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I am *drum roll* open for commissions! :D 

I am basically offering any type of commission, but there is a discount of 10-20% on anythingBloodhound related!
This can include Bloodi Epic Mount commissions, your character interacting (SFW) with Bloodi or even your very own spacepuppy!

Please check out this submission for prices and more information. :)

Open for Commissions! by BloodhoundOmega
It's my fifth year joining the Naturama Project in gathering money for a good cause! :D

I am currently offering a 50€ slot for either a badge or an ACEO (examples can be found in my gallery).

For more information on the Naturama Project please check out their website. -->…

In case you are interested to commission me just drop me a note. :)

What is it about my art that strikes you as "typical" for me? I am asking because I have a hard time figuring out what my "style" is, so... o.o What is it that makes you recognize my art from that of others? Does it stand out at all? X'D *rolls around*
I know I know... I am late to the party. *g*

  •     How long have you been on DeviantArt?
12 years.

  •     What does your username mean?
It is a reference to several things relating to the Psi Corps in the the Sci Fi show "Babylon 5". It has ever since then become much more, yet I keep the roots of the name in fond memory. :)
  •     Describe yourself in three words.
Complicated, caring, creative.
  •     Are you left or right handed?
I am a righty.

  •     What was your first deviation?
A portrait of one of my rabbits that I drew the day it was put to sleep.

  •     What is your favourite type of art to create?

Crittery goodness, emotional stuff, headworld, fanart, animals, cartoons... anything that strikes a cord with me really. ^^

  •     If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
Rough and stylized work has always fascinated me. I always get lost in details, hiding the fact that my art rarely can live without it that way.

  •     What was your first favourite?

  •     What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?
Hm... hard to say, but I guess it would be faart, simply because there is so much awesome stuff out there that I enjoy that is capture by even more awesome artists all around the globe.
  •     Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?
I couldn't point out just one.

  •     If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?

     :iconbeastofoblivion: She is definitely an idol of mine that I silently adore from afar. X3

  •     How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
They are my best friend, my conscience, my pillar, my love and sometimes my very much needed kick in the bum. :heart:
  •     What are your preferred tools to create art?
Colour Pencils.
  •     What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
Eh, I am very unspectacular with this one. I usually work at my desk. ^^;

  •     What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
Hm... tough one... I think there is also no single memory, but the general feeling I had in the beginning of it all. Everything was still new and fresh and exciting and I felt more as a part of a community than I do now. It was tough and turbulent times, but also good and fun ones. :D
My-oh-my! I am so behind with everything that I totally forgot to tell you guys that one of my older pieces has been featured in the April issue of Delve. --> uploaded via :icon0supermarinespitfire:

It is an issue dedicated to fanart and my piece "A true child of the Corps" has been made part of this publication.

A true Child of the Corps by BloodhoundOmega

Even though this picture is already very old, I am still absolutely fond of it, even a bit proud. Even more so as now it is among some really astonishing company in this Delve issue. Please check it out and see what tons of awesome artists have put together! :D

--> uploaded via :icon0supermarinespitfire:
Hey everybody, what's up? :>

I just wanted to let you guys know that the Naturama project has returned to continue it's good cause in 2014 as well!


Buy yourself art and support various projects involved in animal rights, animal care and preservation.

As in the last years I will be offering a small commission for this project as well (a Badge and a custom key chain chibi, too) and I might be sponsoting another little token for the tombola, if I get chosen to do so.

I just wanted to raise awareness for this nifty "little" project. We are constantly looking for people who support our cause, as well as new artists to participate.

If you are interested to donate your work as an artist (or your funds), please contact the site staff! :D Every bit helps.

As for the little commissions I am offering for this: technically you could ask me for them right away, but due to reasons (explained later in this post) I probably won't be able to start working on them right away. You might have to wait for completion till April. If you're cool with that: Go ahead! :D

As for a general update: Art might be comming slow from now on till April. The reason being: mid terms! I am currently at my second run to become a digital media designer (the first attempt was stopped dead in its tracks, because my employer decided he couldn't afford my colleague and me anymore) and we will have our theoretical mid term on March 27th. I already started preparing for it, but with school and work at the same time it's a bit tough to get to a level were I feel really prepared for the exam. Xp

The topics announced for the test are... not great, but not awful either, I guess.

