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My Husband and I started a Black Nuzlocke with the twist that I would draw along him as he plays. I had to draw each team member before he was allowed to use them in battle. Here's the begging process!

Our starter was Banana the Snivy that quickly evolved into a Servine before getting the second badge.
Jim the Patrat managed to hold her own before evolving as well, mainly to keep the funds high with the amulet coin.
Dr.Gatz the Roggenrola almost had a quick death after joining the team but thanks to his Sturdy ability, he quickly became a core unit to the team taking down the second gym single handed.
Ragu the Herdier joins the ranks of core units taking down the 3rd by himself.
Scraggles the Scraggy eagerly joins the team and everything seems to being going well for the team.

But as we all know, in Nuzlocke, there are no happy endings.
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