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Zero Fighter Model 52C (601 Air Group) 109 Charact by bloodyjuicy PLEASE READ CAREFULLY BEFORE ASKING FOR COMMISSION  Type 0 Fighter Model 62 (Fighter-bomber) 060 Chara by bloodyjuicy


Terms & conditions :

011 by Dri-Bee I work with reference so you can send me sample picture of your character or if you dont have the picture please describe your character in detail.
011 by Dri-Bee I ask for payment up front and in full. Unless its a huge amount i will make you pay half first and the rest you can pay after i'm done with your drawing.
011 by Dri-Bee Worktime is 3-7 days for 1 commission so please be patient with your turn.
011 by Dri-Bee I will send you a sketch first and you can correct it if i make some mistake. If there is no mistake, i will ask you for payment and if you have done the payment i will start with your drawing. If you didn't do payment in 24 hours i will skip your turn.
011 by Dri-Bee I will once again send you the drawing with flat colour. Remember! this is the last chance you correct any mistake on the drawing. I will not accept any revision after this step.
011 by Dri-Bee You can't cancel your payment after you have done the payment.

Commission Type :

011 by Dri-Bee Type 1 Commission 

  • Includes: headshot, bust-up, waist-up (simple Background)
  • Price : $ 10 ( + $5 for detail background)
  • Additional character will be charged $ 10 (max 3 characters)
Rachnera Arachnera [Monster Musume] by bloodyjuicy  Xathia by bloodyjuicy  Caesar A. Zeppeli [JJBA] by bloodyjuicy  Kiryuin Satsuki short hair by bloodyjuicy  Erin (redraw) by bloodyjuicy 

011 by Dri-Bee Type 2 Commission

  • Includes: knee-up and fullbody (simple Background)
  • Price : $25 ( + $5 for detail background and effect)
  • Additional character will be charged $20 (max 3 characters)
Korra Water Dance by bloodyjuicy  Narberal Gamma [Overlord] by bloodyjuicy  Harusame [Kantai Collection] by bloodyjuicy  Tenryuu [Kantai Collection] by bloodyjuicy  Jericho [Nanatsu no Taizai] by bloodyjuicy  CM for Confidentiall33t by bloodyjuicy 

011 by Dri-Bee Chibi Commission

  • Price : $8
  • Size: 1500x1500 px (or custom size)
<da:thumb id="570901029"/> <da:thumb id="570685766"/>  Warrior [Commission] by bloodyjuicy  Female Tech by bloodyjuicy

011 by Dri-Bee Character Sheet

  • Price: $35
  • You will get : front view + back view of your character (or you can switch this into side view) also 2 headshot of 2 kind expression

011 by Dri-Bee Dakimakura Design

  • Price : $45
  • you will get double side of your character (custom size)

Mature Content

Kongou by bloodyjuicy

011 by Dri-Bee Sketchy/Lineart Commission

  • Price : $5 ( + $5 for B/W works, black can be changed into any colour)
  • You can chose the colour of the lineart, size ( 1500x1500 px) or custom size
K-on Sample by bloodyjuicy Lamb Girl by bloodyjuicy Paypal Com 2 1 by bloodyjuicy Com 2 Sketch by bloodyjuicy Com 3 Sketch by bloodyjuicy

Payment :

  • PayPal bullet by emocx or :points: (paypal payment get first priority)
  • I will give you my email after you agree with the sketch. after that you can do your payment.
  • I will skip your turn to the last if you didn't do the payment after 24 hours.
  • When sending money from paypal please use personal payment so paypal won't change any fee from the payment
  • For payment using points please use commission widget on my deviantart page.

What you will get :

011 by Dri-Bee JPG file (2000x2000 px or custom size)
011 by Dri-Bee Bonus PNG file without background so you can edit it if you want to use different background

I Can Draw :

011 by Dri-Bee Original Characters
011 by Dri-Bee Fanart
011 by Dri-Bee NSFW

Sorry, I Can't Draw :

011 by Dri-Bee Machine or Robots (like gundam, zoids, etc)
011 by Dri-Bee Millitary weapons.
011 by Dri-Bee Complicated vehicle. 

"If you have any other question feel free to leave a comment on this journal"

"commission progress you can found on my deviantart page"

please ignore any grammar mistake :D
Thank you very much for spending your precious time to read my journal
Have a nice day^^

Best regards
- bloodyjuicy -
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ZombiesTaste Featured By Owner May 30, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello there, just read through your commission info, and I wan wondering if you were still open for spots? If so.. Are you able to draw little creatures like this?
bloodyjuicy Featured By Owner May 30, 2016   Digital Artist
Yes, i'm still open for commission.
I can draw it if you have a reference.
ZombiesTaste Featured By Owner May 30, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh sorry, that is the reference! 
Just a simple line art/sketch would be lovely!

If possible I'd like two? (though the second one just has one thing added.. So you wouldn't need to redraw him, just save a new one with the one detail I guess?
Not sure how you'd want to price that, or what not. But I'm open to what ever you feel is appropriate. 

One of him holding a glass jar:…
The jar being just a tad bigger then the clock shown in the ref.

And the small edit would be to put a key in the jar:…
bloodyjuicy Featured By Owner May 30, 2016   Digital Artist
ok, i got it. 
it will be $5 since the second picture i just need to added jar and key. 
i will start sketching if you are okay with the price.
ZombiesTaste Featured By Owner May 31, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
5$ works great! I'm excited to see what you make :-D
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