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Chibi Respit by BloodyMess-VaoT Chibi Respit :iconbloodymess-vaot:BloodyMess-VaoT 3 0 No failure by BloodyMess-VaoT No failure :iconbloodymess-vaot:BloodyMess-VaoT 0 0 True Friends by BloodyMess-VaoT True Friends :iconbloodymess-vaot:BloodyMess-VaoT 0 1
Zum Frühstück gab's 'nen guten Kaffee
Meistens Trinkst du ihn mit Milch
Aber manchmal auch mit zwei Stück Zucker
Dazu gab es noch ein Toast mit Butter
Du weißt auch schon was es zum Mittag gibt
Mal was deftiges das tut der Seele gut
Aber welche Soße weißt du jetzt noch nicht
Ja, erzähl mir bitte alles über dein Gericht!
Oh und heute Abend da kochst du mal selbst
'Ne eigene Kreation, wie interessant
Du hast sie aus 'ner Zeitung ausgeschnitten
Es sind nicht gerade, nein, gedrehte Fritten
Ficken, Fressen
Fernsehen gucken
Ich weiß nicht ob ich dich bedauern oder hassen soll
Ambitionslos und verblödet findest du dein Leben toll
Ständig laberst du mich mit deiner Scheiße voll
Bis nichts mehr übrig bleibt als selbstgerechter Groll
Ficken, Fressen
Fernsehen gucken
Wow, du kannst Wörter und Sätze wiederholen
Und du hast tatsächlich einen Witz verstanden
Zum Glück wird ja immer ganz laut vorgelacht
Nee nee, da w
:iconbloodymess-vaot:BloodyMess-VaoT 0 0
Not Very Helpful Song
You might be feeling down
You might have a sad frown
But I cannot see that
Because I'm out of town
I feel happy right now
my life it is just great
And I really don't care
about your terrible fate
But this song is for you
And if you're feeling like poo
Don't worry my friend
I'm feeling better than you
Simply be happy like me
and start enjoying your life
But no, you have to be a tard
And play alone with your knife
I'm happy and you're not
I don't care if this helps or makes you rot
It's all about I'm happy and you're not
It's not that I don't give a fuck
It's that I think you suck
Because I'm fortunate
And you're shit out of luck
If you are going to cry
Or even trying to do die
I won't hear your good bye
Coz you're a sad little fly
So now dwell in your basement
I already have a replacement
While you're thinking the world ends
I'm having fun with my new friends
Simply be happy like me
and start enjoying your life
But no, you have to be a tard
And play alone with your knife
:iconbloodymess-vaot:BloodyMess-VaoT 24 21
Ich bin ein Nazi
Ich bin so stark
Ich bin ein Nazi
Ich bin ein Nazi
Mein Vater war genau wie ich
Auch nicht g'rad ein helles Licht
Ich bin ein Nazi
Mein Opa hat im Krieg gedient
Drum hab ich mir Hartz IV verdient
Ich bin ein Nazi
Meine Mutter kann ich nie was fragen
Mein Vater muss die immer schlagen
Ich bin so stark
Ich bin ein Nazi
Was ich nicht versteh das hau ich um
Versteh'n tu ich nicht viel
Denn ich bin dumm
Ich bin ein Nazi
Recht reimt sich nun mal auf Rechts
Und wer reimt hat immer Recht
Ich bin ein Nazi
Und dieser Staat gehört ganz mir
Darauf trink ich noch'n Morgen-Bier
Ich bin ein Nazi
Zu Ausländern bin ich gemein
Denn mein Penis ist zu klein
Ich bin so stark
Ich bin ein Nazi
Was ich nicht versteh das hau ich um
Versteh'n tu ich nicht viel
Denn ich bin dumm
Ich bin ein Nazi
Ich schneide mir die Haare kurz
Und lache über meinen Furz
Ich bin ein Nazi
Meine Springerstiefel sind echt cool
So denkt keiner ich wäre schwul
Ich bin ein Nazi
Meine Bomberjacke ist echt dick
Nur le
:iconbloodymess-vaot:BloodyMess-VaoT 5 15
Funny Fat People
(Respit sits at the news desk and talks into the camera)
Hey there and welcome to Respit explains the world!
Today I want to tell you why it's toxic when fat people pretend to be, or actually are, genuinely retarded and go on like that in order to gain popularity from it.
You see, if someone who is fat makes a video or a TV appearance in which he/she acts retarded or "crazy" most people don't give a fuck and watch something else or they haven't watched the crap in the first place, because they have better things to do with their life.
But then you have all these retarded people, who think it's real. They have to spread this stuff all over the internet and talk about it and cause it to get more popular.
You can roughly divide them into two categories.
The "mean" ones. They think it is super funny and ridiculous, how this retarded fat girl makes an idiot out of herself. Then they have to show it all their friends. As implied before, most of these people have no life so they have to make
:iconbloodymess-vaot:BloodyMess-VaoT 6 7
Today Mr. R. bought a new wristwatch. It took him a while, since there was a vast amount of watches to choose from, but in the end he was very satisfied with his pick.
After Mr. R. threw his old watch into the trash can, he couldn't help to think about it.
The old watch served him for over thirty years.
Every day its hands moved in circles for him.
