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A legend never dies
Affiliation: Unaffiliated
Division:  N/A.
Name: Seebeer
Species: Dhelmise
Gender: None though refers to self as a male
Ability: Steelworker
Age: 998
Nature: Quirky
Characteristic: Often lost in thought
Move Set: 
--Gyro Ball: Seebeer first floats parrallel to the ground and then starts spinning the anchor around his axe at a high speed. The faster the target is than Seeber, the faster will he spin and hit.
--Anchor Shot: The heavy chain on Seebeer shoots out from him and wraps itself around the target. The heavy chains thightens arround the target and doesn´t allow enemy Pokemons to escape from him.
--Surf: Seebeer summons a big wave that he can ride on. This allows him to swim on the surface of the water even though he is an anker.
-- Rest: Seebeer falls asleep. This allows him to gather energy and regenerate his body back, making
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A Reaper Cloth!(2x) My life for a Reaper Cloth!
Affiliation: the conglomerate
Division:  N/A.
Name: Nicht-trauen or short Nitrau
Species: Duskull
Gender: Female
Ability: Frisk
Age: 24
Nature: Adamant
Characteristic: Mischievous
Move Set: 
-- Shadow Ball: Nitrau concentrates negative energy/emotions from herself and/or surroundings to compromise it into a ball that she can then shoot.
-- Shadow Sneak:  Nitrau sinks into the ground or a wall and turns into a shadow. In this form she is super fast and can´t be directly hit.
-- Thief: Nitrau distracts the enemy by for example hitting them and steals then the item that the Pokémon is carrying at the moment from them to use it for her own.
-- Pursuit: Nitrau pursuits the enemy faster then they can ran away from her. She causes them to feel pain and feel followed the further they get away from her. After a short distance this
:iconbloodblade66:BloodBlade66 4 1
Jester: The day had come. Jester got his first official mission for the intelligence. The Banette was determined to give a good impression, after all, he was in debt towards them since they forgiven him for his "crime". Today his mission was simple; keep track of a Goodra suspected of illegal traffic. The thing was that the Goodra's description was very vague. Jester wasn't sure who he was looking for, but surely the guy would have something that made him different from other Goodras. The Banette though that starting at the center of the city would be the best way to find his objective.
Syrup: Syrup was sitting on a bench, munching a sandwich. He was wearing his usual yellow bandana-scarf around his neck and a pommel hat. He took a bit in his sandwich again and while he was eating he looked around to see what the Pokémon’s around him did do. "I think I prefer eating in the wilderness more. To noise here to properly enjoy something to eat." he said to himself wh
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Collab Call for P2MD
Hello there ^^
Just a quick call to everyone who would be interested in doing a collab team in the P2MD with me. I am open to play almost any kind of character from sweet innocent to careless or straight up bad/evil. I have no problem with any genders, sexualties or whatever else, so you don´t have to worry me decline a character/idea just because of that. I am open to ideas for a team or for Pokemons to play so if you have an idea then just send it to me and we´ll see from there ^^ but if you don´t have an idea though still like to do a collab team with me just hit me up too so we can figure something out together.
I usually write pretty long replies, much longer if my partner does it as well, so I would prefer it if you maybe write a bit more than just one paragraph at least. Can change of course from whats happening in the rp.
Anway. Seeing forward to play with you ^^
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Roleplay Overview aka. call/log/tracker by BloodBlade66 Roleplay Overview aka. call/log/tracker :iconbloodblade66:BloodBlade66 10 0
Goodra with a goolden heart
Affiliation:    Dungeoneers Guild
Division:      General staff
Name: Syrup
Species: Goodra
Gender: Male
Ability: Gooey
Age: 19
Nature: Docile
Characteristic: Alert to sounds
Move Set:      
 -- Protect
:     Syrup channels energy either from himself or his surroundings to create a bubble around him that protects him from attacks. He needs a while before the energy in his body can be                      used again for the bubble. This can be used to protect allies by standing between them and the attack.

 -- Attract
: Syrup makes a target fall in love with him by doing something cute or flattering. It makes the target infatuated temporarily. This distracts the enemy and makes th
:iconbloodblade66:BloodBlade66 4 6
Seriously guys just stop it. It is really unnecessary and is a kind of spam. Besides why even thank me for wanting to see more of your art? Like... I must thank you if at all.



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