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'Operation: Panty Raid'
Benjamín quickly checked the time on his watch. I had just hit 17 minutes after midnight and he was starting to become a tad nervous. ‘Dammit, Alex,’ he thought to himself, his foot tapping impatiently against the sidewalk beneath him. Where the heck are you?’
He had been waiting by the hedges outside of Dorm 5 for almost an hour now and, even after sending multiple texts, that obnoxious Chespin was still nowhere to be seen. By this point, he had already begun to regret agreeing to join in on the dorm wars.  Especially since the dorm he chose at random, mind you, ended up being the dorm with more boys than girls. Which meant there’d most likely be a fair bit of bloodshed if they were to have a run in with the other three guys. If they were still in their dorm, that is. Either way, they would have to be careful not to draw attention to themselves.
The plan was simple enough: get in, fill their backpacks w
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SNUG IN A BLANKET YCH | CLOSED FOR NOW by pillowsomnia SNUG IN A BLANKET YCH | CLOSED FOR NOW :iconpillowsomnia:pillowsomnia 10 47 Fanart Miku by Giannhi1802 Fanart Miku :icongiannhi1802:Giannhi1802 9 0 Mocking Monogull by Maki-Himiko Mocking Monogull :iconmaki-himiko:Maki-Himiko 3 0 [ G - D ] Silas Reid by Dancing-Dolls [ G - D ] Silas Reid :icondancing-dolls:Dancing-Dolls 18 13
Danganronpa Half-body Sprite Requests! [OPEN]
I'm looking to improve at sprite art! Send me (or comment) any half-body Danganronpa sprite and a reference photo of your character (please include one! If you don't already have one, there are many character creators you can use, and anything that you're not able to include in the image you can describe to me!). Once I've completed the sketch or line-art I'll send you it, and if there's anything missing or that you'd like added/changed, let me know then! As these are requests, if I'm busy, it may take at most a week to complete, (I also draw fairly slow) although I'll try to have it finished as soon as possible. Also, feel free to include a bit about your character's personality, and if you want the expression of whatever sprite you've chosen to be different, let me know!
Here's an example of sprite art I've done before! Unfortunately I only have one example as of now. Click to view the full image.

Things I will NOT do:
Anything NSFW
:iconslyvul:slyvul 1 2
~R~ Shiroyama Kimiko by Emiitio ~R~ Shiroyama Kimiko :iconemiitio:Emiitio 5 0
Request Box | CLOSED
I really want to expand my art abilities so to help improve my art, so I'm taking requests.
I'll do bust ups, halfbodies, fullbodies, chibis, colored sketches
and experimental art based on my mood.
What I can draw :
  -I can draw females and males
-I can do OCxCanon character pairings
What I can't draw :
-I won't draw NSFW and gore ( a little bit of blood and wounds is fine)
Art Examples

- Watch me (new watcher are welcome )
but please don't watch me just for a free art
- Favorite this journal!
- Character(s) Reference :
- Anything i should know about the character(s) :
:iconceilascarlet:CeilaScarlet 42 44
DR Custom for Cheeky-Chika by Dancing-Dolls DR Custom for Cheeky-Chika :icondancing-dolls:Dancing-Dolls 19 2 [R] Lil' Fun by Kairomancy-adopts [R] Lil' Fun :iconkairomancy-adopts:Kairomancy-adopts 37 0 R: Issac and Riley by Zaplurr R: Issac and Riley :iconzaplurr:Zaplurr 13 0
Example Requests -- CLOSED
Thanks everyone, I'm all full up so these are now closed!!! Like I said, I'll be completing these from sketch to pixel art so everything will be in a linear order. Thanks again for being patient with me and for helping!
Hello followers, watchers and members of the Keychain (still trying to get that one to stick), I am in need of a confidence boost as well as a means to garner some interest in my commissions. Since I'm going to be attending school full time, I need a source of income and unfortunately drawing seems to be the only source at this point in time so- my demands!

I would like to ask you, my followers and any friends you might have out there wanting a free art thing, to volunteer your characters to be a part of my commission examples project. Essentially, what I'm asking is for 2-3 examples of each of the items I offer commissions for. I'll be making a list below of what's open, what's needed and what's full so people can volunteer themselve
:iconcuriouskeys:curiouskeys 8 122
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[open] animated requests! by ANANAALOG You guys need to check this out!

