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35 Textures BRX XeniaDowns 2011-2013



They are not black and white, they are all colored/multi-colored!!!

This is a rather large pack of textures of mine that I wasn't sure whether or not to upload..
But I'm super busy at this moment in time and it's taking me a while to make a new graphic..
So I hope you enjoy these...
The textures range from stuff I made in 2011 up until now 2013
I couldn't upload every single one of my textures as there would be 100's :giggle:

♥ Terms Of Use ♥

♥ CREDIT Me, If You Use My Resources..

♥ Please Add To Your Faves List, If Used..

♥ Always LINK Me What You Have Made With My Stock && Other Resources..

♥ Please let me know what you think of my resources..

♥ Its Made By Me, So Please DON'T steal, copy, edit or borrow any of my work especially without my permission to do so first!!

♥ DON'T Just Change The Colors And Add Birds Or Something, It MUST Be A Big Change Or Used With Models And Objects, Or I Will Ask For It To Be Deleted If It's Not!!

♥ DO NOT Use My Stock To Make Another Stock..

♥ DO NOT Upload The Stock Raw Anywhere Else, DO NOT Redistribute And DO NOT Use It As Wallpaper In Another Site..

♥ If You Would Like To Use Off Of DA, Please ASK Permission First..I DON'T Bite!!

♥ If You Would Like To Use In Prints, Please ASK me beforehand..

By Downloading You Are Agreeing With My Terms Of Use..!!!


♥ Resources Used ♥

♥ Brushes - By Eva -

♥ Brushes - By Eva -…

♥ Brushes - By Eva -…

♥ Brushes - By Eva -…

♥ Brushes - By Eva -…

♥ Brushes - By Eva -…

♥ Brushes - By Eva -…

♥ Brushes - By Eva -…

♥ Brushes - By Eva -…

♥ Brushes - By Eva -…

♥ Brushes And Stock from Lauren -… (no longer available) ♥

♥ Colouring and texture by me (Xenia Downs) :blowkiss:
© 2013 - 2024 BloomingRoseXeniia
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Used here: No Escape  Thanks!