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Lauren Gupty as Lil 'the dancing girl'



It's Lauren Gupty from Daria as Lil the dancing girl from the film Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me!
This image is done in the spirit of the Daria end credit sequence.

Lauren Gupty is a minor character who had a couple of speaking appearances on the show. She was first introduced in the season 1 episode "Pinch Sitter" where Daria does a babysitting job for the Gupty family. You can read more about Lauren Gupty on the Daria Wiki here:…

"Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me" is a film follow up/prequel to the television series "Twin Peaks" by David Lynch. "Twin Peaks" was such a big part of my 1990s. I don't know why Lil the dancing girl popped into my head, though. I often even forget her name and refer to her as "the red lady." You can see Lil's big scene in "Fire Walk With Me" on the Youtubes here:…

I thought Laure Gupty's hair style fir for Lil. Not identical of course, but very similar that it would work. Lil's trademark pose has some weird stuff going on that was tricky for me; her feet are on weird angles, and for some reason, that fist was a nightmare. In the end, I quite like how a lot of the fabric folds turned out!

Texture used for the nylons here:…

Pencil on paper. Inks, colors, and effects in Clip Studio Paint and Adobe Photoshop 7.

Other Daria character alter egos:…
Or you can check me out on the Daria Wiki:…
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