I've been watching them for a while and, I have to admit, I am in love with their art style! Be sure to stop by and give them a watch when you can! They deserve it~ x33
[G-D] Space Jam Boiii
 Pixel Sparkle Divider 2 
 Pixel Sparkle Divider 2 

 -F2U- Black Star Bullet"You hear about the chef on the space station? He's not much of an astronaut, but his food is out of this world!"-F2U- Black Star Bullet 


-F2U- Black Star Bullet [[ Basic Info ]] -F2U- Black Star Bullet 


[[ N A M E ]]
 Gabriel Tretheway

[[ A G E - G R A D E ]] 
17 - Second Year College Student (Early Graduate at 15)

[[ D.O.B ]]
1-17-20XX || Capricorn

[[ H E I G H T ]]
5'6" (167.64 cm)

[[ W E I G H T ]]
117.0 lb (47.6 kg) 

[[ S E C T O R]]

[[ G E N D E R ]]

[[ N A T I O N A L I T Y - E T H N I C I T Y ]]
Scottish/American - English/Scottish/Irish/American/Japanese(?)

[[ L A N G U A G E S ]]
English, Japanese, Scottish Gaelic (Intermediate)

[[ S T A T S ]]  

1-Deficient 2-Below Average 3-Average 4-Above Average 5-Remarkable

         +STR   ✦✧✧✧✧ || Given his current weight and stature, Gabriel isn't exactly the best pick when it comes to doing any heavy-lifting.
         +DEX   ✦✦✦✧✧ || He may not be the strongest guy around, he can be surprisingly fast when he needs to be. 
         +INT    ✦✦✦✦✦ || Though his line of works seems a bit out there to most, there's no doubt that he knows what he's talking about when it comes to his own theories on extraterrestrial life in space. And besides, there's a very good reason why this weird boiii even managed to graduate early from his local highschool.  
         +PER   ✦✦✦✦✧ || When it comes to being an Exobiologist, he's pretty good at noticing the smallest of details when fully awake. Sadly, if he already focused on something/someone else or is just too tired to notice, he might let it slip by without a second thought. 
         +HP     ✦✦✧✧✧ || He may look energetic most of the time, but he's actually a bit underweight for his age. Other than that, along with a few minor health issues, Gabriel believes himself to be quite healthy. 

Total: 15


 -F2U- Black Star Bullet [[ School file ]] -F2U- Black Star Bullet 


[[ U L T I M A T E ]]
Ultimate Exobiologist

[[ I N V E N T O R Y ]]

Black Notebook w/Space Stickers & Pen :: It's original purpose was to write down anything of interest during his investigations. But, over time, it seemed to becomes some sort of diary for him to jot his thoughts in. It doesn't help him much, but it's nice to have around whenever he needs it.
Telescope :: As it was a gift given to him by his stepfather shortly after his departure, there was no way Gabriel was leaving this bad boy behind! Heck, he even decided to name it after the first pet his family rescued a few years back. Say hello to the newly acquired 'Pepper 2.0'!
Cellphone w/Cat Charm:: Whether it's used for snapping quick pics of his achievements or just to play his favorite 'Baking of Food Cats' game, you'll never know. Well, until you hear the cheery, upbeat music coming from his speaker as he taps away on his touchscreen trying to discover the newly released cats, 'Tirameow' and 'Catchai'.
Assortment of Galaxy-Print Hoodies :: To amp up the whole space theme he has going on, Gabriel ended up ordering some custom print galaxy hoodies of his favorite galaxies and constellation clusters. He believes one of them might be glow-in-the-dark, but he can't seem to remember which one it was.
Music Box :: A simple wooden Japanese music box given to him by his mother. It had, at one point, belonged to his biological father so the memories behind it were something Gabriel just couldn't leave behind. The outside of the box has an intricate rose pattern burned onto the top, along with him and his parents names engraved on the leafs. If one were to wind it up and open the lid, it would begin to play the entire song of Alla Turca(Turkish March), which was one of his most favorite songs. It's one of the few things he has left to remember his father by, since the rest burnt up in the fire, so he always seemed to take the song itself to heart whenever he listens to it.


