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Zaina and Laurence
this sketch is kinda old but I'm just reposting this-

Let's just say Zaina is a fire mage, a good and diligent woman
And her best friend, Laurence, a carefree and prideful warrior.

Laurence is fond of drinking and telling his tales of victory to Zaina, who isn't really fond of drinking but just listens to him anyway like a real friend would.
now I made this one in 29th November, also out of stress relief but here is the sheet of my new species :,)

I already have the ideas for the info and the type of societies they live in, that I only shared in Discord but soon I'll compile them all into one
ART TRADE - Emalyn
for :iconxrotten-heartx:/ :iconforeverlastingartist:
really sorry for the big delay, I'm currently trying to keep up with all the art trades I owe QwQ
Before I start, I apologize, deeply apologize to you all for the big delay in commissions and art trades.

It's been so long I haven't been on DA. I spend months being busy with projects and assignments for my architecture course, and contemplating on my art style. It's not because it isn't persistent but because of another reason

It's not that I'm disappointed of it but because I came to realize every single time I do my art in semi-realism, I just feel stressed every time I do it.
Which took me days or even weeks per art.

And at the end, I didn't even produce what I exactly wanted in my mind. There is always some dissatisfaction: missing details and dissatisfying mistakes.

I took somewhat a long break from DA, trying to figure out who am I, what art style suits me and what makes me happy. I question what I want to do in art, what do I want to show, what is my purpose in drawing.

Hence what caused me an art block, delaying all these art trades and commissions, not because I don't want to do them but because I fear of dissatisfaction, I am a perfectionist when it comes to art even if people don't see it because I want the things exactly based what I imagine, semi-realism just makes it harder even when it is beautiful. To conclude it all, I overall didn't always enjoy drawing in semi-realism.
Art Style Test by Bloody-crackerjack  Ver 2 by Bloody-crackerjackMeme Azurine by Bloody-crackerjack   Two Adventurers Ver 2 by Bloody-crackerjack

20181106 045707 by Bloody-crackerjack Eden Elf by Bloody-crackerjack

So ladies and gentlemen, I welcome you my new art style, which I'm still in the progress of developing, inspired from Glen Keane's artworks, a more cartoony approach. One that I enjoy drawing the most, one that I have freedom with. With this art style, there isn't a single time I get too tired or too bored, because it already became my therapy from stress.

Even during times of trouble, I would pick up my pencil and draw a character, any character in this art style. It became a habit. So how come I choose to downgrade from realism to cartoon? Other than it being easy, it shows expression. Expression is a fun challenge I enjoy the most and expression is important in terms of the character's personality and story. So this art style allows me to observe, explore and express with any character I drew, because I get to think, imagine and explore what the character is like.

I came into realization 'this is what doing character art should feel like, not being expected to do such beautiful and detailed aesthetics without fantasizing and expressing emotions or stories'. But thr largest part of this, is that I am having fun, I'm relaxed and I don't feel that insecure about the details or anatomical accuracy as much as I did with realism.

So I apologize for the sudden change in art styles even if you guys wish for me to use the old one. Sadly I can't go back.
So I do hope you guys don't mind drawing your characters in my new art style.

Thank you all for the birthday wishes
I'm very very very sorry for the late reply since I was kinda busy and the fact that I'm not often on DA :,)
But I am grateful to have you guys here wishing and remembering my bday <33
I decided to expand more of the art trade special until the end of Raya
Drawing takes longer though but I still am doing them! >~<
You can either draw one of my OCs here owo
Princess Namasya (wings hidden) by Bloody-crackerjack
Veta by Bloody-crackerjack
so today is the month of fasting and giving
I might open something special for you all!

1. Art trades are open for all, until the fasting month ends

2. Cheap Asmodean adoptables (that will come soon)
Method Of Art??? XD
some of you might have noticed I change a bit in an art style and my method of painting
Sleeping Girl ver 2
I thought you guys would like this one more than the first one OwO
MYO EVENT 2 WEEKS ( one year celebration )
MYO EVENT (CLOSED) by Mama-Devil
I just realized I had to share this -facepalms to self-

Now I don't often make journals hence why I tend to forgot about it now, but please check this out <33
anyway, it's pretty darn last minute I'd have to say, but I'm voicing this out to those who are interested.
Yes, it's worth joining in, I tell you, don't miss le chance-
Nature incubi and succubi MYO…

Name: Juturna
Type of Floof: shark
Age: 16 750 years old
Generation: mid-generation
Height: 5'8
Habitat: (free roamer)
Occupation: scavenger and seducer


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