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Unconditional Love by WeebWriteMan Unconditional Love :iconweebwriteman:WeebWriteMan 186 15 Buoyancy Boost (RNG TG) by DShittyAdmiral
Mature content
Buoyancy Boost (RNG TG) :icondshittyadmiral:DShittyAdmiral 263 7
Mature content
TG Caption This: If Only Mr. Alien Was A Girl! :iconmeliran:Meliran 58 3
Armored Rider Senjin: Persimmon Arms by DarkTidalWave Armored Rider Senjin: Persimmon Arms :icondarktidalwave:DarkTidalWave 17 6 TESLAVORR by Artmachband196 TESLAVORR :iconartmachband196:Artmachband196 58 6 NEMUNIMOS IV by Artmachband196 NEMUNIMOS IV :iconartmachband196:Artmachband196 47 5 CHALYBEAS by Artmachband196 CHALYBEAS :iconartmachband196:Artmachband196 55 9 PETROPIA by Artmachband196 PETROPIA :iconartmachband196:Artmachband196 54 7 POLYOMINUS by Artmachband196 POLYOMINUS :iconartmachband196:Artmachband196 47 2 PEPTOS XI by Artmachband196 PEPTOS XI :iconartmachband196:Artmachband196 39 3
Death Battle: Clowns, why did it have to be Clowns

Marcus: All right, the combatants got all their bags of goodies ready, the night has come, and it's time for the killer clowns to do their thing on this night of Halloween~
Deicy: It's time for a CLOWN DEATH BATTLE!!!!!!
Gotham City Circus, October 31'st, 8:17 p.m.

Halloween night, the perfect time for families and children of all ages to go about the night to have the most fun possible, trick or treating, going door to door, or doing what the families are currently doing, going to the special one time a year Halloween Gotham Circus, having the most frightful sights, the scariest of food and yet having the tastiest candy. It was a night to enjoy, as there was ice cream all around, some good food from a local fast food chain and a masked magician putting on a show.
It was all looking so nice and peaceful--
The soun
:icon0mura2:0mura2 19 20
I Bless The Rains (Otter TF/TG)
Bobby looked off the diving cliff into the water below. It was a cliff diving experience he wasn't quite sure he was ready for. It wasn't terribly high, and there were higher spots to dive into the pool of water below near him as this was seen as the starter one. The fear was too much for him, and Bobby backed down. 
He sighed, going over to a nearby tree and sitting against it. He wanted to dive, it looked like a lot of fun and being in the water must feel really nice. However, his fear got the better of him as sighed, leaning his head against the tree. 
Looking up, he saw that the clouds had darkened and as luck would have it rain started to pour down. He did always like the rain. Bobby pushed himself back up to his feet, looking up at the down pour and a smile managed to form across his face. For some strange reason, he started to feel motivated from it. 
Bobby began to make his way back to the cliffside dive. As he made his way over, the rain pouring onto his body be
:iconvinomath:Vinomath 18 1
Mature content
Meal Maid for a Dragon - Tohru Twinning - CoM :iconbountyunter93:bountyunter93 46 0
Super Smash Bros Retro: Dante (DLC/Guest)
*slashes appear until before blazes and reveals the Smash logo before going white.
Kazuya was pulverizing Smashers left and right. He then proceeded to KO Mario, Link, Zero, Bowser, and was going for Pit next.
Kazuya uses his Final Smash to knock Pit out of the arena. Kazuya flashes an evil smirk.
Only for it to drop when he is strucked and sent flying by a sword.
It was then we cut to the figure who performed the attack. His back turned as his red coat and white hair flowed through the wind. He sheathes it and then turns, whilst twirling two Desert Eagle guns. He smirks and says, "Done warming up yet?"
Name: Dante
First Appearance: Devil May Cry (2001)
Console Appearance: PS2
Universe: Devil May Cry
Symbol: Alastor with Ebony and Ivory acting like crossbones
Availability: DLC
Unique Moves:
Dante uses Styles as part of his gameplay.
B - Ebony & Ivory: Dante fires rounds from Ebony and Ivory. Holding B will allow Dante to fire a charg
:iconspeakoniaandy:SpeakoniaAndy 6 20
5 Nights at Animecon! (FNIA TF/TG) Pt.1/9
(Part 1/9) 9 friends were just sitting home,bored.
"So...what's on tonight?"Asked Jordan.
Frank just made a "I don't know"noise.
"Hey,Paul,don't you have a Gamejolt account?"Asked Brad.
"Can you download a FNAF Fangame?"
"You do know you don't need an account to do that,and sure."
"Wait,you don't?"Asked Michel.
Paul goes to Jordan's computer,and goes to Gamejolt,and looked up FNAF fangames.He finds one called Five Nights at Anime 2.He's heard of the first game,so he decides to download it.Surprisingly,it only took a few minutes.
"Great!"Jordan said,and decided to play it first.
It takes a bit to load,and it began playing.Though something was strange.There was no "Anime"tronics on the menu screen.However,Pal just thought this was normal,and clicked New Game.He was took the office,and checks the monitor.However,something was strange.On the Show stage,there was no one there.Or in Foxy's Cove,Mangle's Cove,or anywhere.He looks a bit confused/scared.What if they have already move
:iconsonicvshtf654:sonicvshtf654 45 41
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Phoenix Wright

Character Info:
Series of Origin: Ace Attorney (2001-)
First Appearance: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (2001)
Most Recent Appearance: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Spirit of Justice (2016)
Voice Actor: Sam Riegel
Character Type/Style: Phoenix is a middleweight class character with mostly melee attacks. Some of his attacks have decent range, and he is strongest at neutral. Many of his attacks can combo into each other, but they're more demanding of precision than other characters. Despite this, if a Phoenix player can string his attacks together cleanly and keep their cool in battle, he is a dangerous opponent.
Trophy Bio: After being wrongly accused of murder in college, Phoenix Wright was inspired to defend others in the courtroom like how defense attorney Mia Fey defended him. After passing the bar exam and after Mia's murder, Phoenix took over her law firm alongside her
:icongalacticattorney:GalacticAttorney 11 1



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