  -F2U- Black Star Bullet [[ Personal file ]] -F2U- Black Star Bullet  


[[ H I S T O R Y ]] 

"Space isn't remote at all. It's only an hour's drive away if your car could go straight upwards..."

 W I P  

[[ P E R S O N A L I T Y ]]

 W I P  

[[ L O V E S || L I K E S || D I S L I K E S ]]

[[heart 3]]
His Stepfather, Lewis :: After marrying his mother ten years ago, this man was quick to take up the role as Gabriel's father. It was a bit awkward at first, since he ended up gaining custody of his kids shortly after and moved them into their small home, but he couldn't care less. Not only did he love his newfound siblings, but he grew to love his stepfather as if he were his own. Without him and his constant motivation for Gabriel to succeed in life, who knows where he'd be right now...
Cats :: If there's one thing that always seemed to brighten up his day no matter the issue, it was cats. Whether it be his beloved Alfredo, his male black/brown Munchkin cat, or some random video online....they always seem to bring a smile to his face. It's also the main reason behind his obvious addiction to his 'Food Cats' game...
Banana/Strawberry/Chocolate Milk :: ???

 Telling/Listening to Stories :: Growing up, both his older brother and his stepfather used to tell his the most imaginative bedtime stories. 
 Starry Skies :: Being that his job involve exploring the night sky, he's come to love it more and more over the years. Heck, he even got a tattoo to commemorate the first constellation he ever found, the little dipper. It is one of his sister's favorites, after all.
 The Circus :: He's only been there a couple times but, whenever they'd come into town, Gabriel and his family always seemed to wind up there some way or another. But, who doesn't enjoy some good old circus food and entertainment? Well, Gabriel does~
Arcade Games :: Though he's never been the best at them in the past, he wouldn't mind having another go at it if given the opportunity to do so.
??? :: ???

 Museums :: It's not that he doesn't enjoy the rich history and artifacts held within their walls, but the fact of how booooring the museum tours can be at times. He always gets stuck with that one unenthusiastic tour guide and is in complete and utter torture. And thus, he has never returned to such a place since...
Cigarette Smoke :: He was raised in a non-smoking household most of his life so, when it comes to being around others who smoke, it tends to mess with his lungs a bit.
Bees ::  Though he is a big fan of all honey-based products, Gabriel is allergic to bees and does his best to avoid them at all costs.  
 Being looked Down Upon :: It's always been a things that's bothered him over the years, with people looking down on him about his sky-high theories on extraterrestrial life and all that. He doesn't mind a bit of criticism every once in a while, but at least let him explain himself without shooting him down too early...?

[[ E X T R A S ]]

-Voice Claim: [[ ??? (ENG)|| ??? (JAP)]]
- Theme Song: [[… ]]
- Something He'd Post on his Social Media Page: [[… ]]

- When it comes to talents besides his Ultimate, he is actually quite skilled when it comes to playing the piano. As to why he decided to practice more in his collage years, he has his biological father to blame for this. 
- Gabriel’s cellphone charm was actually a small gift from his younger sister, who had gotten bored of it. As to what it was exactly, it was a black/white WASHI cat with a small bell around it's neck. Luckily, the bell still works.
- His cat's name was actually a compromise between him and his younger sister. She wanted to name him Alfred, after some movie character, and he wanted to name him Frado, after his favorite book character at the time. Eventually, after some slight alterations and pillow throwing, they decided to combine the names into something they both enjoyed. And thus, Alfredo's name was discovered.
- He might not be of age just yet, but Gabriel is no stranger to having a small drink once in a while. Though, be as it may, the only alcoholic beverage he's ever had before was something called 'Dekuyper - Pucker Watermelon Schnapps'. 
- He's thought long and hard on his sexual orientation over the years and, since his graduation, he openly admitted to his parents on being Pansexual. And, to his surprise, they weren't fazed in the slightest on the matter.

[[ G E N E R A L - R E L A T I O N S ]]
[[ Family ]]
- 41-year-old Stepfather, Lewis M. Camshron-Muir
- 37-year-old Mother, Maretta H. Camshron-Muir
- 6-year-old Half-sister, Aria M. Camshron-Muir
- 13-year-old Half-sister, Hannah M. Camshron-Muir
- 15-year-old Half-sister, Ailsa L. Camshron-Muir
- 19-year-old Half-brother, Gavin C. Camshron-Muir
[[ Love Interest ]]

 - ???
[[ Friends ]]

- ???
- ???

