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How to tie Sasuke rope



Hm. Have you ever noticed how NONE of the Sasuke cosplayers tie thier rope belt thing correctly? Well I have. =\ It got me pretty curious/annoyed/something. Me, being the perfectionist I am, wanted my cosplay to be as close as possible. So i sought out the way to "properly" tie it.

[link] <---Notice how it has 2 ends, 2 loops, and 2 rings?

After days of trying it on my own, and hours of Google-ing, I eventually found this.


I left a comment asking how she tied it, but I never got a reply =[. After a few months, I sent an email, which she did reply to.


So above is basically a guide to how to tie it, for all you Sasuke cosplayers. The actual tutorial part are the pictures :iconskei: sent me, but the example pictures are of me, and my cosplay messily slapped on =[.

...Umm, yupp. So this way actually works, but you might hav to re-tie it a few times over the day at conventions, cause sometimes it gets a bit loose.

I hope this tutorial thing actually helped, and if you have questions, feel free to note me =].


Credits go to Skei :iconskei:
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Thank you so much! And I was wondering if you had a pattern for the shirt