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operation + commissions

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 19, 2017, 4:59 AM
Hiya  :iconadachimurdersplz:

I've been inactive again for couple of months now I think. This is largely due to university but also the fact that I fell ill last autumn and have had trouble to recover and regain my strength. I'm going to go through an operation next week that will hopefully improve my state. (:

I will be opening commissions again once I feel better, so probably in 2-3 weeks. Be ready if you plan on getting one (;

I upload sketches to my instagram so do check those out

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commissions CLOSED

Journal Entry: Wed May 25, 2016, 11:49 AM
Yes they're open :icondojimathumbsupplz::iconsparklesplz::iconsparklesplz::iconsparklesplz::iconsparklesplz::iconsparklesplz:

If you are interested, contact me with a note here in dA.
email: This is not my paypal email.
I don't accept dA points.

We'll discuss the pricing individually, just tell me your budget and we'll figure it out :)

Prices can be anything between 10-200 USD depending how much time it takes to make the piece in question.


Speedpaint commission (bust or headshot)

25 USD

Speedpaint commission sample by BloodlineV Turquoise by BloodlineV Belle by BloodlineV Lady Koharu by BloodlineV

coloring sample pictures regular and chibi character (sorry old samples xD)

Coloring choices (regular and chibi character) by BloodlineV

1. Digital sketch

2. Lineart

3. Flat color

4. Cell shading

5. Advanced shading


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You can find me with the name vessitar :icondojimathumbsupplz:

I'm going to post sketches and traditional artwork that I wouldn't upload here.
Also photography
you guys can see my face for the first time
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Hey it's me

I've been soo inactive again, I'm sorryand damn I don't have that core membership nooo

As you may have guessed something big happened in my life (again) and sadly it was anything but a positive experience. I hope that the next time I write a journal it'll be inspired by happy thoughts, and I actually have a pretty good feeling that it will.
I don't want to go in details in terms of what has happened, but long story short, I almost lost another person in my life, yet this situation was much more complicated than with my mum and it really ate me up.

Now I'm on my christmas holiday and I'll be spending that with my family and friends. BUT! I will start posting again in 2016! I promise! (❛w❛)੭ Also I'm planning on making an instagram, if anyone is interested in seeing my random bad photography and sketches or smthng like that lol

And sorry for not answering messages :iconrazycryplz: I will start doing that asap

How's everyone?
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end of one story

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 11, 2015, 5:10 AM

I have been away for a while, again. I needed time and space to recover from all that has happened, and yet still it's hard for me to write about it.
  My mom lost her battle against cancer in April, after 10 years of fighting. These past months have been brutal for both me and my family and thus I put a lot of things on hold, including deviantart.
  Sadly, even though I'm on summer vacation, I won't be having that much time to draw. I'm just going to relax and hang with my friends. Good news is that I'll start sorting out my inbox again and try to check it regularly although I cannot guarantee that fast reply speed.

I missed you guysss (´ ▽ `)

Thank you so much for all the nice comments  ;w;

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Journal Entry: Tue Sep 9, 2014, 11:25 AM
Seems like every time I write a journal it's about my inactivity here..

Hello there everybody! ( ´ ▽ `)ノ I was away for quite a long time this time hahaha

As for the the reason why I was on hiatus, I've had my share of troubles this year. It was practically impossible for me to draw anything. I guess at some point I even started hating the thought of drawing. This was by far the worst and the longest artblock I've ever had!

But I guess it's over now...? idk for sure

I'm just starting my 2nd year uni studies but I'm going to try to upload here regularly and CHECK MY GODDAMN INBOX ONCE IN A WHILE .
Speaking of which, I'm really sorry that I haven't been answering to messages nor reading them regularly.. v - v Prepare to receive really belated replies lol

Also I want to thank GinkgoWerkstatt for featuring my Walking Hoodie pixel animation as DD some time ago. Yea I just found out about it.... OTL

Wellp if that wasn't enought text to bore you then idk :iconadachimurdersplz:
How's everybody been? For reals?

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Journal Entry: Thu Dec 26, 2013, 10:29 AM
Hi hi everyone~
Long time no see huh? Hope you haven't
forgotten about me already hahahaha orz
I've been busy with my uni studies, and to be
honest, I don't really feel like this graphic design is
a perfect match  for me, but ehh I guess it's okay, besides, I've met some awesome peeps along the way. > w >/

Sorry I haven't been active in here in a while, I've been real tired every time I got home and I've usually just fallen asleep right away. But imma gonna make some time for drawing, don't cha worry~

Thus my New Year's resolution for 2014 is that I'm going to draw at least 1 picture a week.
Wish me luck on this doomed quest. :icondojimathumbsupplz:

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Life update/about commissions

