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the fan arts of Sekiro are now accepted in the group and I have changed the Other Souls Games folder name to Other From Software Games
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Bloody Crow Cosplay by Iarukalb-Vespertilio
Leather Hat Dragul Inspired Bloodborne (Djura) by Svetliy-Sudar
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Enemies and Bosses
back at it again at the nightmare of mensis by kittyLcat
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Marika and Radagon by Moonalym
DWOAH: The Hunter vs The QueenslayerDeadliest warriors of all historyThe Hunter vs The QueenslayerA night of bloodThe Hunter info:Height: 6 footWeight: 151lbsWeapons: Hunter Axe, Hunter Pistol, Kirkhammer, Stake Driver, Molotov CocktailsStrengths: Is the player character of Bloodborne, Superhuman strength (Can kill most lesser enemies of Bloodborne with a couple of melee hits, Is strong enough to carry Weapons like the Kirkhammer which weigh hundreds of pounds, Can harm the likes of Father Gascoigne, Vicar Amelia, Amygdala and the Moon Presence), Extreme durability (Shrugs off being shot and attacked by lesser enemies, Can withstand attacks from Gehrman, the First Hunter and the Moon Presence), Peak human speed/Massively hypersonic reactions (Can evade bullets, Amygdala’s Laser attacks and the Orphan of Kos’ Lightning attacks), Can heal via Blood Vials, Can convert their own life force into Blood bullets, Can see what others generally cannot via high insight, Killed multiple Great Old Ones and brought an end to the Hunters Dream.Weaknesses: Can be considered the frailest of all player characters in the SoulsBorne franchises as they are unable to block attacks and must rely entirely on dodging, Blood Vials and ammo are finite.The Queenslayer info:Height: 5 foot 10Weight: 135lbsWeapons: Queenslayer Blade, Obliterator Axe, Argent Wolf Bayonet, Night ClawStrengths: Is the player character of Code Vein, Superhuman strength (Can kill lesser Aragami with ease, Can harm other Queen Relic users, Can harm and kill the likes of Juzo Mido), Extreme durability (Can tank hits from lesser Aragami, Can survive hits from other Queen Relic users and the likes of Juzo Mido), Peak human speed/Supersonic reactions (Is able to dodge bullets with relative ease), Can heal themselves via Regeneration, Can revive near indefinitely as long as their heart remains intact, Killed countless Aragami’s and the likes of the Successor of the Ribcage, The Virgin Born and Juzo Mido.Weaknesses: Suffers from memory loss if killed and revived multiple times, Can be killed permanently if their heart is destroyed.Battle begin!(Central Yharnam)Standing before the Central Yharnam Lantern the Hunter prepared themself to go into the night once again, checking their ammo and Blood Vials to make sure they didn’t go out unprepared when the sound of an Invaders Bell rang out, echoing through the old misty streets to which the Hunter prepared for a more serious fight.Hearing the sound of an Invader Portal opening behind them the Hunter turned readying their Axe and Pistol as another Hunter looking being emerged into their world, the Queenslayer equally armed as them holding their huge Obliterator Axe firmly in their grasp.As the Invader Portal closed behind them the Queenslayer exchanged a silent glance with the Hunter, the pair exchanging a wordless challenge to each other as their grip on their Weapons tightened.A split second later they both sprang into action, the Queenslayer jumping high in the air to bring their Obliterator Axe down whilst the Hunter darted in low, dashing to the side at the last moment to avoid the massive Axe swing, raising their Pistol as they dodged to fire a shot straight at the Queenslayers face only for them to narrowly lean out of the way to avoid the shot.Correcting themselves on their feet the Queenslayer lunged forward with another overhead Axe swing to which the Hunter dodged backwards, dodging again whilst throwing a Molotov forward, the bottle of flammable liquid exploding against the Queenslayer engulfing them in flame.The Queenslayer pushed through the flames however, surprising the Hunter allowing them to be taken off guard as the Queenslayer struck forward with a horizontal swing, catching the Hunter across the midsection and sending them flying back into one of the boarded up homes behind them and forcing them down to their knees.Advancing on the Hunter the Queenslayer readied their Axe to strike again when the Hunter suddenly raised his Pistol and fired, blasting the Queenslayer straight in the stomach making them stumble before the Hunter shot forward to complete the riposte, driving the Blade of his Hunter Axe deep into the Queenslayer’s abdomen before harshly kicking them away before darting back, driving two Blood Vials into their side to heal the wound in their own abdomen.Hitting the ground hard as their Obliterator Axe clattered across the ground the Queenslayer focused on their regeneration to heal their own wound before their Firearm, pulling out their Argent Wolf Bayonet and loading it as the Hunter prowled towards