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My Daily Deviation Guidelines

Sat Aug 18, 2018, 2:10 PM

Hello there :wave:
I'm one of the Community Volunteers for Glamour / Pin-Up in Photography and Digital Art 

This guide explains what I am looking for when selecting daily deviations along with some examples that I would consider for DD to help you understand.
Maybe you found this Journal and wonder who the other CV are for the gallery folders. Fear not! Here to help.

General Guidelines that applies to DD (Eq: I can't change them)

Deviants you are going to suggest can't have multiple DD within 6 months.
Last login needs to be within the past 30 days.
You can do self-suggestions

I like ...

Smiling Betty Page

A pretty package: I like good looking lingerie, especially if it adds a classy character.
Nudity: I'm totally fine with it, if it is tasteful.
Twists: With digital art deviants have the possibility to give their painting some sort of twist, for example adding fantasy elements or surrealism to it. I love Gil Elvgren like artwork but also new directions.

If you want to suggest a Deviation as DD, please only send it to one CV.

Avoid to suggest me the deviation if ...

it has a huge watermark across the pictures, this includes the DeviantArt one too
the picture is very small
the deviant has a clearly deviation in their gallery that aren't theirs

How to suggest one to me

Copy the thumbcode for the deviation.
Screenshot 20180818 225300 by BloodyWing
Include that code in the Note that you are going to send me.
Would love to know what you especially like about the Deviation you are going to suggest me :)

I'm reading all your DD suggestion notes, but I doubt I can reply to all of you.

I don't like what you pick as DD I hate you

Please don't comment on the Deviation that got DD. Instead send me a message with all your rage and what you don't like about it.
Also, I can't answer to all DD suggestions that you send me.


Anonyme by LaurentLKCMidnight Girl by MaySakaali
Mad Moxxi Red Light 7 by DariaRoozMilk - It does the body good! by d2l2
Lewdnicorn HORNY look by onbluesnowDruuna and her monsters by YneddtStasia 3069 by smoke-dymok
New girl in town by antoanetteYum by ItsKaylaErin
*** by annieparfi
Pattern by gb62daDandelions by andrada-art
Neon VII by rubygoth

Skin by Dan Leveille, Fixes by BloodyWing
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:iconbloodywing: More from BloodyWing

DeviantArt Eclipse

Yes I want to write one too.

I love where Eclipse is going!

No I'm not writing this just because I want to show my goodwill to the staff.

DA desperately need a change both front and backend. Eclipse uses a solid foundation (React) to bring you a new experience. And get rid of some legacy code that rests here since 2008 and before.

But could DeviantArt not simply extend existing stuff?

I think they try, but it's less error-prone to write something new instead to write modern code with legacy one that is 10 years old. Because you would have to add all the workarounds and exceptions for the old code again. Did you know that was able to display PDFs? Because of advance in technology and browsers this feature broke.

But they remove the custom box!

Yep, I use mine for the Daily Deviation Informations that could probably find another nice place too. No one said so far that there isn't going to come an alternative. But with the current journal editor we get a powerful tool that DA can extend as they wish with a clean codebase. @danlev I want embed-able cross-site content

My favourite thing about Eclipse so far

"llamas on fire"

The notes are easier to access nowThe Journal editor has a lot of potentialThe Pro Gallery Layouter and it's consistent useThe profile header, but I wish to reposition the imageI think gallery organisation goes a lot faster now, I don't mind the missing css for galleries. I had a userscript that removed them for me, because they usually looked awful anyway The Shop stuff, even tough I'm not doing commissions at the moment. But I consider open my shop here again.The Deviation pages and the love meter, I think especially with the love meter you can make a powerful algorithm to help you find new art that you like.Deviation backgrounds, they work great with less common formats like my diamond shaped PNG.

Would be cool to have some sort of product mockup on the Deviation Pages. You know with some lamps above it and simulating an actual wall in a room. This is especially something useful when DA wants to get big with the print service again.

The remove of the category-tree, labyrinth. I'm actually very glad this is gone. It makes the use of tags more important and you simply could write it as tag where you would place your deviation. I did that in the past anyway.

The dark theme: I like it, some legacy journal css need an update or else there is white font on white background - I'm glad you can switch between the light and dark theme, because they usually look okay with the bright theme, you all forgot to reset the css at the beginning of your custom journal skins - sloppy code .

Needs improvement on eclipse

Scraps, I think they are a very special case and gave the developers already a lot of headache. The Scrap folder managing just doesn't work. When I open it there are no Deviations listed that I assign as Thumbnail for the scraps folder.

Multiple selecting Notifications to get rid of them.

Finding the exact comment from the notification view is not easy, there is actually no link and you need to reply via the notification view.

Realtime notifications when they happen, with the native notification API. Shouldn't be that big deal with React now

Adding a deviation to a group is too small, especially with groups with long folder names gives you only the option to guess the correct folder.

DeviantArt API updates, I would love if this would happen. Since I became CV I'm more ready to make 3rd party applications than before. I know the API has low priority

Okay that's it for now - Love you guys

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