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An icon quickly made for personal use, I might aswell share it with you guys if anyone wants to use it. The icon is at 256x256.

Enjoy. :)

Edit 2015/04/14: Updated the icon to a larger size. Now includes .png, .icns and .ico.
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Looks awesome. It would be cool, if you can update the icns with the 1024x1024 icon for retina displays :) Thanks.
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I like this kinda more than the actual logo phaha it looks so good :D
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Can you  make one in ICO? My PS fails me.
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Looks very Good And original
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Love the icon. Just a tip tho'. There is too much transparent background and when loaded through something like Candybar or Iconlite, it appears much smaller in the dock than the surrounding icons. I needed to keep the icon the same size but trimmed the overall image to 512x512in order for it to appear the correct size. Hope that helps. :)
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Could you share the modified file? Or give a bit more detail on how I can fix it. It's really distracting to me that it's smaller than all the other icons in the dock. Thanks!
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I've updated the icon to a larger size. Should be fine now. :)
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Open it in an image editor like Photoshop or many others and crop a few pixels off each side. Tell me if you need help and I'll just do it.
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Yes I am aware of it, I might update it sometime in the future, or do a similar one with the correct size.
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I love this! The colors are so unique!
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soooooo beautiful
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looks good.... thanks for sharing....
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i really like it
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This icon looks sick but I think you should just take out the "C" in the middle. It really takes away from the beauty of the icon.
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I've updated it, check it out. I agree the C was distracting. :)
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This is really sexy!
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Hey man, nice icon, any chance you can remove that "C" from inside and release it?
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Sure, why not. :)
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