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he's my partner. -nakahara chuuya
he’s my partner. -nakahara chuuya
nakahara chuuya x gn!reader
word count: 1061
Chuuya grits his teeth at the situation. His assigned partner for this particular mission is nowhere to be found, and there's a wall of armed men ready to pelt him with bullets. Well, not like those bullets can actually do him any harm, it's still a pain in the ass.
He could stall, but where's the fun to that?
The executive snaps at seemingly no one, “(y/n), I swear to god, if you don't—”
Right on cue, you land next to him with a knife dripping blood in your hand and an annoyed expression. The leader of the men recoils in shock, slapping his hand to his neck to feel warm, sticky fluid flowing from a puncture wound.
“You could have just killed him then and there.” Chuuya complains.
“But, that's no fun!” You defend, waving your knife around haphazardly. “Besides, now that I have this it’s a--”
The leader cocks his gun and aims it at your ora
:iconlachremorse:lachremorse 39 3
Fault | Nakahara Chuuya
Disclaimer: I do not own Bungou Stray Dogs or any of the characters that are mentioned. I am not making any profit from this fic and I write purely for the love of the characters. Bungou Stray Dogs is the property of Kafka Asagiri.
I'm not quite sure when he'll realize that he's not to blame, but I really hope that one day he knows, that it wasn't his fault.
"Wake up already." The voice was normally laced with sarcasm had a tone of underlying concern in it. Although you wanted nothing more than to respond with the same biting tone you've used every morning with him, for some reason you couldn't. Fear gripped your heart, constricting it, and causing it's palpitations to fall out of its rhythm.
"[F/N], calm down. It's just me." 
No sarcasm there either, but you can recognize it now. The familiar intonation of certain vowels and emphasis on a few consonants. Your breathing gradually evened out, and the hand that held your heart released it. 
"Ch-Chuuya?" you almost
:iconitbeajen:itbeajen 31 6
Relief | Nakahara Chuuya
Disclaimer: I do not own Bungou Stray Dogs or any of the characters that are mentioned. I am not making any profit from this fic and I write purely for the love of the characters. Bungou Stray Dogs is the property of Kafka Asagiri."[F-F/N]?" Chuuya's voice wavered with reluctance as he barely managed to hold his ground in the vortex of wind. The winds were like blades of steel, attempting to shred and rip apart everything in its path. His arms were defensively placed before his face, blocking out as much as he could. 
Please, answer me. He had never felt so desperate before in his life. His heart beat was rapid, and he swears he thought it would stop in the five minutes it took him to get to you in the center of your wrath. 
"Chuuya, do you hear me?"
"Yes," his voice sounds like cracks over the mic, but Mori narrows his eyes and he muttered, "You need to stop her."
No shit. Chuuya gritted his teeth as another blast of wind is aimed in his direction. He
:iconitbeajen:itbeajen 34 8
Thoughts of You | Nakahara Chuuya
Disclaimer: I do not own Bungou Stray Dogs or any of the characters that are mentioned. I am not making any profit from this fic and I write purely for the love of the characters. Bungou Stray Dogs is the property of Kafka Asagiri.
"[F/N]," Chuuya's voice rang out through the house, there was a hint of irritation laced in his voice. He was almost tempted to throw a tantrum, but knowing you, you'd probably fight him back immediately, or you know, throw him into a random vortex of wind or water.
"[F/N]?" he called out again. He stopped outside your bedroom, surprised to find the door unlocked. Normally it'd be closed and locked, and often times you'd prevent him from coming in. He knocked once, twice, out of courtesy and respect towards you, but upon hearing no response he opens it. 
He wasn't sure what to expect, but he surely wasn't expecting to find pages of a scrapbook scattered throughout the room. There was simple decorative colored construction paper littered throughout the r
:iconitbeajen:itbeajen 40 14
m o r n i n g after // chuuya nakahara x reader
Sun rays fell on your eyelids and your groan escaped your lips,while you tried to run away from the annoying light you bumped into sturdy chest next to you.Your eyes fluttered open to reveal,Chuuya’s messy hair all over the pillow and one his arms resting around you protectively.
He looked..peaceful and that was some rare sight.His hair was everywhere and you couldn’t help but try to play with it,eliciting slight grunt from the sleeping man,you wondered how did he get such a nice eyelashes which throw shadows on his cheeks and his lips were slightly parted which made the image even better.And it made you remember some things that those lips did the last night.Only the thought sent pleasant shivers down your spine.
“Are you done checking me out already?"His voice was husky from the sleepiness but he still got to make that comment to get your cheeks all burning up.
" were awake all this time?"You gasped.
He only run his fingers through his hair,trying to get t
:iconmatsuokasprincess:Matsuokasprincess 99 13
in secret. [Chuuya | Reader] Drabble
“Since when do you drink whiskey?”
Chuuya merely sighs and watches the frozen discs of ice bob up and down in the amber liquid. He swirls the glass clenched between his fingers before knocking it back against his lips. Truthfully he wasn’t entirely fond of the taste and it burned a hole in his throat every time he drank it, but it was strong. The bar was quiet and smelled like old cigarette smoke, Chuuya’s own burning stick adding to the grey smoke sticking to the walls. He balances the charring paper between his left and glances to his right at Tachihara.
“I wanted something a little stronger tonight, got a problem?”
His voice comes out hoarse from the nicotine idling in the back of his throat. Chuuya only smoked when he was drinking, and he usually only drank heavily when he was stressed. It was a vicious circle that left him feeling like absolute shit in the morning but he didn’t really care about tomorrow. Finishing the glass with a pained
:iconlittlenovabomb:LittleNovaBomb 50 1
[BSD] An uneasy proposal -Chuuya Nakahara x Reader
Chuuya was not sure how he could happen to find himself in his current situation.
Right now, you were both having a heavy argument about marriage. It was supposed to be a normal discussion but it ended different than he intended..
But maybe I should explain how this argument had started to begin with.
Chuuya wanted to propose to you for quite some time now. Though every try of him ended in a disaster or got interrupted. He even lost the ring once during a mission.. When he felt suspicion from you, he asked Dazai for advice – what he already knew he would regret and he was right – and this bandage wasting bastard really said: “Pretend as if you are not interested in marriage. Try to make her believe you hate being married and are a free spirit. Trust me.“
And after this, the following discussion started: “Why should anyone still get married instead of leaving the things they are?“ Chuuya asked and shrugged, trying to be not interested. You crossed you
:iconsekata:Sekata 41 7
[BSD] Chuuya Nakahara x Reader [2nd Oneshot]
(For your information.. the Guild members are made by me and it's a bit.. nsfw :p)
Monday, May 02 – 1:50 pm [Armed Detective Agency]
You sat in Yukichi's office, waiting to get your new mission. The director just browsed through a file, ignoring you a while. As soon as you got tired of waiting, you slammed your hand on his desk. Yukichi looked up and raised his brow. “You may have time Director, but I don't get younger. So tell me already what I have to do, please.“ you spoke impatiently and crossed your arms.
The director closed the file and put it on a pile of stapled documents before he sighed. “Let me tell you one thing before hand: To succeed in this mission you have to change your .. cocky attitude.“ he said. “Excuse me?“ you asked, feeling slightly offended. “Anyway, you have to be aware, that this mission may end up dangerous. You don't have to accept this mission, but..“
You cut him off. “Geez, just tell me already wh
:iconsekata:Sekata 61 7
Silent Night by Whiluna Silent Night :iconwhiluna:Whiluna 1,508 39
Does that make me crazy? (Grindelwald x reader)
Not a romantic fic, sorry if the title is misleading.
Plot: In the 1920′s, the reader is not only known as the greatest seer alive, but also as completely and utterly crazy. Grindelwald, who wants information involving his future, seeks her out.