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 6, 2013, 2:38 AM
Hello friends,
You've probably noticed that I've been
superb inactive for months now, sorry
'bout that. :')
    I mentioned about a year ago that I got accepted
into the university of Lapland, but I didn't, or more like I couldn't go there at the time, so I took a year off. I'm starting there now in September, and gawd moving to the other side of the country is a pain in the arse.
    The reason why I stayed home is a bit depressing, a family member of mine was diagnosed to have a couple of months left to live, so I stayed here to support my family. I'm positive that they wouldn't have made it without me.
    I know that I've hinted a couple of people that I might open commissions and do this or that, make tutorials and such, but I really don't know if I have the time, I hope you understand. I'd like to help my family with loads of things before I move, e.g. my mum really wants to fix the garden and I want to do that for her, she really deserves it.

    I also try to progress on writing the story for Evie and Gii, but all this stress is causing me the ultimate art- and writers block. = w ='

    I might start uploading more once I've moved, just be patient my friends. ( ' ▽ ' )ノ ...or I'll be busier than ever who knows haha orz

Thank you for reading~♥ :iconrainbowsheep2: Have a nice day~

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Journal Entry: Sun Jun 16, 2013, 12:02 PM
Kawaconiin tarvitaan kipeästi työvoimaa,
muuten ei saada koko conia pidettyä! :U

Vänkäreitä ja järkkäreitä tarvitaan!

Ryhtykää siis vapaaehtoisiksi tai tönikää
töihin valmiudet omaavaa kaverianne osallistumaan. Huom, con järjestetään suurimmaksi osaksi vapaaehtoistyönä. Työntekijöille on kuitenkin luvassa ainakin seuraavat edut:
  • Ilmainen sisäänpääsy.
  • Tarvittaessa majoitus asuntolan tiloissa.
  • Pääsy Greenroomiin.
  • Ilmainen lounas molempina tapahtumapäivinä.
  • Haluttaessa työvoimapaita.
  • Ja tietenkin työtodistus.
Lisätietoa ja ilmoittautumiset täältä:…

Nyt kipin kapin kaikki ilmoittautumaan. :icondojimathumbsupplz:
or I'll spank ya.

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Get Featured! (: -closed-

Journal Entry: Thu May 23, 2013, 1:05 AM

Closed for now~

Feature tiem again~ > ▽ >/

If you donate 10 :points: or more I'll feature 2 of your drawings here.
Just comment to this journal with the links to the pictures you want me to feature~


Featured artists

Monkshood: Death Is Near by BurningFantasy AT: Yummy Cupcakes by BurningFantasy



Roxas : My fears, My Lies.. by Shueren

Technomancer by AkiranoUta Mio and Azumi Commission by AkiranoUta

SaikoStation's also taking commissions here:




Just a moment by TakaRyuuji After Trainning by TakaRyuuji

demon girl by Icee-tan froggy by Icee-tan

Elena and Izar by xCastra Marisa by xCastra

Like a Turtlekitty by CamishCD Lyra by CamishCD


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Membership ending today

Journal Entry: Mon May 13, 2013, 3:48 AM

All good~ (´▽`) Thank you~


My premium membership is ending today
and I don't have enough points for a new one. D: hjalp

If anyone wants to buy me a 1 month membership that'd be super since apparently I can only buy a 12 month membership for myself, and obviously that's too expensive.

Get featured! ^ o ^/ -closed-

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 29, 2013, 12:12 PM

Closed for now~ If you commented/donated before I closed the thing, you still get to be featured. ^^
Now take a look at these awesome artists. (:

Feature tiem again~ (:

If you donate more than 10 :points: I'll feature 2 of your drawings here.
Just comment to this journal with the links to the pictures you want me to feature~


Featured artists

ok by JAYWlNG Blue Forest by JAYWlNG


Dark Guardian by Nerior CPP: iRyoki by Nerior

Red Music by DeathGoddess231

Mature Content

Dedrien Hawke by DeathGoddess231



C O L O R S by Sheepily:thumb359890757:

01 Link by Envykarp Like a diva by Envykarp


Puppy Love: Camera shy? by Flamesthebad


Skullbits Customs Pinkclaw by Siraviena Hoodies [Adoptables] CLOSED by Siraviena

Shine Bright Like a Diamond by Kamis-Cafe In Another Life by Kamis-Cafe

ZandRingu[animation] by Fulgururis Fallen stars by Fulgururis

I See Ya Lookin' by Tsukikoko Free Falling (collab) by Tsukikoko

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Get featured! : D -closed-

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 11, 2013, 11:48 AM

Closed for now. :3

Feature tiem~

If you donate more than 10 :points: I'll feature 2 of your drawings here.
Just comment to this journal with the links to the pictures you want me to feature~


