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I decided to update Night Diamond, ALL OF THEM! Nod 
It's a hell lot of work, but it will be a challenge for me Grump 
I'll try my best to finish them all as soon as possible.

Voting is now officially closed. Thank you for everyone who participated :) Read below for more details.

WHAT TO EXPECT! La la la la 

Yep! And this will be the last version, so I'll make it up to you to decide what color I'll be making! 

Voting results:

- Pink = 7
- Yellow = 7
- Cyan = 11
- Brown = 0
- Beige = 0
- Rainbow = 8

Cyan got the most number of votes. Thank you for everyone who voted, stay tuned for the update :)

*Voting is now closed. The update will be uploaded very soon. 

>Smoother Animation!

Night Diamond is my first cursor, so it's a little bit shitty when it comes to animation's smoothness. Back then I have no idea that there's a better program for animating these kind of stuff, so glad I found it Giggle 

>New Animations
I'll be replacing some lame default cursors, lol. What garbage. 

>Animation Speed
I'll tweak the animation speed, it's a bit slow for some reason.

>And Many More Improvements! 
A big thank you for the people who loves my work! Stay tuned for the update! :D (Big Grin) 


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