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Marco as Sexy Saxophonist by BloodyWilliam Marco as Sexy Saxophonist by BloodyWilliam
It's Marco from Daria as the sexy saxophonist from the movie  Lost Boys!
This image is done in the spirit of the Daria end credit sequence.

Marco is a male model from the season 3 episode "Just Add Water." He sits down next to Daria's sister, Quinn, at a beauty salon where he asks he on a date. You can read up on him on the Daria Wiki here:

How about that sexy saxophone guy, huh? You remember him. Yes you do. You can see him in all his glory in this minute-and-a-half clip from "Lost Boys."…

I had to do this because I find it hilarious. Sex Sax Guy is only in the film for like 30 seconds, but you notice him and you remember him. Marco being a model had absolutely the right body type for it.

Drawing that saxophone, man... yikes. There are so many valves and moving parts in there. I think it turned out looking well enough, but it was so darn tricky. The coloring really helped. His hands, though. I spent literally hours trying to get decent looking hands. His left came out pretty okay, but his right is a mess. Eventually, I decided I had to stop because I would just never be satisfied. Meh.

Pencil on paper. Digital inking, colour, and effects in Adobe Photoshop 7.

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