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You can either draw one of my OCs here owo
Princess Namasya (wings hidden) by Bloody-crackerjack
Veta by Bloody-crackerjack
so today is the month of fasting and giving
I might open something special for you all!

1. Art trades are open for all, until the fasting month ends

2. Cheap Asmodean adoptables (that will come soon)
MYO EVENT 2 WEEKS ( one year celebration )
MYO EVENT (CLOSED) by Mama-Devil
I just realized I had to share this -facepalms to self-

Now I don't often make journals hence why I tend to forgot about it now, but please check this out <33
anyway, it's pretty darn last minute I'd have to say, but I'm voicing this out to those who are interested.
Yes, it's worth joining in, I tell you, don't miss le chance-
since many asked for it, I might as well refresh the things I created

What are Asmodean demons? They are bloodthirsty demons that live in the realm named Iluntasuna, which is stuck to medieval time as well as the earth connected to them

I have my own AU of earth that is stuck to medieval time until the current modern era which I named 'Aalam'
Asmodean demons entered this earth to hunt humans from time to time then they would return to Iluntasuna.

part 1: knowing the basic

Asmodean demon introduction (read description) by Bloody-crackerjack

part 2: appearance

Asmodean demon aspects (I) by Bloody-crackerjack  Asmodean demon aspects (II) by Bloody-crackerjack  Wings type for Asmodean demons by Bloody-crackerjack  Wings color for Asmodean demons by Bloody-crackerjack
Asmodean Hand/Claw Types by Bloody-crackerjack

part 3: agespan (new, I have a lot of issues with the old agespan)

Agespan New by Bloody-crackerjack

part 4: occupation

Occupations Iluntasuna by Bloody-crackerjack
(They have to be at least 50 years old to get an occupation. Yes, some worked at this early stage mostly because they are poor or they are quick at learning and gaining experience or e.t.c)

part 5: social class

Social Class by Bloody-crackerjack

part 6: types of clothes allowed

Clothing Color by Bloody-crackerjack

part 7: birthplace and current residence

Countries Of Iluntasuna by Bloody-crackerjack

part 8: OC reference/biography format

OC reference/biography formatName:
Age: (please refer to the Asmodean demon agespan)
Race: Asmodean demon
Occupation: (if they have one)
Social class: 
Current Residence: (they can either live in the same place of their birthplace or be raised in a different country ^-^)

THEEEEEN you are done! X3

Now here are some examples of Asmodean demons!
Judith (sorceress knight Asmodean) by Bloody-crackerjack
Murdock Gahiji (barbarian Asmodean) by Bloody-crackerjack
only the first 5 slots

Headshot: 600 points

Half-body: 1000 points

Full-body: 1500 points

(+ background): +200 points

(+ another character): + 200 points

- please be patient with me
- do not send points before I finish the commission, send points AFTER I am done with the commission
- if you are dissatisfied with the detail or result of the commission, please note me what you are disappointed about and I'll see what I can do to repaint it. 
the first 3 people gets it

headshot - 50 points

half-body - 100 points

(no full body or background atm, sorry)

first slot taken by :iconivydarkrose:

2 slots left

• I will feature the first 10 users who comment on this journal below. 

• Next to their avatars, I'll link three of my favorite gallery pieces with full thumbnail and say a few words about their profile.

• If you comment here you must make a journal like this and do the same thing as I have, putting me in the first slot.

1. Char-senpai :iconmama-devil:
Callisto by Mama-Devil Balthazar King Form ( Final design ) by Mama-Devil Princess Nadhezda (AT) by Mama-Devil
Extra favs >~>

Jasra (SOLD) by Mama-Devil Xerxes [Art trade] by Mama-Devil Nature Succubus Adoptable (SOLD) by Mama-Devil

Amazing sis with such skills in traditional art.
Honestly it isn't just about the art but the designs as well are amazing. The designs inspire me a lot OwO
Everytime I miss one or two of her artworks, I feel regret lol idk why, maybe the designs are the ones that attract me the most

2. Myilln-senpai :iconmyilln:

roses without thorns by Myilln between the cliffs by Myilln (commission) mothboy by Myilln

Extra favs >~> honestly her art is so cool
night out by Myilln arttrade: Inmiac by Myilln

I am envious and in love with her art. She is good at drawing backgrounds like daaamn. I wish I had that skill
The next I would love to say is that her anatomy skills look so natural and showing a lot of emotion, with a twist of her own style that I cannot describe. 

