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the fan arts of Sekiro are now accepted in the group and I have changed the Other Souls Games folder name to Other From Software Games
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Gallery Folders

BloodBorne Holiday by Wolfdog-ArtCorner
Bloodborne: Father Gascoigne by MenasLG
The Abyss watcher by Rafi-ky
The Hunter Reborne by Dencii
The Hunter
Bloodborne: Huntress by MenasLG
Hunter Xochitl by Xuco
The Hunter by Aleskiin
Hunter June by heyethereal
Legion of the lost Bastion (Larp Costume) by K4n4shToki
Artemus Carcan Belhios (Larp costume) 1/3 by K4n4shToki
Farewell Good Hunter by ClaireSea
Welcome home, good Hunter. What is it you desire? by ClaireSea
Artorias's shield by Uligma
Bloodborne Papercraft - Wearable Grey Wolf Cap by EuTytoAlba
Bloodborne Papercraft - Grey Wolf Cap BUILT!!! by EuTytoAlba
Yahar'gul Helmet and Gorget by Rexlare
Original Beast or Boss Designs
Great One Karsten by Demoni-Epatoivo
Howling Beast by V0d0riga

Mature Content

Bloodborne enemy concept Augur Host by Demoni-Epatoivo
Priestess Beast Stakes by mobiusu14
Original Weapon Designs
Chain Whip Rifle by Gardio
Punt Gun by mobiusu14
Cecile's Sword by mobiusu14
Church Glaive by mobiusu14
augur of ebrietas by Emfoofoo
alfred, hunter of vilebloods by Emfoofoo
Bloodborne Doll by Darkheart94YOLO
eth by X-ZELFA
Enemies and Bosses
vicar amelia by pacifidlog
father gascoigne by Emfoofoo
micolash, host of the nightmare by Emfoofoo
Bloodborne Ebrietas by masaizox
. Bloodborne Partners . by Nahamut
Fishing Hamlet by Lock-wolfe
moon presence by PonyFromVoid
hunter's nightmare by PonyFromVoid
Warmblood Bloom by ChancellorLoktberg
Original Non-Hunter Characters
YCH Plain Doll x Adelheid for Holly-Hoyle by IgaAori

Mature Content

laurence and the old blood by Stevesan
Game Fandom Crossovers
spirit hunter by Cobalt0O0
Alexander Anderson has joined the Hunt by MensiScholarMicolash
Bloodborne Fan by debureturns

Mature Content

Void bringer by K4n4shToki
Other From Software Games
Dark Souls: Gwyn by MenasLG
Game Mods
Bloodborne Hunter's Dream Unreal WP by Sicilium
Holiday Fan Art
It's Christmas Time by sanaez
Youtube Fanart
Megaton! Monster Of The Month by debureturns
Purpose of a wide hat by HimmeltheBlue

Submission & Conduct Guidelines/Expectations:

Hello fellow hunters, and welcome.

:bulletred: As members of this group, you are promising to have read, understand, and abide by these guidelines and expectations. Ignorance is no excuse.

:bulletgreen: Submissions must contain something to do with or be relevant to Bloodborne. If it isn't, your submission will be denied acceptance into the gallery. The exception is a deviation containing Souls games' subject matter. In that case, it should go into the "Other Souls Games" folder, or the "Game/Fandom Crossover" folder.

:bulletred: Update: Thievery is not tolerated. All deviations found being to be stolen will be removed from the group. No questions asked.

Wondering why your deviation wasn't accepted into a folder? Please read the Submission Rules or Contact us:

Submission RulesHello my fellow hunters, how goes the hunt?
Some of you may be surprised to see this journal reappearing, and some of you might not even be aware that this group has submission rules.
Long story short, I've seen a lot of beautifully rendered pieces of art being submitted into the wrong folder! Most of the time, I've accepted these deviations into the folders, but then moved them into their correct folders after accepting them into the groups' gallery.
This journal is a reminder of what the rules are for each folder, and an update:
All deviations submitted into the incorrect folders will no longer be accepted into those folders, but members are encouraged to submit their deviations into the correct folder. Thank you.
:bulletblack: Featured: Future contest entry winners will accepted into the Featured Folder. Members can propose deviations into the Featured Folder but it is recommended that great care and effort go into these deviations (a.k.a. th

:bulletred: Mature Content should always be warned beforehand!

:bulletgreen: Be kind and respect each other and the admins. Rudeness will not be tolerated. If it is found out that you are harassing someone, either in comments, notes, or otherwise, and you are a member of this group, you will be kicked and your comments will be censored.

:bulletgreen: Do not ask for free art. This is not the place to get it and is very disrespectful. If an artist is willing to take requests, they will say so somewhere on their profile.

:bulletgreen: No spamming in the comments or on journal comments. This includes chain mail, links to sites with malware, or any such things.

:bulletred: Respect and obey dA's Rules of Conduct.

Have any problems, questions, concerns, or bugs to report? Note the group! :)








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