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I always wondered how Luna could survive 1000 years imprisonment on a planet without atmosphere.

Original Luna drawing:… by :iconbluestargreen:

Some easter eggs on this drawing:
Luna's space station is called Unicorn Omega, "Luna" patch written in Nasa-like font and here country chevron has "NLR" mark which refers to New Lunar Republic.
Space station has 2nd astronaut in the outer space. (It's probably a Derpy)

And a title is an obvious reference to the Gravity movie where sad Sandra Bullock could not cry even if she really tried. SCIENCE.
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This art is amazing, good job, keep up the good work.
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GOD, THAT MOVIE IS JUST TOO FUCKING AWESOME! Right now I'm listening to the soundtrack, and it is giving me goosebumps! I really hope that "Gravity" wins a ton of Oscars, because it deserves them! You know what would be awesome? If the main six went into space and got marooned, like Sandra Bullock, and are trying to get back to Earth! :D (Big Grin) Clap Love Headbang! :eager: by darkmoon3636 :squee: 
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Basically, she was embedded into the stone itself, not positioned ON the moon.

Great drawing, however.
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That's even stranger. And makes me wonder if Celestia is really such a nice sister after all.
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That's why Luna was always my favorite princess, that is until Twilight became a princess.
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Personally, I never thought she is. Even further, she's not so much of a benevolent ruler.
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Yeah, I've felt the same way about Celestia. Actually, after "Magical Mystery Cure", I felt like I couldn't trust her as much anymore.
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In soviet russia, things are russian
I think this was covered in Moonstuck. She breathes in space because she's adorable.
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How could she survive? Its really simple.
There were nazis on the dark side. 

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Ahaha, this is amazing. You just give me an idea for the next drawing.
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Och really? It's great to hear! ^^
I did a sketch once, when Luna was choosen new Mondfuhrer xD
Ponyfying Iron Sky at its finest.
I can't wait to see it than!
If you need more ideas, you know where to find me *wink*
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it's awesome because I just saw this movie not even 2 days ago, was actually a really good movie and an amazing piece of work from you as well. you sir/madamme have earned a fav
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For some reason stuff that have space and Luna, are a great match. Like Luna as a space ship captain or, in this case, Luna the astronaut.
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Something's freaking me out here...

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I didn't get all this forelegs thing at all.
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My problem is there seems to be three sleeves, or something; one on her right, one in front, one on her left, and I'm so confused... Please help me out... :(
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Upper left (Lunas' left) hoof is in front of her, holding the pipewrench. Upper right hoof is lowered, but we can see it mostly.
Both of the lover hoofs are not visible.
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Ah, good. You saved me from several sleepless nights! :D
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Good texture and brushwork
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Absolutely badass and awesomely atmospheric piece. And my new favorite style. 
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OMG THIS IS SO FREAKIN' COOL!  Haha, this is too much.
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