3. Char-CHAN :iconevilcharlotte:
[Arachne] Idrisal the Cootie Spooder by EvilCharlotte 'Tis dat boi. by EvilCharlotte Aralt by EvilCharlotte

Extra mention with this one ewe
Nad Fan Art By Char Finished by Bloody-crackerjack
though there are mistake with the eyes, I still am in love with this art owo

I have to say I prefer, for some reason, the traditional arts the most, mainly because they look pro >~> 
In all honestly I love the style she puts into her arts, there is a sense of creepiness and eerie atmosphere to it

4. Colleen-senpai :icon13thoriginalblackink:
Winterheart Asylum Room 201 by 13thOriginalBlackInk Puppet Show Demon by 13thOriginalBlackInk Winterheart's Asylum East Hall by 13thOriginalBlackInk

extra mentions:
Dylan in Color by 13thOriginalBlackInk

my god, just....fantastic OC's and fantastic art.
Even her comic Viel Of An Angel, I am always dying to read whenever a new chapter or page comes up
I would go on a hella long paragraph to say how much I envy her designs and character ideas o-o;;
Headshot:- 200 points

Half body:- 500 points

Full body:- 1000 points

Only the first 10 people will get this
So as a summary, you by now should know that

• Asmodean demons are bloodthirsty creatures

• Medieval clothing and practical armor

• They cannot be killed easily

The next thing you should know is that...

Asmodean demons, when mating someone outside their race, CANNOT make a hybrid.

I don't want any Asmodean hybrids =_= it's either one or the other. ^^;

Also, in Iluntasuna, it is illegal for an Asmodean to have a spouse/mate that isn't their kind.

So if an Asmodean illegally mates with a human, the child will either be a full human or full Asmodean.
I don't want hybrids for various reasons...
In battles/training/battlefield/doing job as a guard
armors are highly adviced and required. ALL armors should cover the chest to prevent instant kill on the heart. All armors should cover most body parts, unless your character is a barbarian.
Helmet can be worn anytime when needed, and can be taken off anytime when it is only training or doing job as a guard.

The armors suggested are:-
1. Gambeson.
2. Chainmail
3. Plate (such as Cuirass)
4. Laminar
5. Leather armor
6. Scale armor

(if there is another type of medieval armor I left out, tell me, especially if it is practical)

'Can I design my own armor based on the armors suggested?'
Of course! You can even mix them. As long as they cover the body parts (mainly the chest)
You can add extra clothing on top like a mantle, cape, surcoat or tabard.
I suggest looking up 'Teutonic knights' and 'Pre-Viking age armor'
I think you guys would be familiar with Game Of Thrones as well, they really have great ideas. Also things like The Witcher 3, is also good… this also helps!

'When they are not in a battle or any occassion that requires armor, what would they wear?'
1. Any ancient or medieval clothes
2. Sari
3. Peplos/himation
4. pre-renaissance clothing
5. gypsy clothes
This would be the last one

The hair color allowed:
• greyscale (white, grey, black)
• any natural hair color

Wing color allowed
• dark blue
• browns
• greyscale
• deep red brown
- my commission for :iconajzephyros: sorry for the long delay. I'm still trying to get through the perspective and details. If you want to see the idea sketch for the two figures and the background :) I want it to look the best

- couple of arts I want to do and practice with. I'm dying to use the references I saved :(

- draw references of my OCs, I had to do that to know which of my OCs will be deleted.
- finishing two arts for my friends

- do art studies of artworks by Jeremy Geddess and Markus Akesson
three arts each artist
each art study should take at least 5 hours
sketching should take 30-60 mins

what to do in holidays:
- finishing some consepts for W.O.I
even when I'm busy
I still love you all
You all are great
:omgomg: :omgomg: :omgomg: 
I love the favs, comments and watches here
I hope you all have a great Christmas!