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Anybody miss me??? :)) I think I'll be coming back shortly!! 😘
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Hey Guys, 
   It's been a while. So today, I'll be responding to everyone and what not. I should be on a lot more now because I moved back to my Dad's. I have a new job and a new boyfriend. So I'm doing alright. I think I've tired the poor boy out with my sex. XD But that's "private"....anyway.
So, as you can see, I put up some new photos. Yeah, I'll probably be doing that again. If he's okay with it. But he is pretty laid back, so he probably will be as long as I'm not nude! :D 
Anyone miss me? I got an awesome new poll I am going to put up after this...

And I want notes guys...Message me<3 

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200: My middle name is: Lee 
199: I was born in: Vermont
198: I am really: Happy? 
197: My cellphone company is: AT&T
196: My eye color is: Blue
195: My shoe size is: 8 - 8 1/2 
194: My ring size is: Don't know, or care. Jewelry is gross.  
193: My height is: 5'2''
192: I am allergic to: Nothing. 
191: My 1st car was: Blue '99 Ford Escort 
190: My 1st job was: Housekeeper at Sunset Motor Inn
189: Last book you read: Blackmailed ( BEST SEX BOOK EVER.) Haha. :b 
188: My bed is: Made. 
187: My pet: 2 Jack Russell Terriers and a Hamster. 
186: My best friend: Shawn, Breanna, and Danielle. 
185: My favorite shampoo is: Pantene. 
184: AIM name: Lovinghyper25
183: Piggy banks are: Cool? Mine's a fat kitty. :D 
182: In my pockets: Nothing. 
181: On my calendar: My work schedules. 
180: Marriage is: an interesting idea. 
179: Spongebob can: Fuck himself. 
178: My mom: Is my ideal. She is the best mom ever. 
177: The last three cd's I bought were? Haha, way too long ago. 
176: Last YouTube video watched: Music Video 
175: How many cousins do you have? About 5? 
174: Do you have any siblings? One sister. 
173: Are your parents divorced? Yes. 
172: Are you taller than your mom? No. 
171: Do you play an instrument? Flute. 
170: What did you do yesterday? Worked. 
[ I Believe In ]
169: Love at first sight: Yes. 
168: Luck: Yes. 
167: Fate: Eh, maybe. 
166: Yourself: Yes. 
165: Aliens: Maybe. 
164: Heaven: Not sure..
163: Hell: Not sure..
162: God: Show me proof. 
161: Horoscopes: Yes. 
160: Soul mates: Maybe. 
159: Ghosts: YES. 
158: Gay Marriage: Yes?
157: War: No. 
156: Orbs: What the fuck?
155: Magic: No. 
[ This or That ]
154: Hugs or Kisses: Hugs. 
153: Drunk or High: Drunk. 
152: Phone or Online: Phone. 
151: Red heads or Black haired: Black-haired. 
150: Blondes or Brunettes: Brunettes. 
149: Hot or cold: Cold. 
148: Summer or winter: SUMMER. 
147: Autumn or Spring: Spring..MUD SEASON <3 
146: Chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate <3 
145: Night or Day: Night 
144: Oranges or Apples: Apples. 
143: Curly or Straight hair: Straight 
142: McDonalds or Burger King: McDonalds. 
141: White Chocolate or Milk Chocolate: Milk Chocolate. 
140: Mac or PC: PC.
139: Flip flops or high heals: Flip FLops. 
138: Ugly and rich OR Sexy and poor: Sexy and poor. 
137: Coke or Pepsi: Coke. 
136: Hillary or Obama: Obama. 
135: Burried or cremated: Cremated. 
134: Singing or Dancing: Singing. 
133: Coach or Chanel: Excuse me? 
132: Kat McPhee or Taylor Hicks: Who? 
131: Small town or Big city: Small town<3 
130: Wal-Mart or Target: Wal-mart. 
129: Ben Stiller or Adam Sandler: Adam Sandler! 
128: Manicure or Pedicure: Neither. 
127: East Coast or West Coast: East Coast. 
126: Your Birthday or Christmas: Birthday. 
125: Chocolate or Flowers: Chocolate. 
124: Disney or Six Flags: Six Flags, baby! 
123: Yankees or Red Sox: RED SOX <3 Boston Strong<3 
[ Here's What I Think About ]
122: War: Let's end it. 
121: George Bush: Fuck him. 
120: Gay Marriage: Don't care, they have their rights. Let them get married. It doesn't affect anyone. 
119: The presidential election: Ugh. Another new one. 
118: Abortion: Not sure how I feel about abortion...
117: MySpace: Pedophiles home base. 
116: Reality TV: Not really reality. 
115: Parents: If they know what they're doing, then they're great. 
114: Back stabbers: Oh, like my ex-best friend EVA JANE. Nasty, assholes that should fucking die. :) Can't stand them. 
113: Ebay: Never used it. 
112: Sex: Haha, my thoughts are too naughty for this. But it's great. 
111: Work: I have two jobs, so what does that tell you? Obviously my thoughts are work is important to get by in life. 
110: My Neighbors: Which ones? They're family. 
108: Designer Clothes: Ew. Jeans and a band tee and some mud boots or converse are fine with me. 
107: College: Not for me. 
106: Sports: HOCKEY<3 Sports are fun..:) 
105: My family: The best <3 
104: The future: It's going to work out the way I want it to. 
[ Last time I ]
103: Hugged someone: This morning. 
102: Last time you ate: Last night. 