them, their Pistol aimed and ready for an execution when the Queenslayer suddenly whirled around and fired, blasting the Hunter straight in the shoulder making them recoil enough to miss their shot giving the Queenslayer enough time to get back on their feet.Now that their opponent had the superior Weapon the Hunter began to back pedal, dashing from side to side to prevent the Queenslayer from getting a good aim on them, firing random shots with their Pistol to keep the Queenslayer back whilst swapping their Axe for their Kirkhammer, slamming the massive head of the Warhammer down to the ground as they drew it before swinging it up to grip it tight in both hands, its massive size looking too heavy for the Hunters lithe frame but yet they hefted it with seemingly total ease.Shocked by the size of the Weapon the Queenslayer backpedalled this time, firing off multiple shots from their Argent Wolf which the Hunter sidestepped with ease despite the massive Warhammer in their grasp, darting forward between sidesteps to close the distance between them before swinging their massive Weapon downwards, shattering the pavement between them as the Queenslayer proceeded to step on the Hammer’s head and take aim with their Argent Wolf readying up for a headshot.Only for the Hunter to disconnect the Kirkhammer’s Head from its handle to reveal the Greatsword in side of it, pulling it back to avoid the shot from the Queenslayer’s Rifle before swinging their Greatsword to carve it across their opponents front in a horizontal slash, carving straight through their skin and flesh causing blood to burst out of their chest before the hit sent them back forcing them to to drop their Rifle.Rolling as they hit the floor the Queenslayer used a small amount of Regeneration to close their chest wound before drawing their Queenslayer Blade, brandishing the Sword to match the Hunter’s before striking out with it.With that both the Hunter and the Queenslayer entered a deadly almost ‘dance’, constantly dodging, sidestepping and slashing at each other, both using their healing methods to close up any wounds they gained until the Hunter found themselves running short on Blood Vials and the Queenslayer found themselves low on energy to perform their Regeneration forcing both of them to resort to more drastic tactics.Gripping their Queenslayer Sword tighter the Queenslayer rushed in aiming to run the Hunter through who in response riposted with their Kirkhammer Sword, the Queenslayer releasing their grip on their Sword the moment it struck the Hunter’s Weapon catching their opponent off guard as they then drew their Night Claw, continuing the momentum of their original attack to carry them forward to rake the Claws of their Gauntlet Weapon across the Hunter’s stomach carving deep wounds into them and drawing heavy amounts of blood.Turning as they dashed around the Hunter the Queenslayer then raked their Night Claw across their back before harshly kicking them forward, sending them tumbling across the cold wet cobbled street to crash through several rotten old boxes before they slammed into the old abandoned carriage behind them, breaking through the door to land inside of it.Coughing up blood the Hunter drove the last of their Blood Vials into their side to heal off most of their wounds before checking their ammo, finding their Pistol to have run dry to which they sacrificed some of their own blood to make Blood bullets, letting the crimson liquid flow from a still open wound on their chest to flow into the Pistol were it formed into a single shot of ammo.With that they waited, pulling out their Stake Driver as well as the Queenslayer made their way over to the carriage and tore off the side of it with their Night Claw to expose the Hunter, the Queenslayer then raising the Claw ready to run the Hunter through when they raised their Pistol and fired, blasting their opponent clean in the chest to knock them back just enough to give the Hunter a chance to spring forward with their Stake Driver.Slamming their Stake Driver to the Queenslayer’s chest the Hunter then activated its main function, driving the Stake ‘Knuckle Duster’ forward to impale the Queenslayer straight through the heart to the point it was ripped clean out of their back, their eyes widening as their heart frantically beat several more times before falling still, the Queenslayer falling silent with it as they slumped forward still impaled on the Hunters arm, slowly fading away leaving the Hunter to relax for a moment before traipsing back to the Lantern to restock and rest up.Winner: The HunterIt’s been a fair long time since I last touched the Bloodborne series and finally I break its losing streak.So why does the Hunter beat the Queenslayer?Well when looking at both of them I found the Hunter to be far faster than the Queenslayer, being able to dodge Lightning whilst the Queenslayer could dodge bullets at best giving the Hunter an extreme speed advantage along with the advantage of being able to use Sub Weapons and having access to a far easier mode of healing granted the Hunter enough advantages to clinch a close victory in this fight.
