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Art life Tattoo: Earth

This is a possible tattoo design for my right arm/shoulder. I want it to be big, covering most if not all my arm.
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Ace design! I would like your permission to use your design on my martial art group badge and name please? it is perfect and im struggling to find a better tree of life design than this.

hey Im creating a small brand for a school project and I need a logo, could I possible edite this logo and put it on a t-shirt to sell?
Is this an original design? If so, I'd like to talk about the conditions under which you'd be willing to let me use this, or a version of this, for a logo for a nonprofit organization. 
Hi bloodyworship, I'm completely flabbergasted by this awesome design. Wonderful! Would it be alright if I used the image in an email I'll be sending out that has death as a topic? 
My ex have the Circle of Life in his ankle, but he has a young face and a skull facing each other. I wanted something that remind me of him so i got this one. And Im really loving it. Thanks for such great design!
Hey mate.

Recently used your design for a memorial tattoo on my chest. Saw that you were ok with people using your design, so i went ahead and used it myself. 
Just wanted to say thanks and add a picture of the result (hope the link works). 

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The link works. And it's amazing. I'm so glad someone can take a piece of my artwork and use it in such a special way. Sorry for your loss, I hope the memories of happiness continue.
Cheers! And to being ink brothers!
I totally want this as my next tat. That's cool right? I'm thinking left deltoid, or the center of my upper back. I've seen circles a lot on the back, and I love arm tats, so I'll probs do it on my arm. For those who have it, where did you put it?
Please check my note.. I would aprecciate a lot!!!
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Gorgeous concept! It'll look amazing!
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I love it! Great job, keep up the good work!
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how did you make this?
wich software did you use
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I really love the work you did. And I was wondering if you had any objections if I had this as a tattoo. (Although I'm not completely sure yet ^^ just wanted to ask in advance).
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Would you mind if I used just the tree design as part of a tattoo I am considering? It's still just an idea and I'd be happy to send you a pic of the finished design if I do get it.
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Sure, I'd love to see it on some more people. :D I have it done.
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Oh that is really cool! The motion is amazing and I think your choice of where you want it is perfect, nice designing, that is really neat. :D
Now this, this is brilliant. I don't want the tree in the middle though but I love the way you've got it to curve with the circle, which is as elegant as an an Enso is supposed to be!
Oh my God, I've been trying to find a tattoo that symbolizes my views on the Universe and this is just perfect! I wanted something that represented the miracle of life in the Universe and some other very personal thoughts on everything. Man, you may have just become the artist of my future tattoo, do you mind if I take your design? If all goes well I'll send you a picture of it in a few weeks :D
My tattoo's done and thanks for your design! I'll take care of it <3
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