She hummed under her breath, a tune that no-one had heard before. For now, she was the only one who knew it. “Thunderbolt and lightening, very very frightening me. Galileo Galileo…” floated through the air. She liked the song. Whoever this ‘Queen’ guy would be, he would be making some good music. For now though, she’d have to deal with the - according to her - rather boring music of the 1920’s.
A sharp whistle filled the air, and she jumped out of her couch towards the kettle on the stove. Continuing to hum, she pulled out four cups. When two minutes later the door burst open and three wizards stormed in, she stood there with the teacups on a tray and a big smile on her face.
:iconshadowsbutnotdark:ShadowsButNotDark 9 0
Asriel by cocimiiko Asriel :iconcocimiiko:cocimiiko 282 23 --SanS-- by Likesac --SanS-- :iconlikesac:Likesac 481 22 Sans ~ by Likesac Sans ~ :iconlikesac:Likesac 574 27 -C- Artemis ~ by Likesac -C- Artemis ~ :iconlikesac:Likesac 326 12
Tease| Adult!Asriel x Monster!Reader
"Asriel no."
"Asriel yes," the prince of the Underground snickered, stroking your fox-like tail. Your face turned pink and you quickly swayed it the other way, out of his reach. You didn't like people touching your tail; there wasn't any reason why.
"Asriel, my child," Toriel scolded, "mind you manners."
"Sorry Mom," Asriel muttered, looking down at his plate of food. Sighing, he picked up his fork and began to chow down.
You were invited over to the Dreemurs' place for dinner, and because Asgore found you to be the most interesting Monster he's seen thus far.
Why? Because you looked exactly like a human, except for the fact you had the ears and bushy tail of a fox. Unfortunately, you've had quite a few run-ins with Undyne, who mistook you for a human and tried to kill you several times. Luckily your friend Asriel was in Waterfall, listening to the Echo Flowers, when he heard you scream for help. He gave Undyne a good scolding before whisking you away to his father's palace
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 99 34
Adult! Asriel Dreemurr x Reader- A lover's inquiry
Quand vous en serez au temps des cerises
Si vous avez peur des chagrins d’amour
Evitez les belles
Moi qui ne crains pas les peines cruelles
Je ne vivrai pas sans souffrir un jour
Quand vous en serez au temps des cerises
Vous aurez aussi des peines d’amour - Yves Montand “ Le temps des cerises

   You were tired and exhausted at yet another rough day at champs elysee vin fin et salle à manger. The most exquisite winery, where many of the wealthy alike, came to socialize and relax during these hard times.  Many who saw the gorgeous structure, as it’s lights were aglow with many delicious smells coming from inside, commented on how lucky one must be to work there..Oh if they knew the truth. Many of the wealthy alike, looked down upon the lower class and if it wasn’t someone making snide comments then it was the manager chewing her out for “being such an incompete
:iconkeruokumura:KeruOkumura 77 22


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