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Is it necessary to be this hot? The Man thought as he crested another dune.
The air shimmered all around him with heat. He had run out of water three dunes ago and was starting to feel the effects of it, like his insides were turning to jerky.
Everything in the Sahara was yellow. He cursed the color as he almost slipped going up another dune. Yellow ground, yellow hills, by now it was the only color he could see, even the sky had turned an ugly shade of mustard hue.
For days now he wandered, separated from his troop of the French Foreign Legion. He had not seeked valor and glory on his own. The bastards that shanghaied him better be choking on their tongues behind their black and yellow teeth for putting him in this hell.
Another dune crested, his boot seemingly filling with sand with every step he took weighed him down, he’d have to pour the sand out again. He sat down to unclog his boots, he watched the glittering specks pour out of his boot, he did the same with t
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Valentine's Day Doodle by BloodDancer Valentine's Day Doodle :iconblooddancer:BloodDancer 1 0
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Perfectly Trapped
It’s quiet down in the deep. The occasional dings and beeps and blips from the sub usually the only thing to break that silence but today the ocean is alive with noise. The low mournful sound of a creature fills the small metal space and my ears, rumbling them. My hair standing on end. It’s not a whale though.
A whale usually lulls me to almost sleep and its call tickles my stomach, but this. This, is making me on edge. Sound isn’t the only thing either that has changed. There’s something practically dancing on the edge of the LED lights the submarine is emitting from the front. It reminds me of a shark’s tail, it’s all pointed and has triangles everywhere. A sign that it is a predatory animal.
The only difference is that it does not swim in a straight line or turn like a normal shark. It whorls and dips like a dolphin or seal. If it is a new creature I could go down in history! I grab the maneuvering handles and push forw
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Sky and Earth by BloodDancer Sky and Earth :iconblooddancer:BloodDancer 2 5 Valentine's Day Heart by BloodDancer Valentine's Day Heart :iconblooddancer:BloodDancer 0 4
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Yo Ho!
   I don’t know what woke me but my eyes flew open. I sat up in my little square bed and looked around my room. Nothing seemed out of place. My little sisters, Tabitha and Judith, were soundly asleep on either side of me. That’s when I heard a light thump and a muttered curse coming from the other side of the thin wall and knew Patrick was up and moving. I didn’t think he would be going so quickly. As quietly and gently as I could, I crawled over Tabitha and went to the wall and listened. I heard Patrick rummaging around and knew he was getting his sea bag ready. I hurriedly got out of my long dressing gown and started pulling on a pair of Patrick’s old brown breeches. For days now, Patrick had been secretive and keeping late hours. He would spend all his time at the dock, watching one boat in particular on the Thames, a large thing made out of the shiniest dark wood I have seen. It was a pretty boat.
My dear older brother thought he was missing out on
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Black Pearl Lament
Home life is unhappy,
In the port by the sea,
For the Brother, with no adventures, it is misery
Sister watches as he finds The Black Pearl of fame,
Winking, smiling, swaying
Finds him as he plans, his scheme unfurls
Brother’s dreams are not tame
For Cathy Cats and Kangaroos are in his brain
Sister worries for her Brother
Fighting, Drowning, Dying
She thinks like him, binds herself for the ride
Black Pearl grins, Black Pearl chuckles
Looks at Sister’s ghost pale knuckles
And her tan finger curls
Welcome Abroad.
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Fish Stand
Michiko made the best grilled eel in all of the dock. She and her husband, Jiro, who was a fisherman also had a little fish stand not to far from their house that she ran and cooked at. Every morning at four she got up, made her husband breakfast and went to the market and got fresh eel, other sea critters and groceries for the day. She even got her wares half price because the boy who ran the stall, Ebisu, loved her mochi and she would always bring him a fresh batch. By six Michiko had the grill and rice cooker going and she served: fried eel, squid and fish, along with her cucumber miso soup, homemade pickles and a bowl of rice. She did this until two in the afternoon, after which she took a quick nap and then set up the card table for her afternoon Mahjong matches with her neighbors. Michiko would go over and rattle her tin tile holder at her neighbors door and they would soon come over with tea, or beer when it was warm out, and they would munch on shrimp crackers and play until th
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King Of Masks Cosplay by BloodDancer King Of Masks Cosplay :iconblooddancer:BloodDancer 3 4 Renzo! The DawnGate Puppet by BloodDancer Renzo! The DawnGate Puppet :iconblooddancer:BloodDancer 0 5
In The Shadows
Jocelyn Mathers walked in through the back door and into the kitchen from a rough day at school. She heaved her blue messenger bag onto the counter.
"Anyone home?" She called.
When no one answered she checked her phone, no new messages, then checked the fridge. There was a post it note with a $20 bill clipped to it that read. "Thomas' team had an emergency practice before the game. Here's money for dinner, we'll be back late. XOXO Mom."
"Well then." Jocelyn pocketed the money and went to the living room. She flopped onto the overstuffed couch and grabbed the remote. Since it was Friday, she turned the tv onto Travel Channel for the ghost and paranormal shows it featured. An episode of Ghost Stories had just started and she zoned in.
After a while Jocelyn flicked open her blue iPod and looked at the time. "5:30?! Oh my god, it was 3 like a minute ago."
Since she heard her stomach growling, she quickly placed an order at her favorite Asian restaurant. Jocelyn turned on the Wii in the liv
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Into The Storm by BloodDancer Into The Storm :iconblooddancer:BloodDancer 3 3
Moon Woman
One of the first things my mother taught me about hunting was always strike first. This lesson always seems to hang in my head when I leave the cabin with my bow and knife. We come from a long and distinguished line of hunters and huntresses in the village. My own mother made her first kill at the tender age of seven, the pride of her father. My own father made a respectable job out of working on the pipeline but he was never really the hunting type, mom and I always brought home the bacon.
My tall leather boots made no noise in the crunchy leaves as I silently wove in between the trees in the frosty early hours of the morning. I had been out since before the sun had risen and hadn’t spotted any promising tracks, they were all either too old or not what I was searching for, mainly marten and squirrel. I needed something bigger to beef up the freezer, like bear or caribou. A few of the Elders in the village had said there was talk of a bear that wouldn’t leave
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A Work in Purple by BloodDancer A Work in Purple :iconblooddancer:BloodDancer 3 0


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Misty Smith
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Well, I'm an anime nut, chocolate lover, can't stand to look at mummies, Kpopper for life, writer, and I'm labeled as the quite do-gooder...yep...thats it...
Ugh- Family. School. Sociology Class. Friends. Completing CH. 4. Getting in Touch With Abstinent Friends Who Are Suppose to be Drawing You Stuff. Reading For Sociology Class. Math. Not Having Ingredients for Stuff. Not Going to the Library. Not Being Able to go to Art Class. No Time for Wii Fit. No batteries for Wii Remote. Stuff.

Ooh- Back Fixed. Boyfriend. Boyfriend Actually Being Nice and Doing Fun Stuff. New Mystery Find It App. English Comp Class. It Feels Like Autumn. Pumpkin Stuff. Halloween is Closer. Actually Getting Closer to Finishing CH. 4 and Starting CH. 5. iPod is Still Alive. Actually Had Asian Food Yesterday. Cuddling More. Found a Red Wine I Like. Got My Moscato Open, and It was Really Hard to Open. Little Brothers are Helping More. Not Late to Class as Much as Last year. Found some Cool Movies. Playing More Games. Having a Bit More Confidence.
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