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Scrunch Faces!

Some adorable scrunch faces of Luna and Flutters~
I know, I don't normally enjoy drawing Flutters, but it's was for a good cause! I like cheering people up with my art. o v o

I really enjoyed everything about Luna, so I'd love to draw more of her in the future. > u <

edit: Holy crap! It got featured on Equestria Daily! :U ♥…
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Luna definitely has severe flutterbetes addiction XD
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Luna: Best friends F O R E V E R !
Futtershy: You scared me.
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Fluttershy (sad) plz : "Somepony, call the police!"
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Fluttershy: Uh.... P-p-princess Luna.... W-what are you doing?
Luna: Oh, dear Fluttershy, I am just getting closer.
F: I... P-please not this close....
L: So shy and yet... not so in your dreams.
F: *blush* Oh my goodness!
L: I didn't know you could be so.... bold.
F: It.... it was only one time, p-princess. One time!
L: Yes. One time.
F: Um... Are you listening?
L: What I heard in it was so glorious!
F: I... I only make this kind of dream after I eat very spicy food and... it appeared I ate some recently so...
L: Want me to send you some more? We have a specially skilled cook that I'm sure would please your tastes.
F: P-princess? W-why are you doing all this? Aren't you supposed to take care of bad dreams, not.... um... sweet dreams?
L: I can make exceptions sometimes, don't you think?
F: Umm...

Beautiful work.
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Yeah, you got it right, Luna.
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Oh goodness💜 This is adorable!

Great work!
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Pearl sprite - AUOOOBADABA 
Holy crap! Thank you! This is my first art to be featured by Equestria Daily! : D
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tMy 2 favorie ponies :3
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Haha so cute~ Glad to see it finished ^^
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Thanks! I'm so happy that resetting my computer fixed photoshop. I was afraid I was going to have to uninstall then reinstall it. ;-;
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You're welcome •<•
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well done cute art works to cheer me up or when i just wanna smile all the time so you have already succeeded 
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