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Lets trade art bitches
I am barely sane to accept a couple of requests.
No OC rule is strictly enforced.
Your old requests were boring, give me new.
OC posters will be eaten!
Rules are the same.
OCs are allowed but will be creatively re-imagined. And by creatively I mean fucked up badly.…

This stuff is amazing.
Just let me know if you want to join me in a quick drawing session and we will arrange something in the evening on PST.
Looks like I have a drawing block.

So let us do something fun. I will redraw any of your works in my style if you post the link in the comments.
Or at least I'll try. If it is not yet another color horse OC. (Or sonic or whatever).

Twoistuck is a silly forum/blog game I started with my friends mostly as a joke, and which almost instantly spiraled out of control.
Since for some reason we did it in English, I'll share it with you folks.

The rules are simple: players/readers type commands for the main character and I draw what happens next.
As usual, watchers only, OC requests are low priority with a high risk of guro shit.
As usual, try to stay away from OC requests, they will have lowest priority by default :V
I guess I can take 3-4 requests.
For the sweat loving mother of the holy unicorn, please, do not make OC requests, there is 99.99% chance I will ignore them.
I totally wanted to make it someday.
Askblog of dark orion (You may know him by my OW series:… )

EDIT: fixed ask link
And more that 15k pageviews. Thank you, folks *___*
Thank you so much, I really appreciate it.
Be aware that your OC will most likely turn into a creepy grotesque shit.
I have a strong suspicion something wrong with my monitor profile.
THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT FOR ME, so please take a few seconds and answer this small poll:

My drawings are generally:
1. Have a good black/white balance.
2. Too dark to view details.
3. Barely recognizable, mostly black.
I'm planning to open commissions (for my usual creepy shit) as a surprising number of people suggested this would be such a marvelous idea.
I am doing it as experiment, so it would be nice to get a feedback from you folks.

Do you personally think it is a good idea? Would you like to get a commission from me? What would be appropriate range of prices? Etc, etc.
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10k pageviews and 200+ watchers. This is mindblowing, thank you folks!
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Fillies and Gentlecolts,

Unfortunately I have so many requests, wips and unfinished works that I'll hardly be able to finish them before Sol-3 will run out of fuel.
I *DO* remember about you and I will finish all those fun little thingies I promised, but it will take some time :V

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Now accepting fanart suggestions. Please leave your requests in comments.
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I know that doesn't really matter anything, but I'm still kinda glad.
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I just got second place in a DEMO Time contest by Paul Schmitt. >:3
I suggest you to take time and visit his group #IndieGraphicNovels, it has a lot of awesome woks.
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