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Shadowrun - Nine Tailed Fox - Page 28

Page 28

Page 27: Shadowrun - Nine Tailed Fox - Page 27

Page 29: Coming Soon

Special thanks to my friend, the artist: :iconcharleian:
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ooooooo, A naga and an elf with a cross tatoo that isn't upside down. thank you for that.

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Ooof, 2 against 7

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In comes the Seattle freakshow

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Well, Los Angeles, but you’re still right. :3

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I don't know which is worse but then again I used to live in Los Angeles and let me tell you this understates it by a lot. I lived in Inglewood right next to the LAX airport and let me tell you if you wanted to commit suicide just walk outside in the middle the day. No joke we had prostitutes walking around there just before I moved out of the area to some place a lot better. I went back there not too long ago and let me tell you it hasn't gotten better.

Oof. LA, and all of Cali for that matter, used to be a good place. Now, I can see why TOOL would like it to become Arizona Bay.

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