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The most inhumane character isn't a monster but a human.
In this world it's kill or be killed...So what if you killed EvErYoNe?
(if used give credit)
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Chara Icon :DETERMINATION: Chara Profile Icon Chara Icon Tini Cleaver (Right) Tini Cleaver (Left) knife 095. Dull Kitchen Knife  
m a n y . . . c h a r a ' s . . . and . . . knives
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Gaster Blaster Icon Sans IconGaster Blaster Icon

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I just searched your name lel
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how do u freakin copy and paste!? i need this shitttttttttttt
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Can you do a neutral run frisk like I dunno a frisk with a pop-up angel and then a pop-up devil? (I dunno wut there called)
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Chara Icon:Where Are The Knifes?
creepy face - undertale chat icon - chara *5 left*
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Yeah,but it isn't Chara who killed everyone.
The player did.Chara just finished the job you started.
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Using XD I love it :)
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Yeah, I killed everyone. (Not rly.) So what? >: )
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