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How to tie Sasuke rope

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Hm. Have you ever noticed how NONE of the Sasuke cosplayers tie thier rope belt thing correctly? Well I have. =\ It got me pretty curious/annoyed/something. Me, being the perfectionist I am, wanted my cosplay to be as close as possible. So i sought out the way to "properly" tie it.

[link] <---Notice how it has 2 ends, 2 loops, and 2 rings?

After days of trying it on my own, and hours of Google-ing, I eventually found this.


I left a comment asking how she tied it, but I never got a reply =[. After a few months, I sent an email, which she did reply to.


So above is basically a guide to how to tie it, for all you Sasuke cosplayers. The actual tutorial part are the pictures :iconskei: sent me, but the example pictures are of me, and my cosplay messily slapped on =[.

...Umm, yupp. So this way actually works, but you might hav to re-tie it a few times over the day at conventions, cause sometimes it gets a bit loose.

I hope this tutorial thing actually helped, and if you have questions, feel free to note me =].


Credits go to Skei :iconskei:
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Thank you so much! And I was wondering if you had a pattern for the shirt
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awesome tutorial. but I wonder what kind of rope did you use??
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i understand nothing, it's too complicated
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Woah, this really helped me! But I have to ask, where or how did you get the rope? Please, I need to know :/ thanks!
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Thanks a lot, this was really useful for modelling a 3D rope on my Sasuke model. I repeated steps 3 & 4 to make two rings since it seems that there's only one, if I'm not mistaken.
LightsChips's avatar
I'm cosplaying right now :D
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Thank U sooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!
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wow... so usefull o.o
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I'm still confused do you have a video on how to do this?
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thanks so much, this was a BIG help!
can anyone tell me how to make his belt/rope thing? or where i can buy his belt/rope thing? XD
i'd highly appreciate it! ^.^
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Not to be a bitch, but I would want to know if it were me... While this is closer than most people's -I'll use this tutorial and am grateful for it, unless I figure out how it's actually done- it's not completely accurate. Sasuke's knot has two pieces that come across the top of the knot, this only has one. The tail pieces hang on the inside under the two bands that ring his body as do the two loops. .-.
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my rope doesnt seem to be long enough D:
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Uwaa~~ I'm also cosplaying Sasuke, and this tutorial helped so much. Thank you!! :heart:
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Could you make a video? I tried to copy your method for almost an hour... and ended up missing the naruto gathering at anime expo 2010 >_<;; then the next day I just put it on any kind of way LOL.

I think it would really benefit!!! I didn't take notice of Sasuke Cosplayers Belts till after I saw this picture, now I cannot unsee all of the bad belts out there
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i don't quite get this D:
would you be willing to explain it over msn to me :3?
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Fuck I love you for making this! You're my hero~<3
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Hey, just wondering, Im going as Sasuke at AN2010, and I was wondering: Where did you get that zip up shirt? I'd much rather use that one than the open-chested shirt. Thanks!
BloodOfUchiha's avatar
actually, i made the shirt myself.
yeah i decided to use it instead of the open one right after i saw it released in the manga ;d
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I have to find a rope period, but thank you for this! A great help when the times come XD
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:D I've always wondered...
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How come there is only one end in the tutorial and the cosplay has two?
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Could you explain how to set up example 1, and why you have two loops on the costume, but one on the demonstration?
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Could you show a more detailed tie instructions with the rope on your body. The one you show with your arm is confusing for me.
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