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im gay
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Hey!! it's been a LONG time since I've been active here but its 2020, it's time to turn over a new leaf and dust this old thing off.

I'm Shade, I draw and do art purely because I enjoy it, so this is a HOBBY. I am not obligated to be 100% active every single day. So, if I don't respond quickly to messages, my apologies, but I will get to you in some way or another.

Sprite Rip: Rocks I am taken, by my wonderful s.o. zincuddlefish ! So please don't be creepy, I will ignore you.

Sprite Rip: Rocks I am a university student now, which adds to my reasons for not being active. For anyone curious, I'm actually studying Geology. Challenge my rock knowledge, I dare you (unless you are in fact a fully grown geologist then please, do not,)

Sprite Rip: Rocks If you go through my gallery you will see quite a bit of old art. I plan on leaving it on this account because I'm proud of how far I've come since I started drawing cats on ms paint with a mouse in 3rd grade. However I'm not THAT proud, so all previous art and writings will be delegated to a single folder.

For those of you who've stuck around through the years, I genuinely appreciate you. I am sad that I've been silent for so long, but hopefully the future will be active and bright.

For those of you who are new, hey! stick around for a while, maybe we'll both learn something on the way together.

Favourite Movies
Scifi rocks my world, Planet of the apes all the way to The Shape of Water
Favourite TV Shows
I'm not gonna lie, it's still Anime. Also The Witcher.
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Jonas Bros still slap.
Favourite Books
Fantasy, YA fiction, and books about animal philosophy.
Favourite Games
The Isle, Beasts of Bermuda, Raft, Fallout New Vegas
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC and Nintendo ngl
Tools of the Trade
These days, I use my phone for everything.
Other Interests
Dungeons and Dragons, Youtube, Streaming
My partner is currently attempting to trade off a bunch of cs to help whittle down the amount of characters they have. If you're interested in jollieraptor myos, nautipods, gastros, seerdiac, a cccat, and/or fish raptors, please have a look at what they have!! However they're only trading for leech monsters, grem2, hoshi, chams, grabuki, and cccats. Please read their journal entry closely!
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There's this super cool giveaway raffle for people interested in the CS group Leech Monsters! Give this journal a good Read and Make sure you join the group!!
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Haha I'm Back Guysss
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Hey, this is actually Klivord. I'm starting over on DeviantArt with a new clean slate. I deleted my old DA account by I still have all my FA accounts.

Hey man! Yeah I hadn't been on until this Jan, fixed things up a little and started posting more. How are you? I'll be honest I still havent touched the old FA.

I've actually been having a bit of a rough time. I think I'll be okay in the end though. College was really hard this semester. Online learning just isn't what I'm used to. I hope you're doing okay.

I feel you, I had to use my first withdrawal on a class I thought would be easy, but attempting it online just didn't work out. And I still didn't do my best in two of my other classes. I'm doing okay though, especially now that school is overwith for the semester. I've gotten hardcore into container gardening! How's college life in general been for you? also, do you want to move this convo into notes? lol

I might end up in Florida,
its going to be the most exotic place I've been
well second most exotic after that trip to Quebec, If the world hasn't ended by the time I can have vacations of my own I'am visiting Quebec again so long as nothing happens to it.
Doing anything special this summer?
not really. visiting family in july, otherwise i'm just working and dealing with my water-pets.