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right after hurricane irma by bloodymensahara right after hurricane irma :iconbloodymensahara:bloodymensahara 1 0 say hello to my little friend by bloodymensahara say hello to my little friend :iconbloodymensahara:bloodymensahara 2 0 Random art pieces from high school by bloodymensahara Random art pieces from high school :iconbloodymensahara:bloodymensahara 1 0 top hat by bloodymensahara top hat :iconbloodymensahara:bloodymensahara 1 0 Kuu and  Mugetsu by bloodymensahara Kuu and Mugetsu :iconbloodymensahara:bloodymensahara 2 0 Umbreon ready for the holidays by bloodymensahara Umbreon ready for the holidays :iconbloodymensahara:bloodymensahara 3 0 Oh God it's here by bloodymensahara Oh God it's here :iconbloodymensahara:bloodymensahara 1 0 after a long day at the daycare by bloodymensahara after a long day at the daycare :iconbloodymensahara:bloodymensahara 1 0 mimikyu by bloodymensahara mimikyu :iconbloodymensahara:bloodymensahara 11 6 ditto fight by bloodymensahara ditto fight :iconbloodymensahara:bloodymensahara 0 0 trafalgar laws pouch and little sub by bloodymensahara trafalgar laws pouch and little sub :iconbloodymensahara:bloodymensahara 1 0 homemade rock candy in a vile by bloodymensahara homemade rock candy in a vile :iconbloodymensahara:bloodymensahara 4 0 masquerade masks part 3 by bloodymensahara masquerade masks part 3 :iconbloodymensahara:bloodymensahara 0 0 masquerade mask part 1 by bloodymensahara masquerade mask part 1 :iconbloodymensahara:bloodymensahara 1 0 masquerade masks part 2 by bloodymensahara masquerade masks part 2 :iconbloodymensahara:bloodymensahara 0 0 Leon by bloodymensahara Leon :iconbloodymensahara:bloodymensahara 0 0


