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collage4u's avatar

A great little story, and a very chilling scenario that made it an uncomfortable read. In that it was well written and involving.

I also liked the fact it wasn't the usual kind of fare explored where shrunken women are concerned, and her size scale was just within my preferences (being a Barbie size devotee). Nice one BTB! :)

bloodthirstybutcher's avatar

Thank you so much for the feedback! It was originally supposed to be the sort of punchline to a much longer apocalyptic story, but Burning Heaven about cost me my sanity trying to finish this past winter lol. The thought of trying to write another long story that I was never in love with to begin with and have to juggle dozens of characters sounded exhausting. But I did like this scene and so I reworked it into something short and digestible. Much more like a Twilight Zone episode or something.

And yeah, I do like to screw around with genre and tropes. A friend of mine always said in reference to music that the only way to transcend genre is to acknowledge it. I always try to keep that in the back of my head. I’m fairly new to writing, but I don’t really feel like it’s worth doing unless I have something to say, you know?

collage4u's avatar

You're not being pretentious at all, just thoughtful and imaginative.

I agree it has that sort of Twilight Zone feel to it and could easily imagine it being a stand alone episode. The references you made to the current pandemic we've lived through were very relevant too, as was the idea that some wealthy corrupt people could finance the operation for their own selfish needs (on the pretext of a benefit to mankind). It begs the question of what else they might use this shrinking technology for, if they can find a suitebly plausible excuse! That provokes some very dark thoughts indeed.

I loved the interaction with Megan and the doctor who's characters were very well drawn. If you're fairly new to writing as you tell us, then all I can say is, you've found your true creative outlet!

bloodthirstybutcher's avatar

You humble me, kind lady. ;-)

bloodthirstybutcher's avatar

Enough pretentious nonsense from me. Lol