101: Saw someone I haven't seen in awhile: Two weeks ago? At price chopper. 
100: Cried in front of someone: The other day. 
99: Went to a movie theater: Months ago to see Catching Fire. 
98: Took a vacation: Hmm, last summer. 
97: Swam in a pool: April 12.
96: Changed a diaper: Well, do adult briefs count? I'm an LNA. If a real diaper, then Wednesday morning. 
95: Got my nails done: NEVER. 
94: Went to a wedding: A long time ago. 
93: Broke a bone: Never.
92: Got a peircing: Ew, fuck that. 
91: Broke the law: Eh, hasn't really happened. Unless you count speeding...then yesterday. 
90: Texted: Yesterday morning. 
[ MISC ]
89: Who makes you laugh the most: My Boyfriend <3 
88: Something I will really miss when I leave home is: My pets. 
87: The last movie I saw: The Brass Teapot. 
86: The thing that I'm looking forward to the most: Is the end of May, SIX FLAGS. and Camping at Roger's Campground, all with my boyfriend! :) 
85: The thing im not looking forward to: Having to go to the cops for my EX. I hate talking to cops. 
84: People call me: Sam? 
83: The most difficult thing to do is: Let go of something you love. 
82: I have gotten a speeding ticket: Never. 
81: My zodiac sign is: Aries, baby! :) 
80: The first person i talked to today was: My Boyfriend. 
79: First time you had a crush: 6th grade. 
78: The one person who i can't hide things from: My boyfriend. And my best friend Shawn. 
77: Last time someone said something you were thinking: The other day. 
76: Right now I am talking to: My boyfriend, he just got on break. :) 
75: What are you going to do when you grow up: I'm already doing it. Nursing assistant. <3 Helping the elderly. 
74: I have/will get a job: I have a great job. 
73: Tomorrow: I'll be working. 
72: Today: I'll be working. 
71: Next Summer: Who knows? This coming summer is going to be great. 
70: Next Weekend: I have off, thankfully. 
69: I have these pets: 4 Jack Russells and 1 Hamster. 
68: The worst sound in the world: Feet or hands rubbing against the carpet. 
67: The person that makes me cry the most is: Not sure. 
66: People that make you happy: Stay in my life. 
65: Last time I cried: Last week. 
64: My friends are: Interesting. 
63: My computer is: Slow, sometimes. 
62: My School: Graduated! :) 
61: My Car: Is a Red, '01 Ford Escort. 
60: I lose all respect for people who: CHEAT OR BEAT WOMEN. BOBBY LEE LIMLAW III. 
59: The movie I cried at was: Old Yeller. 
58: Your hair color is: Strawberry Blonde. 
57: TV shows you watch: House, Supernatural, South Park, Big Bang Theory, Family Guy. 
56: Favorite web site: Deviantart/ Facebook. 
55: Your dream vacation: France <3 
54: The worst pain I was ever in was: Getting an ingrown toenail removed the first time. 
53: How do you like your steak cooked: RARE. <3 
52: My room is: Full of Pokemon, and Video game posters and blankets. 
51: My favorite celebrity is: Not sure. 
50: Where would you like to be: Six Flags. 
49: Do you want children: Maybe. 
48: Ever been in love: Yes. 
47: Whos your best friend: Shawn Martel. 
46: More guy friends or girl friends: Guy Friends. 
45: One thing that makes you feel great is: When people compliment me on things I hate about myself.
44: One person that you wish you could see right now: No one..
43: Do you have a 5 year plan: I go with the flow. 
42: Have you made a list of things to do before you die: Kinda. 
41: Have you pre-named your children: If I have kids, it has to be a boy and I'll name him Ruyzaki. 
40: Last person I got mad at: My boyfriend. 
39: I would like to move to: No where. 
38: I wish I was a professional: Model. 
[ My Favorites ]
37: Candy: Crunch or Kit Kat. 
36: Vehicle: Ford F-150
35: President: Don't know.
34: State visited: Vermont. 
33: Cellphone provider: AT&T
32: Athlete: RASK. <3 
31: Actor: Adam Sandler? 
30: Actress: Melissa McCarthy 
29: Singer: Blake Shelton or Rodney Atkins
28: Band: The Used, Falling in Reverse 
27: Clothing store: Wal-mart? 
26: Grocery store: Price Chopper
25: TV show: House 
24: Movie: Too many..
23: Website: This one. 
22: Animal: White Tiger
21: Theme park: Six Flags or Whales Tales. 
20: Holiday: St. Patrick's Day. 
19: Sport to watch: Hockey 
18: Sport to play: Hockey. 
17: Magazine: Not sure. 
16: Book: Blackmailed. 
15: Day of the week: Saturday. 
14: Beach: Lake Eden
13: Concert attended: Never have. 
12: Thing to cook: Grilled Cheese 
11: Food: Venison.
10: Restaurant: Wayside. 
9: Radio station: 100.9
8: Yankee candle scent: No idea. 
7: Perfume: Noir Tease from Victoria's Secret 
6: Flower: Rose
5: Color: Green
4: Talk show host: Steve Harvey 
3: Comedian: George Carlin
2: Dog breed: German Shepard 
1: Are you ready for this survey to be over: Oh yeah. 
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Hey guys! It's my birthday on Thursday (the 10th)! I'm gonna be 19! :D You're welcome to draw me a picture!~ I love my fans..

