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Doggy Birthday Party by BloodhoundPreston Doggy Birthday Party :iconbloodhoundpreston:BloodhoundPreston 3 1 Tango and Rush Fistbumps by BloodhoundPreston Tango and Rush Fistbumps :iconbloodhoundpreston:BloodhoundPreston 1 1 Skye Surfing by BloodhoundPreston Skye Surfing :iconbloodhoundpreston:BloodhoundPreston 4 0
EarthBound Meets Paw Patrol
The Paw Patrol were at the Lookout playing a game that involves fighting monsters from outer space. Chase, Skye, and Marshall were the defenders while Zuma, Rubble, and Rocky are playing the space monsters. Skye soon uses a pretend laser gun (which is made out of paper towel tubes), and “blasted” Zuma with it. Zuma dodges and he throws a tennis ball at Skye. And of course, since it’s a game they’re playing, Skye had to pretend that she was knocked down.
“I’m hit!” she said. “I’m hit! Oh go on without me!”
Skye falls to the ground, pretending she was dead. And soon, Chase and Marshall decides they’re not giving up. But then, they see what looks like a space rock coming to Earth. The boys stopped to see the meteor. The meteor soon lands somewhere in Adventure Bay. Skye got up when she heard a noise.
“What was that?!” she asked.
“I think it was some sort of meteor,” said Marshall.
“We better te
:iconbloodhoundpreston:BloodhoundPreston 2 0
Dr. Fox by BloodhoundPreston Dr. Fox :iconbloodhoundpreston:BloodhoundPreston 4 3 Clifford On Top of Rita by BloodhoundPreston Clifford On Top of Rita :iconbloodhoundpreston:BloodhoundPreston 6 4 Fanart of Tango (Mega Man) by BloodhoundPreston Fanart of Tango (Mega Man) :iconbloodhoundpreston:BloodhoundPreston 1 0
Sweetie Goes to the Pup-Tacular
In Adventure Bay, Ryder refilling the treat dispenser, and he even got new flavors of pup treats. Then, he saw Katie walk in. Ryder turned around to see Katie walk to him.
“Hi, Katie,” said Ryder.
“Hello, Ryder,” said Katie, “I wanna tell you about an upcoming event.”
“What’s the upcoming event?”
“There’s gonna be another Pup-Tacular coming up,” Katie told Ryder.
“Cool,” said Ryder. “I want to enter a pup in the Pup-Tacular so I can win, but there are some problems.”
“What’s that?” asked Katie.
Ryder told Katie that he can’t ask Zuma and/or Rocky because they’re currently grounded for having a mud and water fight inside the Lookout and made the lobby messy. He also cannot ask Chase or Marshall because they’re currently on a date with Skye and Everest, so they can’t go. He could ask Tracker but he’s too busy with Carlos in the jungle. And Rubble
:iconbloodhoundpreston:BloodhoundPreston 2 2
Canine All-Stars to the Rescue
In Adventure Bay, Marshall and Everest were having some fun together and are also enjoying the summer day. While they continue, they see the rest of the Paw Patrol coming they wanted to join the fun. Then, they see some friends that they knew a while back. And they recognized them as Pikachu, Vulpix, Growlithe, Eevee, and Fennekin; their Pokemon friends.
“Hi guys,” said Pikachu.
The Paw Patrol said hello back to their friends. Pikachu soon asked if they can join them and Chase said yes. And so the Paw Patrol and some Pokemon started to play together. And then, four Dalmatians came along. Marshall took a notice and saw that they were their friends that they made back in London, which were Lucky, Rolly, Cadpig, and Two-Tone.
“Oh, hi guys,” Marshall told them.
“Hi Marshall,” said Lucky, “I was wondering if my brother, sister, and Two-Tone would like to play.”
“Of course,” said Skye, “there’s always room for more frien
:iconbloodhoundpreston:BloodhoundPreston 5 2
Fanart of Pikachu Libre by BloodhoundPreston Fanart of Pikachu Libre :iconbloodhoundpreston:BloodhoundPreston 1 0 Fanart of Kirby by BloodhoundPreston Fanart of Kirby :iconbloodhoundpreston:BloodhoundPreston 0 0 Creeper Runs Away from Sagwa by BloodhoundPreston Creeper Runs Away from Sagwa :iconbloodhoundpreston:BloodhoundPreston 1 0 Watching the Fireworks Together by BloodhoundPreston Watching the Fireworks Together :iconbloodhoundpreston:BloodhoundPreston 10 2 Happy Fourth of July (2018) by BloodhoundPreston Happy Fourth of July (2018) :iconbloodhoundpreston:BloodhoundPreston 5 2 My Fursona's New Bandanna by BloodhoundPreston My Fursona's New Bandanna :iconbloodhoundpreston:BloodhoundPreston 1 0 Zuma in Danger by BloodhoundPreston Zuma in Danger :iconbloodhoundpreston:BloodhoundPreston 5 0


