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Limited time only. Terms and conditions apply.
OC requests will be creatively interpreted, mimocrocodiles will be ignored.
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Ganjaberserker from Pelevin's SNUFF, please.
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Haven't read it yet tbh, any description or refs?
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Request: Can you draw my Jester beanie, Spadebles a.k.a Myself in Deltarune?

Spadebles (A.K.A Dankaka in DeltaRune)

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absolutely not
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Oh... (You're looking like Amy Rose from Sonic '06)

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maybe one of these two? :3
Myver And Lysea Ref by Sharkiity
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Can you draw a fascist, capitalist, extremist, fanatic, terrorist, white supremacist and national-socialist totalitarian tyrannical dictator Travis Maxiamarin?
Travis Maxiamarin by zacharyknox222  
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Can you do my girl?

Khione Isa by RinYukiohara
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Characters from "Transmetropolitan" comic books.

Spider Jerusalem - controversial freelance journalist
his front tattoos i.pinimg.com/originals/98/51/5…

Spider's mutated 2-headed 3-eyed cat

My OCs to torture creative interpretation ;P
Carmen :: sta.sh/21kizbphncr3
Wookiee :: Wookiee (by DzikiStefan) :: Wookiee by DragonDodo
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Well, if youre up for OC requests and you dont mind furries, do either of my gals if whichever way you find cool c:

Cober refs: sta.sh/21bsep26eeq3?edit=1

Riley refs: sta.sh/2b5rq6y87y3

Thank you for the oportunity too <3
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Hi there! Here are some OC's I have if you're interested in any of them. Thank you. :D toyhou.se/Seyton/characters/fo… 
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What's a mimocrocodile?
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