DWOAH: William Adams vs WolfDeadliest warriors of all historyWilliam Adams vs WolfAn Eastern Souls-likeWilliam Adams info:Height: 6 foot 2Weight: 175lbsWeapons: Dragon Sword, Raishodo, Sayoarashi Armour: Tatenashi SetStrengths: Is the main character of the first Nioh game and one of the most powerful characters of the series, Superhuman strength (Can casually harm the likes of Oni and Yokai, Can match and harm some of the most legendary Warriors of Feudal Japan e.g. Nobunaga Oda, Tadakatsu Honda and Yukimura Sanada), Superhuman durability (Can survive attacks that would outright instant kill regular people), Above peak human speed/Massively hypersonic reactions (Can dodge Arrows and even Lightning Spells), Is a master of both close quarters and ranged combat, His access to Guardian Spirits grants him Weapon boosts as well as boosts to his physical attributes, Can heal via Elixirs.Weaknesses: Despite his great skill and feats William is still mortal, His Elixirs are finite.Wolf aka Sekiro info:Height: 5 foot 11Weight: 140lbsWeapons: Kusabimaru, Fushigiri, Shuriken, Flame Vent, Loaded Axe, Loaded FirecrackersStrengths: Is the main character of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and is one of the most powerful characters in the game, Superhuman strength (Can casually harm the likes of Oni and beings many times his own size, Could pierce the scales of the Great Serpent, Could pierce the Divine Dragon’s scales), Superhuman durability (Could survive hits from the games largest bosses including the Divine Dragon and the Great Serpent, Can survive Lightning attacks from Genichiro Ashina), Above peak human speed/Massively hypersonic reactions (Can dodge Arrows, Bullets, Cannonballs and even Lightning), Is a master Shinobi making him highly skilled at both stealth and close quarters combat, Can use a Grappling Wire to swing around for great manoeuvrability, Can bring himself back from the brink of death through sheer willpower, Can heal via Healing Gourds.Weaknesses: Can only bring himself back from death twice, Despite his power and skill Wolf is still mortal, His Healing Gourds are finite.Battle begin!The night air was still and quiet as William knelt by a bonfire, his eyes closed in peaceful meditation as the only sounds that broke the silence was the rhythmic chirping of crickets.When the crickets suddenly fell silent however William was put on edge, his hand slowly moving to settle on the hilt of his Dragon Blade, his Kato Guardian Spirit appearing behind him and beginning to circle him as if guarding him as the Samurai’s eyes scanned the area around him.Upon hearing the sounds of the branches of the trees behind him suddenly creak and break from something leaping from them, William drew his Blade and spun around to repost the downwards strike from the Shinobi that had aimed to assassinate him.Grunting as he was shunted back Wolf rolled upon hitting the ground to quickly rise back to his feet, readying his Kusabimaru Blade again as William readied his Dragon Blade, both Warriors then rushing in for the kill, Wolf finding him shunted back as William broke the split second Weapon lock and as the Shinobi was left open for a moment he struck again, slashing across Wolf’s chest and abdomen in one clean slice.Blood burst from Wolf’s mouth as the killing blow was struck, the Shinobi falling back onto the ground as blood poured from the mortal wound in his chest whilst William sheathed his Dragon Blade and turned his back to him “nice try lad” the Irishman stated as he moved to settle back at his campfire.Instead of simply dying however Wolf clenched his eyes and focused solely on his will to survive, his sheer willpower closing the mortal wound in his chest and abdomen and as William knelt back down to rest the Shinobi suddenly sprang back to his feet, his prosthetic arm opening up at the wrist to reveal his Loaded Axe, Wolf promptly dual wielding them as he leapt at William again.This time William responded by rolling out of the way as Wolf’s Weapons extinguished the campfire instead of cutting through flesh, the Samurai unsheathing his Katana again and readying it as the Shinobi stood up straight to face him.“Hardier than I thought, aren't you?” William stated as he and Wolf rushed in to attack, his Dragon Blade reposting Wolf’s Kusabimaru before he side stepped to avoid the Axe swing, the Samurai then turning around and sweeping his Katana downwards to cut the Axe’s head from its handle forcing Wolf to discard it.Casting the Axe handle aside Wolf swapped it for the Flame Vent function of his prosthetic arm, the Shinobi spraying a stream of Flame towards William forcing the Samurai back, William responding by swapping his Guardian Spirit from Kato to Genbu, the Flaming Wolf disappearing in exchange for a giant Water covered Dragon Tortoise, the Spirits presence holding off the Flames as William drew his Raishodo Bow.Notching an Arrow William fired it through the stream of Flame allowing it to pass through unnoticed until it struck Wolf’s prosthetic arm, the Shinobi recoiling as the Arrow splintered some of the wood of his arm and damaged the Vent forcing him to halt the stream of Flame before it caused his arm to self ignite.Forced to swap from the Flame Vent to his Shurikens, Wolf then fired off his Grappling Wire at a tree to take to the air, jumping and swinging from tree to tree to avoid the volley of Arrows William sent at him.Swinging off of