The mid terms are important for me, even if the grades don't actually "count" because they are an indicator of where I stand education wise and I need it to be graded good enough so I can shorten my education for half a year. If my boss plays along I can cut my time short by half a year which means my final exams would take place in December. If I can manage to do so this year will be one hell of preparing for this, crunching through all the new knowledge and keeping it in my head and heart. XD

On top of it all things might get really really nasty financially for me. I might be forced to accept (more) commissions to support myself with what I have planned to come by in the future. Things haven't been exactly peachy over the past two years. Some things have become better, others worse. I am at a point were my physical and mental health are at risk and I have to make a decision between breaking away from financial security or staying where I am and risking to get worse. But basically the decision has already been made and I will stick to it and fight my way through life, so I can continue making art and sharing it with all you awesome peeps out there! :D

My head and heart burst with world building stuff! Much of it I shy away from because I still lack the skills to depict it properly, by my soul is on fire!  *beams* I am gonna throw Bloodhounds at you at every chance that I got! *laughs* So thank you all so much for sticking by my side and supporting me and just being awesome in general! <3
I have been pondering for a while... would anybody be interested in a collection of "Frequently Asked Questions"? It's not like I get a ton of them, but they usually circle around the same topics i.e. What mediums I use, if I am open for certain activities, usage of art, my headworld.

Would it be of any help/ interest for you guys if I collected those in a single journal (and keep it updated)? Yay? Ney? Don't care? XD

Made a little poll for this occasion. -->…
Hey there!

Just letting you folks know that in a few hours I will be gone till sunday evening. It's a I am escaping to, but it's the first _real_ holiday I am having since May or so, meaning I finally get to relax and recharge batteries for more than just a weekend. XD I am really looking forward to it. *g*

Where I am going there is zero connectivity, so if there's something you need from me you'll sadly have to wait till my return. ^^

Also, holymoly! My Easter picture for the :iconanthrocalendar: was awarded with a Daily Deviation (despite it's little flaws)! :O I am so honoured and happy that you guys appreciate my little submission to this project so much. You really really made my day! :D

I hope you guys are having a wonderful start of October/ autumn and see you all in a few!
It's been a while since I was last able to offer my little key chain fellows, but now it's finally time again! Cheesy

After I had to send quite a few people away at EF because templates had sold out, I can now offer them for anybody again, as well as the option of getting existing templates modified and completely custom ones done. :D I have a little supply of blankos at hand now, so fire away! They make neat little gifts, too. *g*

Go over here for more info, please! ^^

Key Chain Chibis - Open for Business by BloodhoundOmega

And if there are any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

Kindest Regards,
... you know, tiny ones... what would you guys like me to do?

I was playing with the thought of little chibi-like ferals, but I am unsure about the species.

What would you like me to do most?

Canines? Felines? Mythicals? general cute stuff?

Would you be interested in anything at all? XD
Attention! There will be a little upload-flood later on. *g*


Around 10 years ago I first created my Bloodhounds as a concept for an entire species. Even then I wanted them to be an own Alien species, with their own home world, their own culture and their own little quirks.
I developed everything around them, wove threads here and there and eventually constructed my own little headworld.

Some time ago though I felt something changing... I felt the ever-growing desire to change my Hounds and - along with them - Bloodi... I was rather upset every time somebody called him a wolf. On such occasions I always felt insufficient as an artist, wondering if I was unable to draw in a matter that distinguishes a dog from a wolf... I developed the wish to alter the general appearance of my Hounds, to make them recognizable, to make them stand out of the crowd, if you wish to phrase it that way. They should look alien, unlike anything we have on earth or somebody else designed before me, but still somewhat familiar...

It was a challenge and it was full of hurdles, but I finally found a direction that pleased me immensely! It looked and felt so... right, so I went with it. It took me around half a year to prepare the recent Bloodhound Sheets. I am not a 100& satisfied with them. There are mistakes in them that - at the current time - I lack still to fix. Things are not entirely fluent yet, but I love my babies' new look so much. This excitement helped me to overcome my fear of changing, what people associated me with for over a decade.

If my Bloodhounds change their face as a race, so does Bloodhound Omega. He is still himself, but I do believe that now I am closer to the core of his essence than I was in the past dozen years or so.

This doesn't mean that I do not cherish his old shape anymore! I have so much wonderful art of and with him and each of it is beautiful! I guess it can be described like pictures of him, photos taken of him in another episode of his life. Now he has grown, his obvious features changed, but he is still himself.


