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Princess Nadezhda Of Iluntasuna (reference sheet) by Bloody-crackerjack Princess Nadezhda Of Iluntasuna (reference sheet) by Bloody-crackerjack
Asmodean demons are creatures that possess both horns of a devil and wings of a bird. These demons are thirsty for human blood and flesh. They live in the realm of Iluntasuna and time to time, they go to earth when their hunger comes.

Iluntasuna is ruled by one queen and one king, queen Volodya and king Aryan. They have six children, one of them being princess Nadezhda, the second eldest child.

Name: Amiera Nadezhda Regalis

Name meaning: princess, hope, the royal one

Age: 121 years old
(A young adult for an Asmodean demon is 100 - 200 years old)

Race: Asmodean demon
Unexpectedly, Nad is a kind Asmodean demon, a demon with a heart, who can love and have empathy.
She's beautiful, sweet, calm and gentle. She is closer to the mother who showed her love and emphathy.

information about Asmodean demons: bloody-crackerjack.deviantart.…

Nationality: Iluntasunan
Iluntasuna is a realm where Asmodean demons lie in.

map of Iluntasuna: bloody-crackerjack.deviantart.…

Place of Birth: Centre Of Pandemonium

Current Residence: Centre of Pandemonium

• Queen Volodya Regalis (currently alive)
• King Aryan Regalis (dead)
• Prince Amir Nakhoda Regalis (missing, assumed to be deceased)
• Princess Amiera Namasya Regalis (alive)
• Prince Amir Nedabiah Regalis (alive) (belongs to :iconjiinxruthealien:)
• Prince Amir Nabil Regalis 
(alive) (belongs to :iconcharlottelaantz:)
• Princess Amiera Lilitu Regalis (alive) (belongs to :iconevilcharlotte:)

Relationship status: currently single
• single (currently)
• taken, by Corvus (soon) (Corvus belongs to :iconjiinxruthealien:)
She and Corvus were childhood friends and reunited centuries again later. He was an illegal assassin belonging to a group of criminals but turn their backs once he knew their next plan is to hurt his childhood friend, Nad.


• kind. Nadezhda is very kind towards her people mostly.

• open and friendly. She accepts anyone as long as you don't try to kill her. If you do, that will scare her off. But you can always ask for forgiveness

• forgiving. Any sins you did, she will forgive. She will even forgive someone who did bad to her.

• doesn't seek revenge.

• generous. She gives money to the poor and the ones that need help

• helpful. She helps the ill, the poor, anyone really, weather they need mental or physical help.

• a listener. She listens to people when they need to vent. When she could, she comforts them

• loving, especially towards her family
- she loves spending time with her siblings every time when she is not busy going out helping the poor
- she loves her parents a lot and concerns about the hope they have in her
- she cares about her siblings even if some of them can take care of themselves.

• governed by guilt whenever she eats. Whenever she eats a human, she feels guilty for she had killed them, or someone killed them for her to eat. Although she has to eat humans to survive, she still cannot let go of guilt. She tries not to show it and trying her best to overcome the guilt.

• fear of the afterlife. She fears if she doesn't eat and purposely die of starvation, she will live an afterlife as a lonely bird spirit, living on in eternal loneliness.

• fear of failure. Nad keeps training until she gets it. She fears of failing her parents as they have hopes for her to be a responsible queen in the future.

• emotionally conflicted.
Being a responsible queen requires to kill people that needed to be killed. She is forgiving and kind, killing someone even a criminal is out of her comfort zone, it's not her usual nature.
But at the same time, she doesn't want to fail being a future queen.



Back when Nadezhda was a child, she idolizes her mother and follows her path of fighting while having the kind part of her.

Everyday the mother stood close to Nadezhda and teaches her the kindest things in life while the father thought her the dangers of the world that she should be aware of.

Both parents cared for her ever since she was a little child but she could not get over the slight envy she has for her twin sister and brother. She loves them, but she is unable to overcome the feeling that there is no way she can be better than them

Besides her parents, she stood close to her twin sister the most. They shared secrets, stories even tales of Asmodeus and his early descendants.

Nadezhda shows lack of physical skills but a lot of knowledge in healing, she is very skilled at healing techniques.

Compared to her twin sister, who is skilled both ways.

The brother spends his time training with the father while the mother trains the twins.

The twins grew connection with the mother more than the father. When the royal family are busy, the guards would often hunt humans for them and the people.

A human was captured and placed inside a proper coffin to be carried away to the royal family. Unfortunately, neither the guards or the royal family knew that the human was in fact an angel in disguise, wanting to kill the father to take back an amulet that can revive the angels.

When the father was off to check the corpses with Namasya, while the other family members were busy.

He opened the coffin, and was killed straight away and the amulet was taken back. Namasya, being the witness, was tackled down and threatened not to tell. She refused to follow his words, which resulted her to getting stabbed in the eyes before she could escape. 

The other family members and guards heard the commotion and saw what the angel did. 

To avoid chaos and any further ways that would kill himself, he flee, flying away from Iluntasuna with the amulet in his hands.

After seeing all this, Nadezhda was quite devastated to see her sister being hurt and blinded.

Nadezhda stood close to her twin sister whenever she needs her. Seeing Namasya's blindness saddens her, and worsens as it also reminds her of the death of the father.

• Fahraaj, a royal guard who had been by her side since she was a baby (Fahraaj belongs to :iconcharlottelaantz:)

• Judith, a royal guard that is also a close friend to Fahraaj and Murdock. 

• Abhaya, a royal guard that was once poor, a guard that also had been by Nad's side when the princess was only a child.

• Eamon, a royal guard as well. He tends to be worried whenever Nadezhda leaves the palace.

• Murdock Gahiji, a royal barbarian who guides her whenever she needs him, also the one who guards her whenever she travels to Kaelhen

• Corvus, a lower class assassin who Nad helped by healing, offering him food (human blood and flesh) and shelter.

• Thanatos, an undertaker mage in charge of the dead human bodies from decaying. From him is where Nad asks for 'food' to be given to the poor, ill and hungry.


• Asmodean hunters, wether they are angels or humans.They would try to kill her, she'll run away from them for self-defense. If there is no other option, then she will kill them.. though, she is most likely to feel guilty at the end

• Any of the illegal assassins that try to kill her, mainly B and Victor.


• helping others
• healing others
• comforting

• hunting. But she often does it because she has to
• eating. She feels guilt but she has to
• being attacked
• the need to kill for survival.


Occupation (outside royal matters) : healer
She loves to help and heal others from pain, even the ones that once hurted her.
Voice: Nadezhda has a feminine, sweet and soothing voice

Accent: normal

Shape of language: hardly ever curses. She is polite and sweet. Sometimes she is blunt when she needs to, especially if it is to prevent someone from getting into danger or trouble.


Theme songs:

(more to come)


Nedabiah, Corvus, Judith, Thanatos @ :iconjiinxruthealien:

Nabil, Murdock, Fahraaj, B, Victor @ :iconcharlottelaantz:

Lilitu @ :iconevilcharlotte:
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