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A shattered bottle meshed beneath my feet
A hazy olive glow flickering,
Its shadows swaying above the floor of plush
Shadows touching the bathroom entrance,
Reaching for the exit door,
Grasping the tattered, misplaced holy word
Her eyes light up, her face lights up
My face lights up
Now, the floor shaking, I can continue my task
A crimson rivulet, smeared in design
To mark what is mine

by Zachary McLaughlin (bloodshy)
June 7, 2005
written in the midst of English 121
Please be patient with this poem. If it doesn't come to you right away, it will.
© 2005 - 2021 bloodshy
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AH!!!! *head bangs quickly* That is so freaking awsome!!! I think i got it!
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explain what you thought it meant? please?
BlindSeduction's avatar
Wasnt it you had killed whoever it was about and you were washing them? The light showing it? Its been a while since i read it. I will re read it later and re send this
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I'm thinking about telling what all the hidden messages are, but I also don't want to give it all away UP FRONT.
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Wow, that is amazing.
bloodshy's avatar
Did you figure it out?
Icis7777's avatar
I think I did. I'm not quite sure.
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