So in case anyone wants to send me a card (haha) ...I love cards...or a drawing! 
 My mailing address is : 
 Samantha Reed
 P.O. Box 1025
 Wolcott, VT, 06580 (USA) 

But nothing sexual or naughty...because you all know I'm madly in love with my boyfriend..Taylor! <3 

And if you wanna send me a note, great. <3  :D

Oh, and guess who is stalking me again? Time to take a visit to the police...again. ^_^ Some people just don't understand the meaning of a RESTRAINING ORDER. Bobby Limlaw needs to leave me alone..

But yeah, everything wonderful! I'm going to a water park for my birthday (My boyfriend's treat) there will be pictures up from that! :) I also am going to the ECHO center, which is an aquarium like thing...and there will be pictures up of that...and GUESS WHAT? It's almost time to pull out that Bikini and show off my newest tattoos<3 (which I'm getting some more in June...eep!) Haha! But yeah, I'm just so happy. I also have a brand NEW job ! At the nursing home...I've always wanted to work at! :D As a licensed nursing assistant...!
Okay, enough updates!  


I love you guys! <3 

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First thing first, 
Read my newest poll! :D

Second, I'm getting another tattoo, fairly soon...

Third, my birthday is coming up...anyone want to draw me a cute photo for my birthday,0? :b 

haha, and last!  Fun time! 

Answer this question....

"I would _________ you if I had the chance." 
Comment your answer! 

Note me guys <3 
Working on new stuff! 
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So guys, guess what? I'm getting my third tattoo this Saturday...I'm so excited! 
I'm getting an awesome quote on my shoulder blade. :D It's a quote from Harry Potter....XD I'm probably gonna get two other quotes from HP on other parts of my body, but my next tattoo after this one is going to be on my hips peaking out of my panties, and one on my side, for sure. :D 

Oh, and I beat Dead COD Ghosts and Dead Island Riptide....


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So I know I'm late on this, but happy Valentine's day! I have some drawings and some photos I'm going to upload soon! :D 

I have been busy playing Xbox(: 
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Can people comment on this and give me a list of decent first person shooter games for xbox 360...please and thank-you. <3 
1. I am officially a licensed nursing assistant!!!! 
2. I'm making $18 an hour as a personal care attendant. 
3. I'm moving out soon! 
4. I am buying a laptop - which means more pictures and more replies! 
5. I'm the happiest I've ever been! 

Note me <3 
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So guys, I was suppose to have a photo shoot done a long time ago. It happened and I took pictures for 3 hours. This old creepy guy said for the whole three days he'd only pay me $100. Which is very low for three days. I told him that I had my LNA test on that Saturday and couldn't do all three days. And he's like "okay $50" ...I was quite pissed but needed the money. So I showed up when he told me to and he wasn't there, so I left and went and did something productive. And he now tells me for those three hours he was only going to pay me $10. Well, I said no, that's unfair. And he said he'd delete them if I refused to take the money. And so I went with that option. 
Okay, so 3 months later (now), he's saying that he's going to put them up no matter what I say, and that I'm stupid and that he can do whatever he wants with them. I didn't sign anything and I don't want those photos around. I didn't even get paid for them. 