Featured artists





Demetrius Pixel Doll by heliolu Tsuyu Pond by heliolu

Rainbow Fairy Series - Yellow by NovaCaster

Mature Content

Of all the days to forget to wear a bra... by NovaCaster

Avila by Taiikodon Read The Sky by Taiikodon

Shirt Sketch by Flamesthebad My damsel in distress? by Flamesthebad

M O E M O N by Sheepily M L P by Sheepily



Rainy Night by RedKisuru:thumb343643046:

Broken by NesoKaiyoH Fade Away.. by NesoKaiyoH

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Journal Entry: Wed Jan 2, 2013, 9:12 AM
Hi hi I'm back, and happy 2013 gais! :icondojimathumbsupplz:
Hope you had an awesome time on Christmas and
the New Year's Eve~ I sure did. (:

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Contest~ win 50$

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 15, 2012, 7:08 AM

:iconarikarinup: is arranging a contest here.
I thought I could help him out a bit by advertising it.


Featured artists

Don't Worry by silverjade2003

Mature Content

+death reaper+ by miya-cchi +cat lover+ by miya-cchi
.:I return your Name:. by Rorita-Sakura .:Our first Hug:. by Rorita-Sakura
Don't wake up by Flamesthebad Do androids dream of Electric sheep? by Flamesthebad

Unvertigo by CamishCD Utterly Alone by CamishCD
The Two Giants by Loechai My Wooden Bowl by Loechai

Ayako Shizuyo by Ncproductionsrule Girl With a Shake by Ncproductionsrule
Run, Just Run - Chapter One - Up for a race? by Xyloverflow Run, Just Run - Prolouge by Xyloverflow
:thumb333255590: Home Ride by RedKisuru
RQ: Sunset beach by Serah-Laboratories DEM LURVES by Serah-Laboratories
Saber -- Fate Zero by DrWafu Sesshomaru X Rin ::Gender Bender:: by DrWafu:
Taste of Blood by KlownCat My Rightful Place by KlownCat
Northern Lights by Maniac-ani:thumb329819042:
heartstrings by Seltivo
Flowers in Tears by Reixma Bad Cat and Poor Mouse by Reixma

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Art thiefs

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 4, 2012, 6:45 AM
I've lately come accross several comments
saying that they "got here from FB, IMVU, etc.".
I DO NOT have other accounts
for my arworks,
no tumblr, no twitter,
I only have a personal FB account which I share only
with close friends and other Finns.

So if you see someone claiming to be me, please inform me and we'll take that impostor down. >:U

And about commissions.... I'm feeling a bit lazy so it'll probably take yet another couple of weeks before I open them...
...I'm sory. :icontearplz:

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Commissions may open soon.... 3

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 7, 2012, 8:51 AM
..... if this small artblock I've been having goes away.. > 3 >

But firt of all, you may have noticed that I've become like the most inactive person when it comes to dA. :--D I didn't mean  to, I've just been traveling a lot and such so I haven't had time to open my comp daily and when I did have time, the huge pile of messages waiting in my inbox didn't really sound that appealing.... :---D
I'm so effin' lazy........... :iconlazycryplz:

So about the commissions.....
I'll try to arrange a new commission information journal soon so that you can check the prices and commission choices.

Is anyone interested in commissioning me btw? XD

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I'm 19~

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 19, 2012, 7:21 AM
Thank you so much for all the birthday wishes<3<3 > ▽ <
I just finished thanking y'all personally~♥

I had a fabulous :iconlazeplz: time with my friends last night, and the best birthday present I got was the latest D.Gray-Man that Paopulove borrowed me~ o v o
and I'd love to eat an Allen&Tyki sandwich..... :iconskankyplz:
Hi there. Ima fangirl. :iconlazeplz: excuse my randomness.....

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My second DD~

Journal Entry: Sat May 19, 2012, 12:47 PM
Thank you so much for Hiiragi-san for
featuring my piece Young Lady Mushroom.
> v < ♥♥

And thank you for all the faves and comments~

My previous DD:
Paint Tool SAI basics tutorial

Also, how cool is that you can change account names now? : D
I might consider changing mine in the future..... Any ideas for the new name?

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Feature for an awesome artist~

Journal Entry: Tue May 15, 2012, 9:41 AM
And my friend♥


She's got really unique style (and imagination XD) and I really love how some of her pictures have this awesome tattoo-ish look. > o > Also,  she makes everything traditionally, gotta give props for that.

Some of my fav works from her:

:thumb203268189::thumb254613895::thumb192011355::thumb297089266::thumb292931799::thumb269354019::thumb297465635: <-- She also makes plushies > v < ♥

Go say hi~

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