COM: Gus by kreazea COM: Gus :iconkreazea:kreazea 29 23 Beach fun by Lucky13spirits Beach fun :iconlucky13spirits:Lucky13spirits 81 9 Footch the Summer Black Cat by SAGADreams Footch the Summer Black Cat :iconsagadreams:SAGADreams 36 12 Pup friend by SkyHigh29 Pup friend :iconskyhigh29:SkyHigh29 15 8 Tom Cachorro (Tom Puppy) by JocelynMinions Tom Cachorro (Tom Puppy) :iconjocelynminions:JocelynMinions 6 0 Funko POP! PB and J OCs by JustinandDennis Funko POP! PB and J OCs :iconjustinanddennis:JustinandDennis 19 7 Zabivaka - Celebration of the Last Day by trc001 Zabivaka - Celebration of the Last Day :icontrc001:trc001 15 16 My Beautiful Fox! (Commission) by Clawort-Animations My Beautiful Fox! (Commission) :iconclawort-animations:Clawort-Animations 22 3 Adventure through the woods. by pandapaco Adventure through the woods. :iconpandapaco:pandapaco 671 47 i woke up in a new Bugatti by vauds i woke up in a new Bugatti :iconvauds:vauds 102 6 Gazelle drew in Procreate by DisneyJared23 Gazelle drew in Procreate :icondisneyjared23:DisneyJared23 15 1 Before the Jog by SummerShe-Wolf Before the Jog :iconsummershe-wolf:SummerShe-Wolf 10 9 Paw Patrol - Zuma In The Hat by trc001 Paw Patrol - Zuma In The Hat :icontrc001:trc001 27 6 Light Fury by MeshokDobra Light Fury :iconmeshokdobra:MeshokDobra 4,129 234 Lineless cmc thingy by synnibear03 Lineless cmc thingy :iconsynnibear03:synnibear03 2,225 267 Red Fluffball by Jack-13 Red Fluffball :iconjack-13:Jack-13 1,088 41


I forgot to mention in my other journals about requests that there some stuff that I can't draw or write fanfics about.
Here's a list of stuff that I can't draw nor write fanfics about:

Family Guy
South Park
Total Drama
any other thing I don't like or unfamiliar with

I hope you guys will understand.


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
My birthday badge

Things about me:
1) I'm a Brony
2) I play videogames
3) I'm a furry
4) I LOVE candy
5) I'm autistic

PM me to send me a request. Here are some rules about the requests: [Link]

I'm a friendly person by KittyJewelpet78 NO SMOKE STAMP by schtolz Christian Furry by kungfudemoness Asperger stamp by Aso-Designer BUT YER TOO OLD FOR THIS by endler Not every guy wants a girlfriend by KittyJewelpet78 (Request) Anti People comment just to say First by KittyJewelpet78 Dont do DRUGS - do ART by JoJoesArt Rape is not cute by KittyJewelpet78 PAW Patrol Stamp (Request) by justdacat I support pregfur stamp 2 by geckoguy123456789 Potheads beware by Maliciouses Men can cry too by KittyJewelpet78 Skye X Chase Shipping Stamp by MockingjayBases Marshall x Everest Stamp by mollymolata Clean Art FTW by sugarpoultry stamp I Love rain by HavickArt Stamp - Fat Furs by GameLink7 Asperger and autism are not 2 by TanithLipsky What's the point getting one by KittyJewelpet78 Friendship stamp by JinZhan Another apocalypse... by prosaix Don't get mad at if i made a error by KittyJewelpet78 (Request) Don't Block Me for One Anti Stamp by KittyJewelpet78 STAMP: Personally... by StampsGoneMissing Paint User STAMP by Drayuu Vulpix Stamp by StrawberrieMew Talking Tom and Friends Stamp by StarRion20 Gamer stamp by DinowCookie Fragile (Stamp) by ELLlOTT

Also, if you see anyone with the name "BludhoundPreston" online in any game (due to character limit), it's probably me.


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