I am not really sure what the point of this journal is, really, as it's probably tl;dr anyway. *g*

In general I just wanted to "warn" you guys that I will be spamming your inbox tonight and that a certain something has changed... :) To all those to whom it matters. Oh, and to those who are interested in more --> Here's my DA folder with collected Bloodhounds stuff from the past years.  -->…
Thank you all! :D Now to work all those lovelies off, one at a time. *g*


Mass Effect Renegade (Special): Linta
Mass Effect Paragon (Special): Ghostbear

Silent Hill: Makuta

Portal: Fero
Assassin's Creed: Furan Ircas

openSlot1: Karakina --> DeadSpace
openSlot2: Joleii --> Fallout
openSlot3: FallenWolf --> MechWarrior

TRON 1: Lakota
TRON 2: HuskyNanuk
TRON 3: ggf. SunTattoowolf?


Portal: Icee
Portal: Fuwo
Tomb Raider: DeepDragon
Cloudtail: Skyrim
I think you guys know the game by now... XD Returning :iconnelena:'s "favour *coughbetrayalcough* myself today. ;D She is celebrating her succesfull aniversary of surviving on this planet today, so be good guys and gals and leave some nice words for her on her special day? ^^

:iconnelena::iconnelena::iconnelena::iconnelena::iconnelena: <3
Field Mice in a Poppy Field by BloodhoundOmega   Conference of Animals by BloodhoundOmega

Several years ago I was one of only a few traditional artists who participated in a large project, namely creating a collectible card game for The Wizard of OZ. Much time has passed, but the project has finally reached a point at which it can be published. We are looking for supporters on kickstarter right now. Even if you can't back up the project yourself I would really really appreciate it if you could help spreading the word. My heart is still very much attached to this entire thing and I would love to see it finally brought to an end! :D…
Alrighty! After the positive feedback on my inquiries last week I am opening up for a first round of game themed badges today. :D


If you see a slot that interests you, please write me a PM/ Note with following info:

which game /slot you'd like
Which character you'd want a badge for
if you need the badge within a certain time/ until a certain deadline

Every badge in this run has only slot. I do hope though that these are as much fun as I imagine them to be so that there will be several re-runs! ^__^ So don't fret if you don't get a slot this time.

Experimental slots:

25€ each plus shipping

no revisions through commissioner. You'll be surprised with the finished badge, so you gotta trust me ;) We will however try to make sure beforehand that you like the idea I came up with

mixing of media will happen. Badges might contain moving parts, be thicker than usual or „miss" certain parts *g*

Each slot can be filled only once (additional slots will be available for a regular price in the second run)

Mass Effect (paragon): nimrais
Mass Effect (renegade):  bostitch

Assassin's Creed (serious): Cyres
Assassin's Creed (silly): kur0

Left4Dead (Special Infected): nelena
Left4Dead (Survivor or Infected): katara

Silent Hill (Monster): ultraviolet
Silent Hill (general): demoniccompendium

Portal: Saju

Regular priced slots:

35€ each plus shipping (+5€ if you want more than just a portrait or a bust shot)

You get to see the drafts and the sketch before I start colouring. No fancy experiments though. :>

Each slot can be filled only once

Resident Evil: Lyndwyn
Skyrim OR WoW: Draco
Mortal Kombat OR Streetfighter

And finally an Xtra-Slot (open) for a game not mentioned here. For this you'll have to provide me with ideas that are interesting and charming enough, as well as needed references. ;) Other than that the same „rules" apply as for the  other regular priced game badges. --> reserved for andraste

That's that then. I hope every slot finds a person who's interested. I think I have some really funny/neat ideas and I wanna share them with you willing guinea pigs! :D

If you have any questions you can either send me a note or ask via comment. I will try to reply asap.
I was musing about how my commission situation will look like this year.

I think bigger pieces will/must remain a rarity due to my work times and especially the additional amount of stuff to do during school weeks. I do hope though to be offering badges again, especially as I kinda like where my own badges developed to since last year. :)

Speaking of which, I will be offering a badge (maybe two) for the Naturama project again this year. We're also looking for artists again who want to contribute for a good cause. If you're curious you might check out this page here for more information.…

This on a sidenote only. ;)

Gotta admit though that I am more tempted to make themed badges than regular ones, so I was wondering if people were interested in badges with game themes. I was mostly thinking about games I am fond of myself, because I am an egoist like that. *laughs* Possible candidates would be

Mass Effect (your character in that universe or as one of the species ooooor your MP character)
Left 4 Dead (survivor or infected)
Silent Hill

