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Diane Bennett as the Columbia Pictures logo

It's Lawndale High economics teacher Diane Bennett from Daria as Columbia from the Columbia Pictures logo!
This image is done in the spirit of the Daria end credit sequence.

Dianne Bennett is a frequently featured teacher at Lawndale High. She teaches economics, and Daria and Jane are in her class. She also seems to help with the school budget. You can read more about Ms. Bennett here:…

Columbia Pictures is a movie studio-slash-distribution company. They have been around for like 100 years, so hopefully you've heard of them? Their logo has been of the torch bearing woman Columbia, a female personification of the United States, since the 1930s or something.

This is one I wanted to do for a while, but wasn't sure I would be able to pull off. SO. MANY. FABRIC. FOLDS. Yeah, I kind of went nuts with the light rays, but when I found a tool that could do this stuff, I think I got a little excited. I'm still learning Clip Studio Paint, but I'm pretty pleased with how this one turned out.

Pencil on paper. Digital inking, colour, and effects in Clip Studio paint Pro.
Light rays asset can be downloaded from CSP for free here:…

Other Daria character alter egos:…
Or you can check me out on the Daria Wiki:…
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