another branch to launch himself into the air Wolf fired down a volley of Shuriken down at William forcing him to lower his Bow and evade to which the Shinobi swapped to Firecrackers, firing down at the Samurai’s feet as a distraction before he landed behind William and thrust his Kusabimaru back to stab the Samurai in the back.Exclaiming in pain as the Katana cut deep into his back William threw an arm back to force Wolf back before quickly pulling out a Healing Elixir and downing it, the medicine quickly closing the wound on his back as he swapped his Bow for his Saoyarashi, spinning the Chain and Sickle before throwing it straight at Wolf’s hand as the Shinobi righted himself.As he set his feet again Wolf felt the Chain of the Saoyarashi wrap around his wrist before he was violently pulled forward, his Katana falling to the ground as he was ripped off of his feet and dragged towards William who then pulled his Chain free and lashed out with the Sickle head of it as Wolf staggered passed her.Blood spurted across the ground as the Sickle met Wolf’s throat, slicing cleanly through the flesh neatly slitting the Shinobi’s throat causing blood to run down his clothing, his vision starting to darken as the mortal wound started to take him.But like before his sheer willpower and refusal to die allowed him to push through, the wound on his throat closing and scarring as Wolf then reached back to drew his final Weapon “Fushigiri…the Mortal Blade” he uttered as he drew the blood red Katana.“You just don’t know when to quit, do you?” William stated as Wolf turned to face him again, the Samurai swinging his Chain and Sickle idly as he watched the Shinobi down a Healing Gourd before setting a combat stance with his crimson glowing Katana.Attacking first this time William leapt into the air and swung his Saoyarashi down towards Wolf, the Shinobi catching the Chain with his Fushigiri causing it to wrap around the Blade rather than striking him.As he landed William pulled hard on the Chain to try to disarm Wolf only for the Chain to fall to pieces as it tightened around Fushigiri, the Mortal Blade cutting through the metal of the Chain like a hot Knife through butter disarming the Samurai as Wolf then used the moment to launch more Firecrackers, this time directly into William’s face as he began to swap back to his Dragon Blade.Exclaiming at the bright light and heat of the Firecrackers in his face William quickly covered his eyes leaving him open to a strike from Wolf, the Fushigiri Blade cutting through his Armour with ease causing blood to spray out of his side as the Katana cut a deep groove through his body.Clutching his side with his left hand William drew his Dragon Blade again with the right, his Guardian Spirit swapping from Genbu to the Atlas Bear, the spectral image of a colossal Bear appearing behind him and imbuing his Dragon Blade with Electrical properties.With that both men struck at each other, the sounds of their Katanas meeting echoing over and over as they rapidly clashed Weapons again and again, sending sparks, streaks of red and jolts of electricity flying as both Samurai and Shinobi showed off their extreme Swordsmanship.Soon enough however William proved himself the better despite only using one arm, managing to block and redirect Wolf’s Katana before throwing himself forward to body check the Shinobi, making him stagger back and leaving him open to several brutal slashes from the Dragon Blade, carving into his body over and over before thrusting forward to run him through the middle before twisting the Katana 180 degrees and wrenching it upwards until it left Wolf’s body at his collarbone near bisecting him in half vertically.William didn’t risk Wolf coming back again though, the Samurai ignoring his side wound to wield his Dragon Blade two handed before swinging it horizontally at the Shinobi’s neck, slicing his head clean off before his body could hit the ground.“Now stay down” William then stated, pulling out another Elixir to deal with his wound as he moved to then relight his campfire and sit back down beside it.Winner: William AdamsBefore anyone says I know this battle has been done before by a couple other people, I just wanted to do my own version.But anyway, why does William beat Wolf?Well in my opinion it comes down how I believe a real Samurai and Ninja fight would go, yes Wolf is a master of stealth and assassination but when it comes to outright one on one combat William has him beat thanks to his wider range of Weaponry and the help of his Guardian Spirits to the point that even though Wolf has the ability to pull himself back from the brink of death twice I believe that it wouldn’t be enough to take down William in the end.

Mature Content

Cainhurst Knight by a1sh
Bloodborne - Runesmith Caryll Preview by Goo-P
Raya Lucaria Academy by Kotrozvidka
Mother Kos by ZombieCentipede
Bloodborne: Orphan of Kos by BiggySchmalz
Original Non-Hunter Characters
Metella by xCastra
Ep. 8: Ghost (Part 3) by Akitoyonde
Game Fandom Crossovers
Bloodborne/ guilty gear crossover by Skadiwolf
Alexander Anderson has joined the Hunt by MensiScholarMicolash
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Other From Software Games
ELDEN RING 1st Anniversary by evs-eme
Game Mods
Bloodborne Hunter's Dream Unreal WP by Sicilium
Holiday Fan Art
David S. Pumpkins: Host of the Nightmare by BiggySchmalz
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