[[ Enemies ]]

- ???

[[ Neutral ]]

- ??? 


  [[User Info]] 


[[P r e f e r r e d - N i c k n a m e]]

[[ T i m e z o n e ]]
MST (Mountain Standard Time)

[[P r o n o u n s]]

[[R P -  S t y l e ]]
Paragraph/Script (Either is fine by me, but I mostly lean toward Paragraph)

[[A v a i l a b i l i t y ]]
I only work around three days a week so, besides those days, I'm almost always online and ready to RP!

Slowly getting there, but here! Have some simple info to satisfy your curiosity
Until then, however, please enjoy the newest member of G-D!

Big thanks to :icondancing-dolls: for helping me out with the app art once again! Don't think he'd be here without their help~ x33
Miyoru Kyusaku || [[P-W]]


Name: Miyoru Kyūsaku
Grade/Age: 1st Year || 16
Gender: Male
109 lb.


Level: 1  
Name: Asteria
XVIII. Moon  
 Asteria has a no-nonsense attitude most of the time and is well-focused on her given duties, one of which is to keep the moon and stars in their place at night, to keep the balance. 
But, besides that, she can also be very imaginative and loves to gaze up upon the starry sky during her downtime. 

Resist: Bless
Weak: Curse

  • Skill 1: Bufu | Light Ice damage to 1 foe
  • Skill 2: Kouha | Light Bless damage to 1 foe
  • Skill 3: Diarama | Moderately restore 1 ally's HP





[[  + Observant | + Amiable | + Patient | + Charismatic  | + Creative | - Semi-Rebelious | - Distant | - Resentful | - Dejected | - Reticent ◀ ]]  

Brought up as the eldest child, Miyoru has always been taught to carry himself with the utmost grace and politeness, his calm and gentle demeanor being instantly what people associate him with, though this is mostly because of his father. But, aside from his father's influence on Miyoru's future, the boy has always set his sights on learning new things, welcoming any and all new information that can increase his knowledge and understanding of the world. He is also patient, willing to assist others in their studies or anything they might be struggling with. But, while Miyoru is able to get others to open up to him, he struggles with the concept of opening up and talking to others on a more personal level, often being extremely vague when people attempt to touch on sensitive and personal topics and instead offers them what he thinks they would like to hear. 

Miyoru is, overall, a gentle soul. He's soft-spoken and has an amiable aura around him. However, he can be quite bad at expressing himself with his actions, as he only knows how to write his feelings rather than talk about them. Though, if you end up being rude to either him or someone he cares about, he would most likely be wary of you from then on so you'd best hope he never catches you because, if he does, you might just regret doing so. Hiding under this calm demeanor of his, however, is a distant and dejected individual who wants nothing more than to turn back the clock and set things straight, to hold his younger sister in his arms once again and save her from her untimely demise. 

And it is because of this, along with all of his other current problems, that Miyoru has begun to doubt himself, unsure on who he should become and how he should move on from the events of his past.

  • Gardening :: If you count growing and maintaining Asagao all year round, then yeah, gardening is a slight passion of his. His mother also uses this garden whenever she feels the need to relax, mostly whenever Miyoru isn't home. Now that he lives in the dorms, though, she dedicates most of her time to it.
  • Writing :: Whenever he's alone, he'll sometimes pull up a notebook and begin writing things down. Whether it's personal or imaginative, no one really knows...
  • Photography :: It a rare thing for him to do but, when he does, he enjoys it enough to keep a book full of his favorite pictures. Though, most of them are of his sister or Kichiro, maybe even both. From there, it's either birds, trees, or things that happen to catch his eye. 

