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Disney's Rapunzel (colored) by BloodyWilliam Disney's Rapunzel (colored) by BloodyWilliam
I decided to color the sketch of Disney's Rapunzel I had made in 2016. I tried a few new and different things here such as going lineless and using a new technique to color her hair. I had gotten it into my mind that I would like the pic to have a background. I started pulling up reference photos of forests when I came across an old painting called "The Forest Clearing" from 1896 (re: public domain). This painting was EXACTLY the sort of thing I had envisioned, however I was not sure of my ability to integrate my own drawing into the painting. I had to add a shadows for her, and I'm not sure how well that turned out.
I'm still absolutely no good when it comes to fabric folds and drape. Also when it came to her dress, some reference images looked more purple-y while others seemed more pink-y and my ability to to see colors weirdly did not help there. I think I got a happy medium thing going on, though.
Overall, I do like the warm colors of this. Also, she looks so adorable and happy that I just wanna hug her.

Pencil on paper. Colors and effects in Adobe Photoshop 7.
Original Rapunzel sketch:…
Pose reference:…
Used these flower brushes in the dress:…
Background painting:…
This version and design of Rapunzel (c) Disney.
ItsAllPossible Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2018
Too Darn Cute! ;-) 
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