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My Alien...
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I found this piece of art forever ago. I'm looking for something to get as my first tattoo and i was wondering if it would be cool to use this?

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Damn that is good!
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idea for tattoo
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Would love this as a poster or tappestry...
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If there were shirts with this image printed on them, I would be buying one in a heartbeat.
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Oh man are you going to post this on a place like red bubble to get like prints and shirts and phone cases and stuff.
Dude, i need a t-shirt of that !!
can you propose it to a web site like this ??
Let me now, i instant buy  xD
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I have been in love with this piece from the moment I stumbled onto it. It is so beautiful. Would I have your permission to possibly get a tattoo of it? :)
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Beautiful piece of art, seriously ! 
I like all the contrast thing ;)
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reshared on G+ with title, name & dA
HR Giger:…
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shared on G+ with title, name, dA
Ze Café:…
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that shits crafty..good job man
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This, without a doubt is at least one of the top five - if not the best - picture of any of the aliens in the movies. While I'm trying to decide whether it's more of a fossil, a cave painting, or a painting done by some ancient Asian civilization, it still looks amazing. Unfortunately, I can't say "Ripley would be proud," because it's more likely she'd be running in fear, or even more likely, trying to kill it with a forklift.
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Also saw it on Facebook. Great piece of artwork! :)
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This got posted to Facebook by Cthulhu Hand Luke... loved it and hunted you down here to fave it.
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Definitely need to make this a print. I would love to have a wall scroll of this. I pay you money! :)
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Hello =) I love this design and I was wondering if you would mind if I used your design as a tattoo idea? =)
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