So for any girls that want a photographer, don't use paolononsopiu . 
He's like 60 years old, tries to touch you the wrong way, and doesn't pay you. 

So what should I do about those photos? 
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So first off, the good news. :) 
- I now have two jobs as a PCA. Making good money. :) My next job will be as an LNA after November. :D 
- I have a boyfriend, now. Been with him for a month. He's actually normal and not psychotic and abusive. It's great to actually be treated with respect. :) 
- I may do some interesting "nudes" soon, but not what I'm used to doing. But it depends. 
- I started drawing again. So I need you guys to note me with some suggestions or requests of what to draw. Please and thank-you. :) 

So, badish news? 
- I lost my closest best friend because I started dating someone, and he was making up excuses on why we shouldn't date, and then turned around and got pissed at me for going with someone else and had a fit. But that's okay, 2 years of friendship just down the tube. Whatever. 
- I lost a couple more "best" friends because one is a nasty trader and went and talked to my ex and took his side, even though I showed her all the proof. She's just lonely and wants sex. So whatever. :) Hope that last long. 
-I might be low in I have to go to the doctors and have blood work done at some point. =( 

Anyway. That's the latest.

Now note me. :) I'm on! :D Please? 


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1. I start my PCA job on Monday! 
2. My LNA test is Sunday. (Eep nervous!) 
3. I go to court today, and this will be the last I ever see of him. 
4. I must be really exciting for him to have to view my profile on here almost every day...I think he's waiting for something .. He won't find. ^-^ 
5. I have a photo shoot! (: 

Note me:) 


Journal Entry: Tue Sep 17, 2013, 7:04 AM
I've been feeling much better and a lot happier lately. Thank-you everyone for the support. <3 

Hey There..

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 12, 2013, 6:37 AM
Okay, So I seem to be writing a lot of journal entrees lately.. 
Sorry about that...just trying to vent. Hah..
Well, I keep getting asked if there is anything anyone can do to help me take my mind off of that prick..

Well there is.

Fan signs, e-mailing me, chatting with me...etc.

I haven't ever asked anyone to do me a fan sign, but I would like to know who is a true fan, so if you are....
Can you make me a fan sign? Please...

I just don't want to end up deleting this...
And maybe I'll do a question thingy make myself feel better...

but yeah...

Oh, and today, I'm getting that restraining order and I'm getting help to press charges on him, collecting all my evidence and getting ready..

That's all...
Bai (: 

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So, I finally decided that I just don't want to deal with my ex anymore. Especially when he tells me I have to learn to accept that he loves another girl and always has. And says he role played with her sexually. How do you think of someone as family and role play sexually? I don't understand.
But so I finally decided that this second chance thing isn't gonna work out and I think it's best if I just go to the cops and file for abuse and a restraining order, and a no Tress pass order. Because this is stressing me out and I've lost 8 pounds since the break up. And don't want to continue going down this path.

I should have done this from the beginning.

Any thoughts?

And I could really use some support right now..from true friends please...

I just have had enough...with everything.

Love fucking hurts and I give up on it. I'm done. I'm done with dating and loving.
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Okay, so for a whole day. Starting at 5:40 PM (my time zone) till tomorrow at the same time, ask me ANYTHING. Comment below with your question. If I get 25 or more questions, I'll answer them all in a journal. If less, I'll note you. But you have to comment them. No matter what the question is! I have to answer it honestly. It can be about ANYTHING, no limits
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So I'm feeling kinda down right now...hating myself a lot...

People should send me notes, please ? 


I haven't ate in two days, just too sick to. Lost 6 pounds in two days...I think that's bad... 

So yeah. Please message me, or add me on Facebook...thanks :/ 
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My ex boyfriend (Bobby Lee Limlaw III), has posted my pictures up on Facebook. 
He has raped me in my sleep. He has beat me so many times. He has wished my deceased cousins grave was destroyed and said he wishes my 1 year old niece dies. He was going to rape me so he could have kids. This is fucking crazy. He cheats and lies..and ugh! I hate people...

Finally he left. 

Now he is stalking me, so anyone have any advice?
So, seeing how I'm sun burnt, I won't be able to do photos for like a week or I'm taking requests. Anyone got any good fantasies or fetishes they'd like to see me do? Private note me. :D 
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So, I haven't been on in a while. I just posted some of my newest pictures. The other new ones got deleted. I just got back from vacation as well but before I left for vacation, I got kicked out of the place I was staying because I got my own food stamps. So, I haven't had internet until now. So Hai everyone(: Miss me?! :D 

Message me. :D 

And also, people ADD ME ON FACEBOOK!! :D 
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