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[Tamaki Suoh x Reader] Part One "Is this it? Excuse me, can you tell where I can find Kyoya Otori?" I ask a girl dressed in the Ouran uniform who is walking out of the room I find myself in front of. "He's in there." "Thank you." I walk in and look around. "Bon après-midi, princesse." I'm met by a breathe taking young man with bright blonde hair and beautiful violet eyes. "Bon après-midi, senpai. Où puis-je trouver Otori Kyoya?" He looks a tad stunned. "You speak the language of love? May I ask why you're looking for Kyoya?" "I'm here to visit him." I smile sweetly. "He's uh, over there." "Merci." I bow a small amount before
Zero x Reader: Seeing Through His Eyes
                     Outstretching your hands in front of you, you prayed that you wouldn't trip over something. You had already stumbled down the stairs, and bumped into a lamp. You hissed and winced when your shin hit something, by the sound of it, it was probably the coffee table. With a sigh, you bent forward a little to feel the glass. Three steps from the door to the coffee table, you noted. You hesitantly moved around it, your hands still outstretched. Even such a simple task as walking to the kitchen had become difficult. You had only lost your sight within the past couple days. For the past couple weeks your eye sight had been steadi
.:Happily Ever Ouran~Cinderella TamakiXReader:.
"But I don't want a new mommy I want my old mommy!" a little girl of about eight yelled, tears streaming down her face. "Shhhhh it's gonna be ok. You need a new mommy or grandmother will cut off all the money and we will have nowhere to live. So please bear with me?" your father brushed away your tears and kissed your cheeks. "to be honest, the new mommy is an ugly cow but don't tell her I said that~ it will be our little secret, and as a reward you can have this locket so mommy is always with you." he tapped you on the nose and clasped the chain around your little neck. He put a finger to his lips and winked. You giggled and winked back. As
Safe | Dazai Osamu
Disclaimer: I do not own Bungou Stray Dogs or Dazai or other characters that are mentioned. I am not making any profit from this fic and I write purely for the love of the characters. Bungou Stray Dogs is the property of Kafka Asagiri.White, red, blue, yellow, black. They fluttered in the air, falling freely from the sky tainting the sky with their vivid colors, and upon closer inspection, there were faces, hands, feet - flickers and flutters of memories torn and shredded and then abandoned to the wind. His eyes widened in horror at the state of the place he once called home. It was as though a tornado had gone through and ripped apart ever
When We Meet Again (Dazai Osamu x Reader)
Racing down the dark hallway, your footsteps barely made a sound after years of training in stealth and deception. Only the moon seemed to acknowledge your presence, casting your shadow on the wall every time you passed a window. Contrasting the stillness of the night, your mind raced with questions and confusion. 'What have you done, idiot lover of mine?' As one of the Port Mafia's most deadly female members, you were often sent out of town to handle "business" that could only be entrusted to the best. Whenever you returned from a job, you always looked forward to the goofy smile and sloppy kiss your boyfriend, Dazai Osamu, would greet you
Gilgamesh x Reader [Hell's Angel - Prologue]
Prologue: currently reading. Warning: somewhat strong language, slight sexual advances. Gilgamesh looked up from his golden-pieced board game upon hearing a crash, seeing a woman clad in a bland colored flannel shirt, wearing comfortable black skinny jeans with combat boots to match. She was breathing heavily, holding a silver-sharp blade in an outstretched hand; her hair dishevelled. ​ Noticing the red-eyed blonde in front of her, she lowered the blade, her breathing gradual going back to normal. Her body tensed as the two stared at each other, neither appearing to make a move. Gilgamesh suddenly smirked, causing the woman to raise h
Jealousy. Gilgamesh x Reader
       “Oh you have got to be kidding me.” The second your eyes opened, you sat up straight and looked around at the unfamiliar room. Though you were quite certain you'd never been in this room before, you already knew exactly who you were and, who was to blame for bringing you here. Scrambling out of the admittedly comfortable bed, you marched straight for the door only to find an intricate, red and gold dress hanging there. While the dress was beautiful, there was no way you were going to put it on. You weren't even sure how. “Tch. That's not going to happen.” Realizing only now that you were still in your pajamas, w
Hold Your Tongue. Gilgamesh x Reader
       “No way.” Standing on an all too familiar stretch of street, you looked down at the address you'd jotted down this morning and shook your head. “I should have known better.” Not even an hour ago, you'd gotten a call from someone posing as your employer. Since the voice and information you had been given sounded accurate, you had no reason to be suspicious. Now, however, you realized the building you had been called to for a “meeting” was the exact same one Gilgamesh had been standing in front of a couple of nights ago. Though you were sure at this point that this was a trap, your job could be on the
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