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OC REFERENCE - Erina Nikolaev (Evil doll) by Bloody-crackerjack OC REFERENCE - Erina Nikolaev (Evil doll) by Bloody-crackerjack
some of you, who watched me since 4 years ago in my old account, might remember this certain OC I had named 'Erin'
she was a creepypasta OC
but at the end, I decided to make her a horror doll OC
her bio is still a w.i.p
I removed the chainsaw and gloves.
I wanna make her more logical

I got inspired from Face Off's Marionette Ballerina

Reasons why I'm bringing her back and updating her is because she brings me a lot of good memories, made me new friends on DA as we share our horror-related interests
other art:…
(I still love this art like hell, its beautiful)


Name: Erina Andreiovna Nikolaev

Nicknames: Erin

Alias: evil doll

Race: Russian. (Her parents were both russians, rich so they are well-educated in english language)

• she was a normal human before she died
• after death, she decided to possess the body of a life-sized doll she created

Back when she was alive, a normal human who is a doll creator.
She is very focused on her dolls, and wants to be the best at what she creates.
She keeps one doll as her main masterpiece, the living doll
That was until cancer changed her life and she was unable to work on them anymore, ended up dying on her hospital bed.

The parents kept the dolls safe at home for the first few years and found a museum where some of the dolls can be placed in a gallery under the father's name.

When the parents left home, one of the dolls were possessed by the Erin, who decided to move on in the afterlife as a possessed doll.
She was proud of what she became, to see her body being her masterpiece.
When she saw that her dolls were gone, she got angry of her parents for handing them to the museum under the father's name, being angry of her mother for not stopping his actions.

As a punishment, Erin kept the two alive and left them suffer by staying with her.
She moves on as a possessed doll that creates dolls for other dead spirits.

Besides her parents, she kills someone who insults her works. She murders them, takes their soul and made their soul stuck inside a doll, without having the ability to move like her. She gives them eternal suffering rather than immediate death.

The parents have to watch her kill them, take their soul and such. Then the parents are forced to pick up the corpses and burn them away, hide them or in even worst cases, eat them.

+ determined, hard-working, intelligent
- jealous, proud, self-centered

• determined. She is fixed in one goal; being the best to the point she does not let anyone get into her way of creativity.

• hard-working. She takes all her time and effort to be the best doll creator.

• intelligent. She is skilled at hiding her murders.

• jealous. When someone creates something better than her, she grows envy and hatred towards that person. She can hide her jealousy well and uses it as a motivation to do better.

• proud. When she achieves something, she sees it as 'ultimate perfection', 'the best'.

• self-centered. She cares about herself and not the well-being of others. 

Familial relationships:
• Elizaveta Vladimirovna Nikolaev (mother, still alive)
• Andrei Mikhailovich Nikolaev (father, still alive)

Orientation: straight

Relationship status: single, unshippable

• her dolls
• her pride
• being the best, being superior
• wealth

• being inferior

• Cedric Barrett (@:iconevilcharlotte:). She finds him a good ally and someone to be inspired from, they do plan on killing people once in awhile together as one team. These two make dangerous teammates.

I apologize for any mistakes. I did try to do my research.
I don't know much about Russian culture.
If there is any mistakes, please point it out politely
EvilCharlotte Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
....//pulls out pencil
time to draw this bab-
Bloody-crackerjack Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2018
Ahhhh QwQ
I wanna see >~>
EvilCharlotte Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
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