  • Drawing :: He's most definitely not a talented artist, but that doesn't stop him from trying. Gotta give him credit for that, at least~
  • Asagao (Morning Glory) :: This has always been something he held dear to his heart, as this one particular flower had also been his sister's favorite. 
  • Sweet and Spicy Foods :: Both are good on their own but, when combined, Miyoru just can't get enough of it! 
  • Warm Drinks (Tea, Coffee, Hot cocoa, etc) :: Whenever he felt stressed, these sorts of refreshments always seemed to do the trick on calming him down. But, all in all, he just prefers these whenever he wants to relax. Maybe not during warmer weather, but you get the idea.
  • Orchestral/Instrumental Music :: This has to be one of the only interests he has in common with his father. But, he doesn't like to think of it that way. It, along with the rainy nights, was one of the few things that helped him sleep at night. 
  • Rainy Weather :: Whether it's the smell or the sound of the rain as it hits the roof, he doesn't know. It's pretty soothing, though...
  • Reading :: As he never had many friends growing up, Miyoru became somewhat obsessed with books. He still is, but not as much as he was back then. But, if you were to ever give him a book, expect him to constantly thank you for it! 
  • Playing with his Cat, Kichiro :: Whenever he feels down or just needs someone to talk to, Kichiro has always been there to comfort him. But, ever since moving to their new home, Kichiro has also seemed to be happier with the change just as his mother has. It was sad that he couldn't bring the smoll fluffball to the dorms but, whenever he finds the chance, he'll head back home to have dinner with his mother. And spend time with Kichiro, of course.

  • Getting up Early :: Being that his father had forced him to get up in this manner every single morning, he is completely against the idea unless it is absolutely nessassary. Besides, the few extra hours of sleep does seem to help him be in a better mood and focus more on his studies.
  • Kenpi :: As much as he enjoys a good snack, he just can't seem to stand these things. Not only because of it being made from sweet potatos, which he also isn't too fond of, but because this was one of the only snacks his father allowed to have back then. From then on, after he and his mother moved back to Yokozawa, he does his best to avoid it at all costs.
  • Cooking :: Not that he really dislikes it, but it's mostly because he doesn't know how to do it properly. His mother tried to teach him a few times, but he never quite had the talent for it. Well, except for eating out of a hot pot, which is easier than it looks. He'd be an idiot to pass the chance up on showing off his hot pot skills.
  • Cola :: Miyoru loves soft drinks, really, but when it comes to drinking Cola...he'll turn it down. It's a decent soda, but he just can't seem to stand the taste of it.
  • Theme Parks :: Though he's never been to one before, the mere thought of being on a roller coaster makes him feel sick.
  • His Father :: After his father decided to abandon him and his mother after the death of his daughter, Miyoru has begun to hate him more and more as each day passed. Even now, if asked where his father is or if he misses him, he'll mostly likely act as if he never had one to begin with. 


[[TBA]] - Need to make a few edits~

Wish: Upon hearing about the rumors of the fountain from other students within Hajimari High, Miyoru couldn't help but feel a bit curious. After getting into a fight with his father over the phone about the death of his younger sister during the Star Festival, however, he ended up abandoning his doubts and decided to go visit the fountain and take his chances with whatever was to come of it. 

From there, one thing lead to another and he ended up making a heartfelt wish, one that he didn't know would have the possibility of actually coming true: to resurrect his younger sister and give her a life worth living, one that had been stolen from her far too soon...



- Voice Claim: [[… ]]
- Theme Song: [[ ^^ ]]
- Birthday: November 7th

- Loves the taste of fresh fruit, his favorite being DekoponIf you had some lying around, this boi would be more than willing to take it off your hands.
Asteria's height is never something one should mention or joke about in the presence of this particular Persona, as she's roughly 3'4". If you dare to do so, well....prepare for a sudden 'Bufu' in your general direction. Miyoru has already learned his lesson about this topic once before and would rather not experience it a second time.
- As much of a introvert he appears to be, since he spends most of his free time studying and such, he actually plans to one day set out on his own to explore the unknown and publish his discoveries in the form of books. Though, by then, he hopes that his artistic skills might better by then and his current worries dissipate before this dream of his ever comes to pass. 


Timezone: Mountain Standard Time (MST)
RP Style: Either Lit or Script is fine, since I'm a bit of both. 
Preferred Platform: I'm mostly on Discord, so that would be my go-to for RP~


Art by :icondancing-dolls:-senpai ~ x33
Damian Contreras || [[DL-V2]]

“Animals do speak, but only to those who know how to listen...”