Other options miiiight be

maybe Assasins' Creed
Everquest II / WoW / Guild Wars

I might experiment a bit with the first three ones (cutting out symbols, maybe ordering fake blood to paint with yadda yadda) so I am not entirely sure how they turn out. I might offer a few experimental slots for a slightly lower price. Those badges would then work as examples for "regular" slots. This is nothing fixed yet, just an idea I am tossing and turning around, but if enough people are interested this could be my plan for this year. ^^

Feel free to suggest other games. If I know it, like it and can imagine enough ideas for badges I might add it to the list. :)
It's been a while since my last journal entry, so I thought I gave you guys a little insight into what's going on in my life right now.

I started my apprenticeship again in August. My entire year has been a sole up and down regarding that matter, but I think I found a line of work I can be happy with and that I enjoy doing and also a company I like working for. Things are not entirely stable though and as it often is in the creative business, especially with small companies, there is a lot of extra work that needs to be done. My free time is already spare when I _only_ work, but I got even less of it when there's a school block. I admit I am having trouble with this. I miss doing art and I have trouble finding enough opportunity to simply relax and regain strengths. For several reasons my depressions have grown stronger lately and all in all life is just a big pile of „don't want" right now. Don't get me wrong. I don't write this to complain or evoke sympathy, merely to inform why I am rather silent, slow and comparably unproductive at the moment. ;)

This is a phase. It will pass, one way or the other. I just hope it ain't gonna get even worse before it starts getting better again.

Surprisingly enough I found out that I find ir rather relaxing to go and hunt down „Zombies" aka. Infected after a long day of school and work after school. I have really grown fond of playing L4D with my homies. So for I gotta admit though that I enjoy part one way more than part two. Francis = <3

Also I started to re-design my Bloodhounds... since a whole while I had the desire to turn them into something more recognizable. This brought along an inner conflict, because I wanted them to look different from „regular" canines, but by doing so, making them more alien and more exotic I might estrange them from my viewers... In the end I decided though that this is a risk I should take. When I think of recognizable for examples the Lockjaws are or the Tascheva/Tala'Nynn are than this is something I would like to reach. I don't know if this is beyond my skills... the first attempts were frustrating... but the newest steps make me happy and I think I like where the journey is going. This of course means, too, that Bloodi will change the way he looks... It does not mean however that I will stop loving anything that has to do with the old design of my hounds. They are my babies, no matter how they look. They just … grow, I guess, and enter another state of their development. It's a bit weird to watch them do so. I have to listen to my inner self and trust that this is the right thing and right now... it does feel that way.

And finally... I thought about offering prints again. Since people from overseas have such high shipping costs though I considered offering them for a bit less than the regular prices that I ask for at cons. That is, if there would be any interest in prints at all?

Yeah well, enough of the babbling. *g* I just had to get this out. I hope things will somewhat calm down again in the next months or so, so I can pester you with more drawings again.

Till then... Tata!

Words can not express how utterly happy I am that, after some to and fro in the last 48 hrs, I was allowed to leave the hospital today. I am still a bit sore, of course, ultra weak and I walk as if on raw eggs (as we like to say here), but I will take good care of myself. I don't want to end up in hospital again anytime soon, if ever. The experience was a remarkably negative one. Many things made something already unpleasent even worse and there still might be something comming. But for now I can snuggle up in my cuddle blanket, knowing my family is around and I have the worst behind me. I am back, I am home and I am grateful to be able to pester all you peeps you peeps again! <3
Just letting you guys know that I will take an involuntary break from the internet starting tuesday. I have to undergo surgery and I don't know when exactly I will be released from the hospital. So I am putting this up here, in case anybody contacts me and wonders why I am not responding. X3

I have never had to undergo surgery before and I must admit it's rather scaring the living daylight out of me, so I try to keep myself distracted as good as possible. Which brings me to this:

Thank you to all those maginificent people who have decided to watch my humble gallery recently! I cannot express gratitude enough for your support of my art, especially, of course, when it is related to my head world. This really means a lot to me and you make me feel all warm and furry inside.

Granted that this would be more convenient during winter time, but you guys get my drift. ;D

I will remain around till some time on Monday and will get back as soon as I can. Wish me luck, you guys! *g*


Art Status

Requests: Never
Trades: Closed in general
Commissions: Closed (no waiting list)
Current Customers: FireMaster, Fero, Silba