Inktober 2 - Lewis by maskman626 Inktober 2 - Lewis :iconmaskman626:maskman626 4,954 130 morning at the bakery! by Apofiss morning at the bakery! :iconapofiss:Apofiss 3,454 76
OnePiece X Reader Hidden World pt 2: Demon Man
    You followed Law to the shop. A quirky man stood outside the shop, leaning against the wall. He was focused on something in his hands. From where you were you couldn't see what it was. Suddenly bright flames sprout up on his shoulder. They casually burned there for a few seconds. Just as casually the quirky man pats them out before going back to trying to light a cigarette. Law sighed putting his face in his hand. " That man makes my head hurt" he muttered.
You giggled, waving as Cora looked over " Hey Uncle Cora!" 
Cora grinned returning your wave. " It's about time you got here. I sent you over there hours ago" he shouted back looking at Law. 
You blinked a few times looking between Law and your uncle. " Wait, did he send you to get me this morning?" You ask Law. 
Law avoided answering you, instead he answered Cora. " Oi, she fed me breakfast what did you expect sending me over that early?" 
"What?! She fed you?" Corazon replied looking halfway betwe
:iconbrittbratt1989:brittbratt1989 11 0
Brave Little Toaster by muffin-mixer Brave Little Toaster :iconmuffin-mixer:muffin-mixer 42 9
Mature content
Hetaloid x Male!Pan!Reader - 2P!France Pt. 1 :iconchamirhatake101:ChamirHatake101 5 0
Mature content
Stripper! Op x reader pt 6 Death Wish :iconbrittbratt1989:brittbratt1989 21 17
Stripper!Op x reader pt 5 New Toy
You shrunk down as much as you could between Zoro and Luffy as the door to the dining room swung open. In walked the tall well-built man you had seen at the club. In this lighting, you could see his face much better. God he was handsome. He was grinning as he strolled across the room. You watched him as he walked closer. He still wore the pirate get up he had on from the club. You also noticed something else you hadn't noticed before. He was missing an arm. How had you missed that detail? Well, you had been gawking at his mostly naked body. You flushed bright red at the memory and resumed trying to sink into your chair.
 " Hey! You guys left me food, How sweet of ya" Shanks says laughing as he pulls a chair out next to Marco.
There was a collective " hey " from everyone. Followed by waves before they all went back to what they were doing. Marco bumped knuckles with him as he handed him a plate for food. " Hey, Redhair work go good yoi?" The blond asks. 
Shanks nods his head,
:iconbrittbratt1989:brittbratt1989 22 1
All Might x Reader- Two Faced Lover pt 2
You panted softly as you laid next to your large, heroic lover.
The two of you laid there beside one another, bare and slightly sweaty.
"Amazing as always.."you giggled, referring to the little 'dance' you two had just finished.
All Might flashed you a grin, let out a mighty laugh before pulling you against his broad chest.
You snuggled against him, listening to his mighty heartbeat as your head laid against his chest.
His large hands rubbed your shoulder gently, thumbs moving in small, soothing circles.
The two of you laid there in a comfortable silence.
Your thoughts wandered as your (e/c) eyes shifted to the little clock that sat on your nightstand.
All Might had already been with you now for nearly three hours..
It would be soon that he would have to leave again.
He glanced at the clock as well, seeming to have the same thought as you at that very moment.
Your soft sigh made him turn his attention back to you.
"What's wrong?" he asked.
You looked up at him then scooted away, turnin
:iconimpressheta:ImpressHeta 18 6
OnePiece X Reader Hidden World Pt 3: Secrets
    You walked into Corazon's shop to find both him and Law having an intense conversation. The moment they noticed you they stopped talking. Law looked away guiltily, but Corazon met your gaze with a smile. “ Hello _____, we were just talking about you” he admits nonchalantly earning an elbow to the ribs from Law. “ Oh yeah?” you question raising an eyebrow at him. You were curious about what they were talking about that they felt they needed to keep from you. He nodded his head chuckling slightly “ yes but don't worry it wasn't anything bad” he reassured you. Law face palmed sighing, that was confirmation enough that it was something bad. You sighed giving Corazon a look “what were you saying about me?” you asked crossing your arms, getting more curious by the minute. He gulped giving Law a glance, who throws his hands up “ hey don't look at me, It's not my fault you have poor acting skills” Law grumbled looki
:iconbrittbratt1989:brittbratt1989 21 10
OnePiece X Reader Hidden World Pt 1: Breakfast?
    The sun flooded your room, waking you up instantly. " Gah! I thought I closed the shades last night!" you grumbled shielding your eyes with your hand.
" You did, I just now opened them," a deep voice said from next to your bed.
You cracked an eye open to see a pair of silver eyes staring at you. " Eh, who let you in?" you grumbled rolling over.
There was a chuckle as the silver eyes followed you across the bed. Law draped his body over yours. Leaning over you to take a look at your face. " Whats wrong ____-ya? Aren't you happy to see me?" He asks smirking.
You groaned, hiding your face. " Go away Law! It is too early for this!"
He snickered, eyes scanning you as he plotted how to get you out of bed. He spotted an ear poking out from under the covers. Grinning he leaned toward it 
You glanced up at him suspiciously as he moved closer. ' whats he plotting?' You wondered. Suddenly you felt him lick your ear. You gasped, jerking away to under the cover of your blankets.
:iconbrittbratt1989:brittbratt1989 51 14
Lady Maria by wlop Lady Maria :iconwlop:wlop 7,070 107
Mihawk x reader Night Walker pt 7
   You woke up to a familiar pair of golden eyes on you. Like literally right next to you. God if you had a coin for every time in the last few months that had happened. You jerked back in surprise, your face burning. Mihawk jerked back too, surprisingly his face turned red as well. You frowned ' you'd think I was the one that scared the shit out of him'. "Mihawk, have you ever heard of a personal bubble?" You ask in annoyance.
He blinked in confusion a few times before replying " Yes, why?" He seemed so clueless as to why you were irritated. You sighed, guessing it was pointless to get mad.
" Nothing,"  you said scooting up into a sitting position.
" Ok" he replied seeming confused by your question. " Are you feeling better?" He asks.
" Yeah, thanks," you say, looking around. You were still in the same place where you had stopped to rest earlier that day. Only it was almost dark now. Slowly all the events of the day were coming back to you. You had been attacked. Moria
:iconbrittbratt1989:brittbratt1989 17 5
Magic Knight Rayearth Set by Mako-chan89 Magic Knight Rayearth Set :iconmako-chan89:Mako-chan89 150 37 ~Portgas D. Ace - King Of Artist~ by NaruXAce ~Portgas D. Ace - King Of Artist~ :iconnaruxace:NaruXAce 3 2
Stripper!OP x Reader part 4
You let Ace lead you into the kitchen. His arm was still slung over your shoulders. He talked animatedly with you like he had known you his whole life. Yep, there was no mistaking it. This man was Luffy's brother. You had been doing your best to keep up your end of the conversation. It was kinda difficult though, As he talked as much as Luffy. Law followed behind the two of you, silent but grinning in amusement. Ace paused to hold the kitchen door open for you. "After you" he said. Your face blushed from his kindness. You weren't so used to all of the attention. "Thanks.." You murmured, toying with a strand of hair by your ear. It was a nervous tick you had had all your life. You kept your eyes on the floor as you walked thru the doorway. Immediately Ace picked up where he has left off, though it was more difficult to pay attention now. That smell, it was amazing. Was that dinner you smelled? You inhaled heavily, feeling your mouth water. " Ahh man, Sanji you really are the best cook y
:iconbrittbratt1989:brittbratt1989 24 17



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right after hurricane irma
This happened around 2pm on a Tuesday right after hurricane Irma left and I just walked out to see what damage we had when I  saw this and it just said we're all ok and its going to be ok 
say hello to my little friend
 so while eating lunch in a parking lot a white ibis decided to pay me a visit 
52 deviations


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