Full Name: Damián C.(Carrillo) Contreras
Nickname(s): ???
Gender: Male | He, Him, They
Height: 5’ 7”
Age: 17
Blood Type: O
Birthday: August 27, 20XX | Virgo
Ethnicity: Hispanic-American (75%/25%)


ULTIMATE TALENT: Domestic Animal Trainer

Talent Description: Animal training refers to teaching animals, mostly domestic in his case, specific responses to specific conditions or stimuli. Training may be for purposes such as companionship, detection, protection, and entertainment. The type of training an animal receives will vary depending on the training method used, and the purpose for training the animal. For example, Damián training a seeing eye dog would achieve a different goal compared to an animal in a circus.


[ INT - X X • • •] Under Average -  It's not that he didn't pay attention in class, it's just...well, he didn't. He was a bit too focused on his passion for animals to even bother. But, then again, this doesn't mean he's a complete idiot. He does know the basic things revolving around history, english, and art.....but not math. He sucks at math. (2+2=fish?)
Intelligence (2) 

[CHAR - X X X • • ] About average -  In order to gain any animal's trust and respect, including people, you have to know what and what not to do when interacting with them. 
Charisma (3)

[ STR - X X X X • ] Above average -  When dealing with some animals, he made sure to better his strength in order to deal with certain situations. It's not the best, but it's enough.
Strength (4)

[ SKL - X X X • •] About average -  In his line of work, it's best to know what you're doing and how you're supposed to do it. 
Skill (3) 

[ END - X X X X •] Above average -  There has never been a time were he was training an animal and not gotten himself bit at some point. After a while, he just learned to deal with it.
Endurance (4)

[ SPD - X X X • • ] About average -  It's not the best but, if anything, his top running speed is average. It's not too fast, but it's enough to catch up to someone.
Speed (3)

[ HP - X X • • • ] Under average -  He is a bit underweight for his age but, other than that, he believes himself to be quite healthy.
Health (2)



"Hey. I'm not too sure what you're looking for exactly, but you're not gonna find it there..."

 [[ ▶ + Compassionate | + Patient | + Observant | = Cautious | = Timid | - Reticent | - Dejected | - Resentful ◀ ]]

[+] CompassionateDue to his mother's influence on him, Damián has the tendency to show sympathy and concern for others. More toward animals than people, but still!
[+] Patient: Despite his timid nature, he can be very helpful at times and gives the impression of being someone you'd be able to rely on.
[+] Observant: Seeing as his job is to be causious of his surroundings, he is sometimes quick to notice things.

[=] Cautious: Just like with the animals he works with, Damián will try and be careful to avoid potential problems or danger for either himself, his friends, or his dog's sake. 
[=] Timid: When around animals, he is a bit more expressive. But, with people, it somehow becomes the complete opposite. He'll try to blame it on his anxiety, but it's just becuaue he's never been to good around people to begin with. He probably won't interact with anyone unless they interact with him first, since he's way too nervous to be the first to speak.

[-] Reticent: After the incident involving his mother's death, he stopped revealing his thoughts or feelings readily to others. 
[-] Dejected: There are moments where he'll seem a bit more dispirited than usual. But, with the help of Reina and his prescribed antidepressants, it'll eventually come to pass.
[-] Resentful: If Damián ever sees you being rude to either someone he cares about or his ESA, or any animal in general, he will most likely resent you and always be wary of you from then on. But, if you want to try and have some sort of relationship with him in any way after that, it'll take a looong time to gain his trust again.

|| TRIVIA ||


- Stuffed 'Plushie': He doesn't really consider a 'taco' to be something of interest, let alone a weapon, but when his sister bought it for him before he left, he couldn't just leave it behind and upset her. So, as of right now, he's stuck with this stereotypical symbol of his people until the end of time...and has learned to tolerate it. It squeaks too, which is kinda annoying.
- MP3 Player: It's not the best, but it was bought with the first amount of american money he worked to obtained just before he recieved his 'Ultimate'. 
- Box of Dog Treats: They're Reina's favorite, so there was no way he was coming without packing a box or two. You never know when a dog treat might come in handy later on~
- Bottle of 'Vitamins': A medium sized bottle containing a large mixture of white, circular pills. The wrapper on the outside appeared to be some type of main brand multi-vitamins from the USA, but the corner of the wrapper does seem to look a bit loose...
- Poncho: Just before his mother had passed away, she had made him a special Poncho as an early birthday present. It was a bit big atthe time but now, surprisingly, it fits him quite well.
- Damián's Emotional Support Dog, Reina: Ever since the passing of his mother and moving to America with Sofía to be with his father, Damián had seemed to develop a minor case of anxiety/depression. So, in order to help him try and overcome this, his father had applied for him to receive an emotional support animal. It wasn't long after that he was sent Reina, a 17 week old Pembroke Welsh Corgi/Australian Shepherd. From there, she would undergo training and attend classes with Damián in order for her to fully qualify as his ESA. 

