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Green Lantern Tron costume

I've been seeing a whole bunch of Tron inspired designs for Marvel characters floating around the internet for awhile.

I thought I'd have a go at designing a Green Lantern Tron costume. I'm quite happy with how it turned out.

I put in elements of the original Tron costumes as well as the sleekness of the Tron: Legacy ones. The thing I'm most happy with is the GL Tron logo using a Light Disc. I think it looks cool.

I may design the whole Lantern spectrum/Justice League Tron costumes when I have time. I've already got some ideas for them.
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This would make an awesome DC Elseworlds story. ;) (Wink) So cool on so many levels. 
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Green Lantern belongs to DC, not Marvel
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Awesome concept. :)
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Absolutely incredible.
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This looks badass!
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Am I the only one around here that has noticed this fact?

Tron vs. the Matrix=Disney vs. Warner Brothers=Marvel vs. DC
OsmiumMachine's avatar, not as much. ^^;
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Wow, that would be a crossover :)
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Wow, I totally love it!
Great job (:
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I approve of this
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Can you imagine him with his ring while being on the grid?

He'll be all like: FK DA POLICE
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