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420 choose it! Litten is the fire type starter of Pokemon Sun and Moon. Rumors say it might evolve into a ground type which means it's cutness might die out. They'll be sure to set your foes ablaze from the hair of their chin the kitten'der blocks bellow!

I can see US!Papyrus choosing this little fella, mainly because it's personality and has a fitting color pallet. Also could light his cigarette and irritate US!Sans by leaving flaming hairballs everywhere. 

Most likely am choosing Litten but...I also really like Poppilo. And knowing what happened in X&Y I might get Litten end game if I choose Poppilo.

Litten belongs to Nintendo and GameFreak
Icon by me.

Reference used by CaptainKees. (I want to give credit but I don't want to constantly fill their inbox with notifications. Please do check out their stuff though! They're an amazing artist!)
(If used give credit)
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I'm gonna using it too!
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Gonna use this
Its beautiful!
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I wish this was a shiny litten
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I'll be using this one for an icon soon! <3
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Oh my pokez, you better do ALOLA Ninetalezzzz
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Sorry seal thingy //Crawls to Litten  

Gud kitty ;v; OW I BIT ME
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Cute! Love it!
XxSlimeballs4lifexX's avatar
is it just me
or everyone already likes litten
and hate poppil-//shot
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>evolves into ground/fire type

As if fire types ALREADY didn't have enough trouble with water types.
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Ground type?
You must mean dark.
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Actually, I said this before when speculation pointed towards the final evolution being a Ground type before officially being confirmed Dark by Nintendo. Please ignore what I said above as what I said was based on speculation.
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