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'Sick, Sad World' Host as Dr. Mrs. the Monarch

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It's host of "Sick, Sad World" from Daria as Dr. Mrs. the Monarch from The Venture Brothers!
This image is done in the spirit of the Daria end credit sequence.

The host of "Sick, Sad World" appears several times on Daria, usually performing interviews. She can be seen in the very first episode, "Esteemsters," where she interviews Artie at a sci-fi convention.

Dr. Mrs. the Monarch is one of the main villain characters from the Adult Swim series "The Venture Bros." She started as Dr. Girlfriend, the number two agent to super villain The Monarch. As the series progresses, The Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend get married so she changes her name and her costume to match. Dr. Mrs. the Monarch is one of my favorite characters from the show, and I loved her new design from the start.

I thought the "Sick, Sad World" would look good as Dr. Mrs. the Monarch because of her little hair flip. I think she fit the part quite nicely.

I had problems with the figure from the start. I did quite a bit of bending and stretching lines digitally here, but her arms still look a little off to me.

I don't know why I keep insisting on drawing character with handguns since I can barely draw them. This one looks... okay I guess?

Pencil on paper. Inks, colors, and effects in Clip Studio Paint.

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You did fine with the gun ... and with the gams, as the old timers would say.