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DIM v3.2 | TechnoBlue

By BlooGuy
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Update! v3.2 focuses on the release of Premium Set and Prismatic Version. Also, some minor changes. Check it out! Happy 


DIM is a high-quality theming cursor with stylish and smooth animations. Greatly revamped since the first version, and now a mixture of 2D and 3D, try it out!

Premium Content is now available for purchase via points which is completely optional. The Premium Content offers a different set of high quality and more stylish animations, to complete your ideal theme! If you're into 3D, then check this out! See the preview link below and decide for yourself.

See and test if the size, appearance, and animation suits your operating system.

Your fave and comments are much appreciated! Comment or message me if you have some feedback. Thank you very much for the support, happy customizing!  




Premium Set


Night Diamond
Crystal Clear

Bullet; Blue "HOW TO INSTALL" video tutorial here: Click here
Bullet; Green Compatible with all windows platform.
Bullet; Green No CursorFX needed. 
Bullet; Red Mac not supported.
Bullet; Red Not ideal for HD screens. (yet) 

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v3.2 - Minor Update (Oct/20/2018)

This update focuses on the release of the Premium Set.
- Added exclusive "DIM Prismatic Version" for the premium set.
- Added 1 bonus cursor: "Link Select - Stream".
- Premium: Made the glow for the default "Precision Select" thicker.
- Premium: Included "Location Select" in the static set.

For the complete update log, check the text file included in the package.
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UnknownAbyss2005New Deviant

Great work!!!

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qaisariNew Deviant

very nice

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Cool cursor for Technology :D

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Love this

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Yo. If you guys like this cursor and enjoy the default normal variant, but don't want it to break other animations, here's the solution.

Step 1. Download a cursor ani editor. (I recommend Anituner)

Step 2. Load the '[TB] Normal Select v3.2.ani' into the editor.

Step 3. Click "Edit Cursor frames" and scroll down until you find the 60th frame which is set for length 250 - The culprit of all issues.

Step 4. Change it's length to 2 and duplicate it about 60 times to replicate the pause. It's a bit shorter than default, so you'll probably have to play around with it, but I find it perfect for myself.

Step 5. Save the cursor. Maybe change the name if you want to keep the default. Then replace normal cursor in control panel mouse settings.

Explanation: Why does it break? Simple. With 1809 release of Windows 10 Microsoft messed up how ani files are handled. This causes the 250 long pause to faultly carry over to other animations, which in results makes them appear frozen. What's worse, ani files don't play from start now, which makes the last visible frame of that cursor animation appear frozen.

As a result I recommend not using Alternate Select, Text select and Handwriting as they are set for length 9999! This could potentially make the cursor break until you reset it manually.

TL;DR - Any animations that are longer than 2 at the end will make other animations appear frozen. Microsofts fault.

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BlooGuyHobbyist General Artist


Thank you for these insights :D

I have already tried this method during my fix attempts and sadly It doesn't fix the bug because the issue is within the OS itself. As you have said, Windows messed up how .ani files are animated. Simply put; each animation doesn't start from the beginning and is skipping giving the impression of glitching. I have already reported this to Microsoft a couple of times. You can help by reporting it too.

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Odd. I edited the stuff on my end and it eliminated freezing for me. The animations still start from whenever they want but they don't freeze.

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The cursor is very cool

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SadGTNew Deviant

It good

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BlooGuyHobbyist General Artist



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um it .zip file confused wut do i do

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BlooGuyHobbyist General Artist


Unzip it using WinRar. Check the youtube tutorial (link in description) for step by step instruction.

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Hey, youtube is blocked on my computer so could you just tell me how to download it, thanks much appreciated

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BlooGuyHobbyist General Artist


Hi, the download button is under the artwork (lower left).

After downloading, just right-click the "[Installer].inf" file then click "Install".

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bykorkusuzbabaNew Deviant

What happens if I download it for free?

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BlooGuyHobbyist General Artist


You get it for free lol

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hillus01New Deviant

cool one

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Nice cursor, thank you very much. I have an issue, the cursor is locked after a few minutes to use (it gets freeze), it freezes and restarts on periods of time, Do you know why that happen?

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BlooGuyHobbyist General Artist


Hi, this is most likely caused by Windows 1809 bug, you can try this workaround.

1. Access Mouse Properties panel. 

Right-click desktop > Personalize > Themes > Mouse Cursor

2. Change your "Normal Select" to a static version

Double click "Normal Select" > Browse the "Statics" folder inside the bonus folder > choose the "Normal Select" file

3. Back to Mouse Properties panel, click "OK"

You'll have to deal with a non-animated normal select but it's an effective workaround.

Credits to Tusharfaroque for discovering and sharing this.

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can you make one just like this but make it purple instead, i would appreciate it a lot, please and thank you

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Thanks a lot sir

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this is legit!!!

XxFukkParentsXx's avatar

ehhhhhh...not so bad

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For some reason that one cursor's animations are kinda laggy unlike the Night Diamond one, even though I used a static version of it as the normal select, any idea on how to make it smooth again?


P.S. Im using windows 10

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