, near the beach, Betty played the song Delete sang to her on her ocarina. Purrsy was nearby as she played it happily.
Betty: I still can't get his voice out of my head. I've looked everywhere, but I can't find him. Where is he?
Meanwhile, on another part of the shore, the gang washed up while the others looked exhausted. Delete began opening his eyes as he groaned. He then noticed something: he had legs. He smiled at the sight of his legs.
Voice: Hey, buddy! Yoo-hoo!
Just then, they turned and noticed Digit flying toward them.
Matt: Didge, glad to see you.
Digit then looked at Delete.
Digit: Hey, Dee Dee. Hmmm, something's different about you. Oh wait, don't tell me. Uh, you got a new look with your hair and you were using that dinglehopper?
Delete smiled, shaking his head.
Digit: Hmmm, no? Okay, let's got new seashells.
Once more, he shook his head.
Delete: Nope? There's gotta be something new...
Unknown to Digit, he was moving on the leg De
:iconjulayla64:Julayla64 5 3
The Little Mer-Droid Ch 8
The next day, at the kingdom, Betty took Delete a tour in the Star Cruiser. What baffled the red haired girl mostly was when Delete leaned over the side of the ship, and she was looking at the view from underneath the ship. She giggled as they passed by the bride. Then, Matt came out of the water.
Matt: Hey, Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward. Did they kiss yet?
Patrick, shruken once more with his two friends, freaked out.
Patrick: Who said that? Are you ghosts?
Squidward: (groans) There aren't any ghosts! (to Matt) And they haven't kissed yet!
Matt could only groan. At the plaza, Delete looked at everything with a smile while Betty stood next to him. A bit later, the two were seen dancing together happily. After a while, they headed off in the Starcruiser, Digit flew to the archway they passed and looked at Delete's friends and brother.
Digit: Did they kiss yet?
Inez: (shakes her head) Not yet, Didge.
Digit: Well, they better hurry. He only have two more sunsets until he's normal.
Later on
:iconjulayla64:Julayla64 5 0
The Little Mer-Droid Ch 2
Back at the palace, Matt, Jackie, Inez, and Buzz sighed, looking at where Delete was being scolded by Ah-Mah and Dr. Marbles.
Ah-Mah: (sighs) Delete, I just don't know what I'm going to do with you.
Delete: Ah-Mah, Dr Marbles, it wasn't my fault. I just forgot.
Dr Marbles: Honestly, Delete, I don't know how different you can be from your students and friends.
Ah-Mah: And if it wasn't for your careless behavior-
Dr. Marbles: Careless and reckless to be presist.
Ah-Mah: (nods) Yes, careless and reckless, the concert would not have been-
Squidward: Ruined! Completely destroyed! This was suppose to be my greatest work of a lifetime! I'm the biggest laughingstock of Bikini Bottom!
Buzz: (to the others) With Squidward, he's always a laughin' stock.
Squidward: I heard that!
Matt: Hey, it wasn't his fault!
Inez: Yeah! The sharks chased up, then we were running scared when Bruce actually sniffed blood!
Jackie: We had to avoid his jaws, but then we escaped the submarine they were on while Anchor
:iconjulayla64:Julayla64 7 1
The Little Mer-Droid Ch 4
At Bikini Bottom, in the castle the next day, the boys were preparing themselves while Delete was in his dressing room, singing. Then, Dr. Marbles and Ah-Mah swam by and called to her.
Ah-Mah: Delete, will you come out?
Dr. Marbles: You've been in there all day!
Delete, oblivious to everything around him, played with the flower while singing. The boys, Ah-Mah, and Dr. Marbles grew in confusion.
Boomer: Man, what's with him?
Delete then hugged the two older mers.
Delete: Hi Dr. Marbles and Ah-Mah.
He then left after placing a flower on Ah-Mah's ear, continuing to sing to himself.
Boomer: (crosses his arms) I thought so!
Dr. Marbles: Thought what?
Ray-Ray: Isn't it obvious? Delete's in love!
Ah-Mah: (surprised/to herself) My grandson? In love?
Later, at a rock, Squidward was pacing back and forth, a huge nervous wreck while Delete happily played with the flowers. Spongebob and Patrick were just jellyfishing.
Squidward: Okay, so far, neither them or Mr. Krabs know about it. Although I don
:iconjulayla64:Julayla64 6 0



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Art By :iconamaara-jayn:

Welcome to my DA Gallery!

This is where you can see my artwork and reviews.
Drawings and art is my passion and I love Art.

I’ve been on DA for five years

Also I am the biggest Hacker artist of the Internet from the Cyberchase fandom and I am also an Adult Neopian.

Anyways I might be going into a course eventually on Art and a cartoonist And Maybe voice acting

By the way Criticism is welcome here. If you want to volunteer to improve my artwork.

I don’t appreciate rude behaviour, trash talking and other rubbish. If you do you’ll be ignored.....

Likes: Survival Horror, Drawing, Cartoons, Cooking, Textiles, Ponies, Jazz Pop And Rock Music, Cyberchase, Sushi, Thai and Mediterranean Food, Neopets, Dragons, Swimming, Exercise And Animals

Dislikes: Immature Users, Pity People, Cringy Kids, People That Fake Suicide, Animal Cruelty, Spamming With Requests In The Wrong Time, Leg Cramps, Black Liquorice, People Using Their Autism As A Crush, Being Left Out And Sonic Fags (But Not All Of Them Are Bad)

3DS FRIENDCODE: 4828-5371-4232

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Requests are free on Fridays There will be four slots and I will choose wisely

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Muslim Stamp Pink by kidliquorice ''LOL WHY ARE U GETTING SO WORKED UP OVER THEM??'' by deadstamps Made in the '90s by Mr-Stamp
I love the color Aquamarine by lazarusninja Stamp: im a Furry by StephDragonness Addicted Like Mad to the Virtual World by endler
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My birthday badge

Hey guys, I’m back from my break and I feel a lot better now. During my breaks I go for walks at the beach, play Club Penguin and Resident Evil Remake In hard mode, watching funny Ytp videos and been digital drawing two pictures. Anyways only 19 more days until Halloween! 


What Happened To My Legs!?
My legs turned into like an Octopus!

The Hacker (C) Cyberchase
Jazz (C) Me
13 deviations
Ursula The Sea Witch
I have to draw her because she is one of my favourite Disney Villains from "The Little Mermaid"
Cecaelia Hacker
I just feel like drawing Hacker as a Cecaelia

The Hacker (C) Cyberchase


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OC X Cannon






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My Little Pony




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Weight Gain (Cartoon Only)

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Fetishes Of Any Kind If It’s Gross Outs


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Swearing (But Not Too Much)

Hard Vore

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Hate Art


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