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Update: 5/24/16: Long commissions (anything over 5-6,000 words) CLOSED. Anything under that is tentatively open and subject to the whims of my daytime schedule. Please note me if you'd like to know when I'm open again!

Hi all,

Welcome to my commissions journal. I decided to revamp and update my policies after several months of unemployment and needing to make an income. If you're interested in receiving a commission from me, please read on!

New commissioners:

For those of you who haven't worked with me before, please read the below carefully. If you have any questions, my dA note inbox is always open and I'm online at least once a day unless I've made a journal update stating otherwise. If you've never commissioned a writer before, don't be shy; we're not that different from commissioned artists but for the fact that our chosen medium is different. "But why commission a writer? I can write things myself," you might be thinking. Well, I feel each person/writer can bring a perspective to the table that no one else can. We're all individuals, so the way we see the world and the people in it is inherently different. There are also people out there who struggle with their characters and need guidance. Maybe commissioning someone with a fresh pair of eyes is just what you need. I've been doing this for about ten years, so I have a lot of valuable experience to lend to your project. :) (Smile) One thing to bear in mind, though: I'm paid to write commissions. Some of the things my commissions contain are things I wouldn't necessarily put into my own writing. I see the two types as separate. Just putting that there so people won't make assumptions.

The technical stuff:

This is especially important for new commissioners. First, I'll share a link to a journal that states a few things rather succinctly:…

That having been said, here's the rest:

I regret that commissions for dA points are NOT open at this time.

PAYMENT: Paypal--please cover your Paypal fees by including them with your payment. If you have any questions about this, please ask. Thanks!

NEW: Added a Paypal.Me link:

Things I work with and things I won't:

I will work with:

1. Original characters and settings.

2. LGBTQAI characters (although I may have to research some things depending on what you want).

3. Adult content (but please bear in mind that it won't be posted here; it will be emailed to you). If you ask for an adult commission, I will be making sure you are of legal age to be reading this content in your country/providence. If you're not and request this anyway, you will be blocked. I usually prefer writing stories that feature meaningful interaction between characters where adult content is part of it but not a centerpiece (as opposed to outright smut), so please bear that in mind first.

4. Helping you build your characters after I have their basic information.

5. I write first and third person and third person predominantly. I can try second person if you'd like, but it isn't as strong as the former two.

Please understand: My interpretation of certain details and your characters' personalities may differ from what you have in mind. If something is wildly different from how you imagined it, polite correction will get you more of a response and changes rather than being nasty.

What I will NOT do:

1. Work with copyrighted characters. If it's not yours, please don't ask for a commission featuring it. If it's a friend's character, I need to speak to them before I start to make sure you have permission to use the character(s).

2. Write adult content featuring underage characters, non-or-dub con.

3. Extensive worldbuilding and research. If I don't know something simple, I will look into it, but asking me to study quantum mechanics, for example, isn't something I'm comfortable with.

4. Add my own characters to the mix. Please also bear in mind that I sometimes make up minor characters to flesh out the story unless I'm specifically asked not to. These may be recycled in some aspects for my own work. Unless requested, you do not own these minor characters, so please do not use them without permission.

5. Hard sci-fi or mysteries. I mainly do fantasy work or very soft sci-fi. I'm not comfortable with hard sci-fi or mystery works, sorry. If you have another genre in mind but aren't sure I'll take it, please ask.

Other dos and don'ts:


1. Please do note me with questions that might not be covered here. Sometimes, I don't think of everything that might need addressing.

2. Let me know if you have a specific deadline for a project before we start. No one likes bad surprises when they're trying their best to work on something for you. We can work out details via notes. Also let me know if this will be a personal project, or something you plan to use professionally. If there is no stated deadline, I will take the time needed to work on your commission. Due to personal responsibilities, this can be anywhere from a few weeks to a few months.

