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Night Diamond v3.0 | Zircon Cyan
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Published: June 16, 2015
Another major update for everyone. :smile Try Night Diamond v3.0, a high quality theming cursor with smooth animations. See the update log below to know the improvements! 

Premium Content is available for purchase via points which is completely optional. The Premium Content offers a different set of stylish animations, to complete your ideal theme! See the preview link below and decide for yourself.

Your fave and comments are much appreciated! Comment or message me if you have some feedback. Thank you very much for the support, happy customizing! 




Sapphire Blue
Topaz Yellow  
Opal White (Iridescent) 
Opal White
Emerald Green
Ruby Red
Amber Orange
Amethyst Purple
Spectrum Set


Crystal Clear

Bullet; Blue "HOW TO INSTALL" video tutorial here: Click here
Bullet; Green Compatible with all windows platform.
Bullet; Green No CursorFX needed. 
Bullet; Red Mac not supported.
Bullet; Red Not ideal for HD screens. (yet) 

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v3.0 - Major Update (Jan/4/2018)

- Overall size reduced by 7%.
- Increased the speed of some animation.
- Wrong hotspots fixed.
- Added 2 new cursors for the Windows 10's Fall Creators Update; "Location Select" and "Person Select". 
- Increased the glow effect of the default "Busy" and "Working in Background".
- Added bonus cursors: "Link Select - Scan", and "Unavailable - Shake".
- Added "Statics" folder. A non-animated set is now available.  
- Improved the tutorial on how to use bonus cursors.
- Premium: Added 2 bonus cursors: "Busy - Shatter", and "Link Select - Sweep".
- Premium: Removed some bonus cursors.
- Premium: Increased the diamond animation of the default normal select by a few pixels. 
- Changed the defaults.

For the complete update log, check the text file included in the package.
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The link for a normal download it´s not working... but the other blue one is working... it migh be an error? 
BlooGuy's avatar
BlooGuyHobbyist General Artist

Hi, try enabling your AdBlocker or use a different web browser.
Marxastix's avatar
The premium download link isn't working for me. help
BlooGuy's avatar
BlooGuyHobbyist General Artist

Hi, please explain more about the problem :)
Marxastix's avatar
Also I forgot to mention I have tried Firefox chrome and opera on Windows Vista I used to have Windows 10 but my laptop broke so I got my dad's old one and it has Vista unfortunately
Marxastix's avatar
When I click the link it doesn't do anything at all no download no redirect to a file sharing website nothing
BlooGuy's avatar
BlooGuyHobbyist General Artist

Be sure to be clicking the right download buttons which are located at the upper right corner. For the purchase button to work, you need to have sufficient points first. :)
Marxastix's avatar
I have purchased it in the past on my old laptop and it worked then but now the button refuses to do anything
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BlooGuyHobbyist General Artist

Since you have purchased it already, be sure to be using the same account for the re-download to work.
Also, try enabling your AdBlocker and see if the button works.
Marxastix's avatar
If you mean disabling my adblocker I don't use one as I think people should get revenue for there hard work. Also, I am using the same account that I purchased it on
BlooGuy's avatar
BlooGuyHobbyist General Artist
Hi! I understand, note sent. :)
RonySant's avatar
RonySantStudent General Artist
Very Good....Thanks.
ProPheonixGamer's avatar

Its A very Good cursor, but can u plz 1: Make it A bit cheaper, and 2: Add More Animatios.

U r very Gud at doing ur job, keep it up!!!

TheFuzzyWeeb's avatar
You have to be the best cursor creator out there, hands down.
BlooGuy's avatar
BlooGuyHobbyist General Artist

Thank you! :D
Neaggy's avatar
NeaggyHobbyist Digital Artist
I absolutely love this cursor.
Very easy to install and looks dope as hell.
BlooGuy's avatar
BlooGuyHobbyist General Artist

Thanks man. :)
ShadowLunaNightShew's avatar
ShadowLunaNightShewHobbyist Artist
It's very cool, thank you.
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TheWave040Student Digital Artist
het guys,

i really want a cursour, but its cost points.

can oyu guys plz donate something?
XxGirlyAngelxX's avatar
XxGirlyAngelxXHobbyist Digital Artist
Uhhh...I regret saying this but I cannot see the download I blind?
XxGirlyAngelxX's avatar
XxGirlyAngelxXHobbyist Digital Artist
Nevermind I just needed to press the download button near the fav button 
Yoko-No-Dara's avatar
Yoko-No-DaraStudent Traditional Artist
Download link isn't working (wanted to redownload to get the recent update).
I've turned off my adblocker, restarted my browser and even switched browser.
Nothing is working for me.
BlooGuy's avatar
BlooGuyHobbyist General Artist

Can you tell what happens after clicking the download button at the upper right corner?
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