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Post Apocalypse

My version of post apocalyptic New York City
Took many hours

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Jun 19, 2005, 11:15:37 PM
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this is one of the best post-apocalyptic scenes ive ever seen!

one question: what type of apocalypse caused this?

Great work!
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I like the red lights still on.the devastastion ocurred minutes ago.Everyone trying to leave the city ?Now everything has stopped
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I see that people say the lights should be off, and they're right. But I think this idea is quite interesting. What if the lights areon because of supernatural causes? Something that prevents even deterioration?
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nice but i agree with a couple of the comments the lights should have been off cause by the time frame of the growth around it the lights wouldn't have survived that long but ill be the first tto admit i probably would have been to lazy to fix it :P great artwork none the less
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I think the lights should be off...
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I have gotten this comment since I posted it haha. I didn't think about it till after I posted it and I'm too lazy to edit it :/
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Featured in my journal:


Thank you! Great work! :clap:
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I certainly appreciate it. I've been urged to shut the lights off in that picture for years now, but haven't gotten around to it ahaha
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Hahahaha... Still a great work! :clap:
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That is terrifying and beautiful at the same time.
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very nice! but strange the lights are still on D=
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I worked on the same subject! I concur with Aishado (and your sister), but it's anyway a good job ^^
My result is here:[link]

(sorry for my english)
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Yours looks really good! The lighting is a lot better than mine.
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very nice but...this city seems to be alive ?
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Great work!
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very niceeee
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im ready for such a future. . .
got my M-4, MRE's, And a winning attitude. . .
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Great image!
This indeed mut have needed long hours!
Just one last detail before perfection if I may: since it is post-apocalyptic, you might want to desaturate the red lights on the cars and street lamps (they probably don't work anymore! :)).

Really cool job. :clap:
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lol That's what my sister said, but I'm to lazy to fix it.
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