Every day its hands showed him what time it was.
Sometimes it broke or became slow, then he turned it in for repair. After some hours the problem was solved and the watch was able to fulfill its purpose again.
The only thing that changed over the years was its wristband. It gave his watch some kind of special touch and made it look different from all the other watches.
Over the years the wristband became more and more expensive, but the watch itself became slow more and more frequent. Finally buying a new one was cheaper than repairing it over and over again.
Mr. R. wore the new watch only for a moment, before he threw it away and put the ol
:iconbloodymess-vaot:BloodyMess-VaoT 13 3
Bloody Special
I see one day you'll break through and be very successful
It only looks like you're decaying into part of this cesspool
I see women don't love you because they're all shallow whores
Just compensate your lack of empathy with even more force
I see you're gonna work out later when you got more time
So it's okay for now and the past years to feast like a swine
I see you're saving everyone from their wrong sexuality
Build yourself a prison to better envy those that are free
If you lie to yourself, who are you trying to fool?
Just build up your bloody bubble of delusion
So you don't have to bear that pain and confusion
Everything is alright
Everything will be fine
You're so bloody special
One day I'm sure you will prove your worth
Coz you're the one who's needed most on earth
You're so bloody special
I see to care for your spouse and children you gladly commit
The last time you smiled was when you said cheese for the portrait
I see you lastly got your addiction under control hurray
:iconbloodymess-vaot:BloodyMess-VaoT 16 2
Riddle by BloodyMess-VaoT Riddle :iconbloodymess-vaot:BloodyMess-VaoT 1 23 Bloody Mess Logo by BloodyMess-VaoT Bloody Mess Logo :iconbloodymess-vaot:BloodyMess-VaoT 27 2
Though you were born without wings
Don't waste your life searching the ground
You'll only find stones to throw at the birds
Rather spend it watching the sky
Study them, learn their ways
Let them elevate you with their beauty
Soon you will come to see
The most fascinating birds don't have wings either
:iconbloodymess-vaot:BloodyMess-VaoT 19 16
Everyone wants to be happy
Everyone wants to be happy, right?
I mean that's what we all strife for in life, isn't it?
Do you also want to be happy? Well, Nick definitely did.
Let me tell you about him.
Nick was a quite handsome and intelligent man. The big house he lived in was surrounded by a beautiful and well trimmed garden. Nick often held parties for his many friends and acquaintances. The relationship with his wife was very healthy and he had made a fortune so big that he never had to work again.
Although Nick had everything you could wish for, one day, he came towards me with a troubled face.
I was still in the garden, the sun was about to set and I was planning to go home soon.
"Are you happy?" he asked.
"What's your problem?" I replied.
Nick sighed. "You know me. I reached almost every goal in life and tried out everything I can imagine, but still somehow I never felt truly happy."
"You didn't plant a tree yet," I grinned.
"Hey, I'm serious here! What ever I do, I think I could have done better! What ev
:iconbloodymess-vaot:BloodyMess-VaoT 4 3
Lanadriel (night) by BloodyMess-VaoT Lanadriel (night) :iconbloodymess-vaot:BloodyMess-VaoT 0 0 Respit (night) by BloodyMess-VaoT Respit (night) :iconbloodymess-vaot:BloodyMess-VaoT 1 0 Protest against Die Rechte by BloodyMess-VaoT Protest against Die Rechte :iconbloodymess-vaot:BloodyMess-VaoT 0 0



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Herr von Knusperkuchen
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Bloody Mess Logo by BloodyMess-VaoT

This is a project run.

Besides procastinating my story I'm also submitting skits, songs short stories and other stuff that has to do (or often doesn't have) with my story project.

Bloody Mess - VaoT features:

Ilfana Bloodpie--Respit Pieblade----Lanadriel Holypie----Solira Bloodfist
Ilfana Bloodpie (Day) by BloodyMess-VaoT Respit Pieblade by BloodyMess-VaoT Lanadriel Holypie by BloodyMess-VaoT Solira Bloodfist by BloodyMess-VaoT
Ilfana Bloodpie (Night) by BloodyMess-VaoT

Their epic story is told in a series of novels, or it will be one day. I'm still working on the first book :<

First draft:
Word count: 26k

Illustrations by SickJoe :iconsickjoe: and Dualmask :icondualmask: Logo by WelkyndStone :iconwelkyndstone:.

Although I'm appreciating and reading every single fav and constructive and/or positive comment, I won't answer anymore if the answer would be something generic like "Thank you!" or "You're welcome"


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