3. Let me know if you need a payment plan worked out before we finalize details. I ask for half the price of a commission before I begin. If you are unable to pay for all of your commission at once, we can work something out in installments. My rate is $10 USD per 1,000 words for personal projects, but I am open to negotiation. At this time, I'm not accepting commissions below 5,000 words. Please be in touch if you're planning on using anything you'll be needing me to do for a professional project. Initial payments for the commission itself DOES NOT MEAN YOU OWN THE WRITING ITSELF. If you're interested in having an existing work proofread or edited, please be in touch via dA note.

4. Use the form below to tell me more about your characters, world, and any details you need me to know before we begin.

5. Be aware that I can refuse your commission due to my scheduling, personal beliefs and/or subject matter. Refunds for work not finished will be issued upon request, i.e., if you paid $70 for a 7,000 word commission and I finished 4,000 words, you receive the unused $30 back. That being said, I believe in doing a story properly, so if I'm close to going over our pre-established word limit, I'll be in touch to ask if you want me to keep going.


1. Please do not note me asking for a commission if you don't intend to follow up. If you note and I don't hear back from you in two weeks, my priorities move to the next person waiting.

2. Please do not assume that if you didn't pay for something, you'll be getting it anyway. Unfortunately, I've had people assume things like this in the past and will not be working with them again. I keep an offline list of people who have done this for my own personal reference, so I will know if someone's trying to get around a ban. Doing any of this is extremely rude and unprofessional. If you paid for a set amount of words, that's what's going to be emailed to you, nothing more and nothing less.

3. Be disrespectful via name-calling or general rudeness in any notes. Show respect and you'll get it in return. You will be blocked for failing to do so.

4. Repost work I've done claiming that you wrote it. If I find this, it will be reported as plagiarism to an admin. This also applies to any partially completed stories and concepts I added to a story that you didn't come up with. Please ask for permission first.

5. Come up with plots and information without an outline we've agreed on first, or asking me to build a story/characters/world for you myself. It takes me quite awhile to do so and I'm not comfortable with doing that for other people. Please also do not change your outline multiple times after you send it to me, or ask for extensive edits to completed work after I've done it to your previous specifications. If I didn't make a mistake with the information you've given me and you keep changing it, you will potentially be charged for any extensive changes due to the time they'll take.

6. Email more than once a week asking how I'm doing. I'll be in touch with you when I'm done working on a segment so you can read and approve of it. Please be patient. :) (Smile)

7. Request ghost writing. At this time, I don't accept projects my name won't be appearing on.

8. Do NOT request anything NSFW if you're under legal age to do so. If I find out you're underage and asking for explicit scenes, you will be refunded and blocked.

Samples and references: If you would like to see samples of my previous commissions, please go here:… (you will need an account to see the mature content commissions), or be in touch via a note so I can write a few paragraphs for you. If you'd like references of my previous and return commissioners, please be in touch via a note.

The form:

Please fill this out if you're interested in commissioning me and copy/paste it in a note.

Commission information:

Characters: (Names, age, physical description, distinguishing traits, personality, background).

Plot: (Please give me at least five sentences, from beginning to end, on a rough idea of what you'd like your plot to be, as well as the genre. The more detail, the better).

World: (Is your setting like our world or something entirely different? If so, how? Again, the more detail, the better.)

Ballpark length: (What is a rough estimate on how long you'd like this commission to be?)

First, third or second person? ('I went to the park,' versus 'he went to the park. versus 'You went to the park.')

Other details: (Anything else you want to tell me about deadlines, your commission, characters, and so on. Please also place your Paypal email here).

Note: If using Paypal, please list your payment under 'gift' so that their fees are not removed from it, or alternatively, make sure to cover the cost of Paypal fees before sending. Checks or money orders are also accepted, but you'll need to wait until they clear before I write anything for you.

Editing services also available! Please PM for price estimates! I also do writing for games (characterization and scenes)!

And that about covers it. Aww I look forward to hearing from you!
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R-Tillirey Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
You do great work! 
bloodrose83 Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you. :) If you know anyone who wants a commission, please send them my way!
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