But, even with such extensive training, he tries to make sure she lives the life of any normal dog. Well, any normal dog who's practically spoiled whenever possible.


- Contreras, Alana (Mother || Deceased at Age 32): Damián and his mother used to be extremely close when he was younger before her passing. But, even though she's gone, Damián trys his very best to be the person his mother always expected him to his own special way, of course~
- Holland, Dexter (Father || Age 36): After the passing of his mother, Alana, Damián was soon moved over to central America to live with his father. It was only after her death that Dexter had even learned of his existance. From there, he slowly began to build a strong bond with him. They have their moments here and there but, nonetheless, Damián does consider him 'family'.
- Holland, Callie (Younger Half-Sister || Age 14): Bless her kind soul, as Damián's half-sister has always been able to help him see the brighter things in life. Though, as she doesn't know much about him or his way of life, she resorts to what she feels he might like. It's a bit stereotypical, but she means no harm by what she does for him. And, after everything, he just doesn't have the nerve to stop her from trying to help him feel right at home.
- Contreras, Sofía (Younger Half-Sister || Age 13): After he was born, his mother did end up gitting with another man for a short time. But, shortly after she became pregnant with Sofía, he ended up passing away due to an accident at his place of work. Sofía is Damián's world and, when traveling to America to live with his father, he absolutely refused to leave her behind. And his wish was soon granted as his father decided to adopt both of them, though he allowed their last names to remain the same by choice.


- Due to the aftermath of his mother's passing, he suffers from minor/moderate Depression and Anxiety. But, as of right now, he hasn't had a complete break-down in at 2-3 years.
- With as much traveling this boy does, going from place to place whenever his 'Ultimate' is needed, he dedicated some of his time to learning at least 3 other languages other than his own. These languages being English, French, and Japanese. Though, when it comes to French, let's just say he still hasn't gotten the hang of the vowel change and complicated conversations.....which leaves him with the most basic things such as "Où se trouvent les toilettes les plus proches" and "Merde". But, at least he's trying~
- The translation for his dog's name, Reina, actually translates from Spanish to 'Queen'. The reason behind this was do to her royal-like behavior during their first few weeks together and it just fit her all too well. But, don't be fooled by this! She might act this way most of the time but, whenever he goes through any sort of emotional distress, her training will always kick back in and she will do whatever is needed to try and calm her master.
- During his first guard dog training session, Damián had actually gotten himself bit pretty bad on his upper left shoulder. It left a nice scar but, lucky for him, it didn't leave any permant nerve damgae whatsoever.
- Surprisingly, Damián shares the same birthday as his deceased mother. Though, they're a few hours apart, they were born on the same day as one another. It's one of the few things he has to remember his mother by. 
- It wouldn't be much of a surprise to know that he's quite skilled on the guitar. Well, if you call only being able to play the same 3-4 songs 'skilled', that is~


- ??? [[To Be Updated]]

Voice Claim: [[ ??? ]]
Playlist: [[ ??? ]]
Theme Song: (Optional)

Relationship Status: Single Pringle~
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

|| RP STYLE ||

RP Sample: I'm mostly down for paragraph andscript. I used to be good but, over time, I kinda fell out of it~

Script - Damián: Reatching into his pocket, Damián pulls out a small baggie full of tiny dog treats and holds it out in your direction. "I-I'm not too sure about petting her right now but, if you want to, you can feed her...? It's up to you, really..."

Paragraph -
[[Still Working on this...]]


Preferred Nickname: Wiffle
Pronouns: She, Her, They
Time zone: Mountain Standard Time (MST)
Availability: I'm available most of the time, but there are days when I don't. It's rare, tho~

- - - - -

Art by :icondancing-dolls:-senpai
[open] animated requests! by ANANAALOG You guys need to check this out!

I've been watching them for a while and, I have to admit, I am in love with their art style! Be sure to stop by and give them a watch when you can! They deserve it~ x33


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