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UNDERTALE Controversy meme

Redesigned it because no offense but I could barely read the original. Either way I wanted to do this meme for a LONG time and better now than never. 

Papyrus! Who knew!? Literally everyone. lmao.
*cough cough* Tsunadere Plane almost took this place but unlike Alphys she didn't stop you every 2 steps. *cough cough*
Yes, I put a meme inside a meme. MEMECEPTION.
I realized the spelling error so I put a comma in. Sadly it didn't fix it.
Toying with Sans is more fun than it should be. But I just saw people do it on youtube since I am too much of a wimp to click the [FIGHT] button. lmao.
I am not drawing a decapitated Papyrus. You can't make me.
I love most of the soundtrack.
Omega Flowey was actually the funnest fight. I think Woshua and Aaron probably beat him in difficulty though. (Seriously that tag team is the worst.) I heard tons of my friends say they took about 20 tries to beat Omega Flowey...I only took two. lmao.
As established I don't like shipping. I mean, I'm OK with it just don't shove it in my face.
Also I chose to make Mettaton and Papyrus a screw and bone because JESUS there is so much fanart of them screwing/boning each other. Seriously there is a lot of porn, it's creepy how much there is.
*Shrugs* Took me a while to choose one. So I went with the most memorable one.
I don't actually have a favorite non boss monster, I like them all equally so I just drew the easiest one.
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i agree with the favorite character and overrated character

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"sanses, sanses everywhere" any undertale themed ammino community

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The overated sans tho 😂
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Sans being overrated was so trueness and it killed me XD
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How is Alphys a "Navi 4.0"? Yeah, i get that those phone calls of hers were annoying, but they stop not even half way through hotland,
afterwards Alphys never does anything like that again. Also, have you not seen the true lab? Alphys' greatest failure, the one that caused
her to become the nervous wreck she is, or was, should drum up at least some kind of reaction.

For the record, Alphys isn't my favorite character (that honor goes to a certain goatmom and her adorable goatson), i just felt this needed
to be said as i find it annoying that a character with such an interesting backstory is being called a "Navi 4.0"
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Sans is my favorite carachter
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Sans. Sans everywhere.

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Your Madjick is really good😸
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Ok! I'll sit here shipping Ppayton like there's no tomorrow alone then.

... ;-;
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Vulkin is your favorite too! Gotta love that guy/girl/thing <3
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alp is mi fav Professor Alphys Icon 
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The way you draw Papyrus in this is really good looking to me. Would love to see more!
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You hate Papyton?
*instant watch*
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Reacting to the choices (I respect them of course)
I find the message part funny, probably can be annoying sometimes. Personally I like Alphys a lot. (joke: why isnt Jerry in that hate box?)
Sans is one of my favourite characters, but yes,YES,YES! He is indeed overrated. 
For no reason I always disliked this guys attacks look but he has a good design.
Hmm, haven't tried that. Wait I dont have the game.
And this kids is why you dont date skeletons. They don't have a HEART but they sure can breaks YOURS.
I guess the only ship I have besides canon ones is Asgore and Toriel back together?
I agree with this. 
Free 'dogs for life.
Cinnamon roll...that bursts fire.
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Favorite Character: Blooky, Metta, and Chara (me can't decide!)
Least Favorite Character: Jerry
Overrated Character: sans duh
Underrated Character: Shyren
Funniest Moment: Undyne burning down her house (dun get me wrong I love the gal, btu I had to laugh)
Saddest Moment: When Flowey killed Asgore in the pacifist ending
Favorite Song: Waterfall, Ghost Fight, or Metal Crusher
Favorite Battle: Mettaton EX's
Favorite Pairing: Chasriel (dun kill me) or Alphdyne 
Least Favorite pairing: Fontcest
Overall favorite moment: Anything that has to do with Undyne and Monster Kid
Favorite nonboss enemy: Temmie <3
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(mostly song, fav character, best moment wise.)
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Yes we three believe Sans is overrated.
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I don't really feel like filling one of these out, plus I can't draw for crap, so Imma just do it in text.
-Favorite Character: Flowey
-Least Favorite Character: None
-Overrated Character: Sans
-Underrated Character: Monster Kid
-Funniest Moment: *The Dog absorbed the Artifact.
-Saddest Moment: Papyrus' Genocide fight.
-Favorite Song: Song that might play when you fight Sans. (if I had to pick one that plays in game, probably Battle Against a True Hero)
-Favorite Battle: Asriel Dreemurr
-Favorite Pairing: Soriel
-Least Favorite Pairing: Frans
-Overall Favorite Moment: Monster Kid's fight. Because feels.
Favorite Nonboss Enemy: Monster Kid
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I love your art, but I disagree with the Alphys part. I say she's the most underrated character alongside Asgore~ people mindlessly hate on those two because of something they were forced to do. They need more love.
However, I do agree on the least favorite pairing part. I just cannot imagine those two actually getting together. I honestly think of it as more of a celebrity crush.
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My goodness this is diiferent and fantastic. Your vulkin drawing is too cute and I'm with you on the overrated Sans thing. And I love your style.

Did I mention the adorable Vulkin?
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Papyrus deserves all the love and spaghetti, especially Madjick with love and magic.
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