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DIM v3.2 | TechnoBlue

By BlooGuy
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Update! v3.2 focuses on the release of Premium Set and Prismatic Version. Also, some minor changes. Check it out! Happy 


DIM is a high-quality theming cursor with stylish and smooth animations. Greatly revamped since the first version, and now a mixture of 2D and 3D, try it out!

Premium Content is now available for purchase via points which is completely optional. The Premium Content offers a different set of high quality and more stylish animations, to complete your ideal theme! If you're into 3D, then check this out! See the preview link below and decide for yourself.

See and test if the size, appearance, and animation suits your operating system.

Your fave and comments are much appreciated! Comment or message me if you have some feedback. Thank you very much for the support, happy customizing!  




Premium Set


Night Diamond
Crystal Clear

Bullet; Blue "HOW TO INSTALL" video tutorial here: Click here
Bullet; Green Compatible with all windows platform.
Bullet; Green No CursorFX needed. 
Bullet; Red Mac not supported.
Bullet; Red Not ideal for HD screens. (yet) 

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v3.2 - Minor Update (Oct/20/2018)

This update focuses on the release of the Premium Set.
- Added exclusive "DIM Prismatic Version" for the premium set.
- Added 1 bonus cursor: "Link Select - Stream".
- Premium: Made the glow for the default "Precision Select" thicker.
- Premium: Included "Location Select" in the static set.

For the complete update log, check the text file included in the package.
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tysm for this!

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i think its good

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dude, you are a AWEOSME dev, i LOVE your cursors, but can you please make a white alternative for this?i really need it :D i mean the background of it

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i wish you could make smaller versions of these because these are too big for my liking

alot of the good cursors are to big

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you can just .. adjust cursor size

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It' scool but, can you make a purple version? pls.

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it's cool but the animation doesn't working in my laptop...can you tell me how to fix it?

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Hi, this is most likely caused by Windows 1809 bug, you can try this workaround.

1. Access Mouse Properties panel.

Right-click desktop > Personalize > Themes > Mouse Cursor

2. Change your "Normal Select" to a static version

Double click "Normal Select" > Browse the "Statics" folder inside the bonus folder > choose the "Normal Select" file

3. Back to Mouse Properties panel, click "OK"

You'll have to deal with a non-animated normal select but it's an effective workaround.

Credits to Tusharfaroque for discovering and sharing this.

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Why is it that the normal specifically select breaks everything?

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The normal select is not the one that causes the problem. The nature of the bug is still unknown, all we know is it remembers and continue the animation of each states upon switching. Switching to a non-animated state (.cur normal select) before going to another animated state fixes this and plays the next animation correctly from the beginning.

Thus, changing the normal select to a static (.cur) is an effective workaround for the bug.

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I see. y'know, now I wonder if it'd possible to have some software to just overlay the cursor, if you know what I mean.

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i found a solution in order to get animated ones. After applying the installer open: Mouse properties >> Pointers and then change the following cursors:

Text select

Vertical Resize

Horizontal resize

Diagonal Resize 1

Diagonal Resize 2


Just these replace them with ones in bonus cursors and ONLY Text Selected with the one in folder Statics

Everything will work correctly

Another solution is to press CTRL+ALT+SUPR and then return and the animation will be reset

I hope works for you!

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Keep up the good work!


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It's so cool!!

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