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Derpius Maximus

By bloodrizer
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Don't know what to draw - draw pony.
Don't know what pony - draw Derpy
Original lineart by :iconkas92: -…
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Im really trying to take this seriously but the name doesn't make it any easier. 
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SnapCentinoStudent Writer
"I care not for your medals and ceremonies, princess. I have merely done as I was ordered. Save the accolades for a true hero."
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"True to Derpy !!!"
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your artwork is something else!
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bloodrizerHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the watch and all the faves! Really glad you like my works:)
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Pandaren-ChaplainHobbyist Traditional Artist
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"My name is Maximus Derpius Meridius, commander of the Armies of the North, General of the Fennec Legions and loyal servant to the TRUE princess, Celestia. Mother to a murdered Dinkie, and wife to a murdered Doctor. And I will have my vengeance in this life or the next."
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bloodrizerHobbyist Digital Artist
I always thought Derpy serves Princess Luna and opposes Celestia :) (At least in my headcanon)
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I've very much a follower of our princess of the night but celestia just seemed right in this case
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General ditzy 'The Cyclops' Doo. The protector of New Lunar Republic and the champion of princess Luna.
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"Now we are come to our Kingdom
And the State is thus and thus.
Our legions wait at the Palace gate--
Little it profits us:
Now we are come to our Kingdom!

"Now we are come to our Kingdom,
And the Crown is ours to take --
With a naked sword at the Council board,
And under the throne the snake.
Now we are come to our Kingdom!..."

--Rudyard Kipling
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emerald4splashStudent General Artist
Ave, Derpy!
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HenshidokuStudent Traditional Artist
:D Derpy Maximus!!!La la la la 
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mukurofriesHobbyist Artist
I like how shiny everything looks. ^^
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KawaiiJolticHobbyist Writer
The Derpy Centurion, guardian of the Pandorica. Question now is who Amy is. 
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shadawgHobbyist General Artist
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theArch9Hobbyist General Artist
Ave! True to Caesar!
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Rex42Hobbyist Digital Artist

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на таких поняшах империя и держится!
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bloodrizerHobbyist Digital Artist
- Аве Цезарю!
- Аве мне.
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absolutely awesome :)
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Epic :) I like it. :D
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