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Derpy Souls

By bloodrizer
Derpy Hooves with a sword in the wake of inferno.
Inspired by Dark Souls videogame.

I moved to square 1 and tried to summarize everything I knew about drawing metal - no color dodge brushes, no refs and post-processing, just plain old style drawing.
This will be probably my last work in this style and genre. It's time to move to more difficult works.
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RickRMorlet's avatar
lovely spin off 
KrimsunV's avatar
i had to google it to belive it.
bloodrizer's avatar
Sorry, to believe what?
Slr4rthur's avatar
This is Beautiful as a brony with a love for dark souls i feel that i can appreciate this the most. Also i love the style and really love the way the metal looks, all in all amazing!
bloodrizer's avatar
Thanks, glad you liked it :)
And thanks for the fave!
Techno-Shock's avatar
After seeing this on My Little Brony on Memebase, I was left literally speechless in admiration. This is a beautiful piece of artwork.
bloodrizer's avatar
Thanks! :) I have a lot of other weird fanart pieces, you may check them as well ^^
Ashoof's avatar
beautiful picture :)
jackkuro's avatar
I greatly appreciate that it's not the Giantdad set.
Scapegoat24's avatar
she is the chosen underp.
PuppitProductions's avatar
Just found this through My Little Brony on memebase... Absolutely fantastic.
bloodrizer's avatar
Thank you :)
Could you please share a link? People start faving it suddenly so I'm really intrigued.
MrQuallzin's avatar
The permanent link to it is, so you don't have to sort through the cheezburger pages.
bloodrizer's avatar
Thanks for the link! Comments for this post have made my day :)
PuppitProductions's avatar
Sure,here you go:…
It might be on page two by the time you get to check upon it (new updates and such).
And I checked out the rest of your gallery as well, but this one is my favourite :)
Derpy of astora? In all seriousness, amazing work.
Bunnairry's avatar
very nice work, love the art style here!
lolcat333w's avatar
Not necessarily a pony fan, but this is some very good art ^^
crown1995's avatar
That's really cool dude. This is such a cool concept and NO REF? OMG HOW DO YOU DO THAT. . . Your amazing.
bloodrizer's avatar
This is actually not so difficult, once you understand basic rules. (I'm afraid I made a few mistakes though). If you'd like I can explain it, thats really simple.
Rose-Eclipse's avatar
I almost would not recognise this as an MLP character .... but i do recognise your style.
jdogthekiller44's avatar
Good lucky with the new hard works you are going to do
bloodrizer's avatar
Why, thank you :)
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